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illegal border crossings wall 19

Border Apprehensions Top 109,000 in April as House Democrats Move to Defund Wall, Refuse to Provide Enough Beds for Those Apprehended

Supply-side economics 37

Like Ronald Reagan, Trump Believes in Average Americans and “Supply-Side Economics” – And It’s Working

pelosi abortion first again democrats spending deal budget equality 105

Nancy Pelosi’s Equality Act Would Undo Trump’s Most Significant Achievements

program bankruptcy 3

A Program Hurtling Toward Bankruptcy

Democrats vote health care

House Democrats Ready Vote to Undercut Health Care Innovation

Venezuelan Socialism 56

Could Venezuelan Socialism Come to America?

Trump Prayer tax cut business

Trump Tax Cut Proves Successful For Business Repatriation

Mueller FBI investigation trouble

Major Report Omission Shows Mueller Was Either Incompetent Or A Political Hack

Trump Economy 59

Trump Economy Accelerates, Leftists Hardest Hit