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social security-rusty-marry-girlfriend social security benefits benefit increase medicare benefits retiree

When Will My Earnings Not Hurt My Social Security Benefits? – Ask Rusty

questionably government spending 16

‘The Waste Report’ Details $50 Billion in Questionable Government Spending

trade war geopolitics China Chinese tech influence California 11

The Trade War Is Smart Geopolitics

liberty 2

The Secret of Liberty

turning-colleges-democrats-students-weak-whiny college 11

Poll: 73 Percent of Republican Students Have Hidden Their Politics over Fears about Grades

seniors elitist threat republic conservatives sound alarm spending deal FISA spying Clinton funded dossier seniors medical testing AMAC town hall swing steele dossier socialist revolution looming AMAC congress 60

Current Elitist Threats to Our Republic

medicare 20

Medicare Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor Statute is “An Excellent Example of Good Intentions Gone Awry”, says AMAC spokesman

tax reform democrats job

Report: Tax Reform Works, Leads to Job Growth and Economic Prosperity


Closer Look at Education in America – Getting it Right