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bernie sanders socialists democrats 3

Sanders Is Trying to Buy Votes With Student Loan Forgiveness

iran 38

Keep Eyes on Iran, Trump Wants New Accord

oil derrick crude US leader jones energy independence 1

America’s Energy Independence

Trump deregulation add income household

Trump’s Deregulation Will Add $3,100 in Income Per Household, Study Finds

Alzheimer's disease scourge combat congressional bold initiative AMAC senior

Alzheimer’s Disease: More Needs To Be Done, says AMAC

China's 3

Understanding China’s Threat – History to Huawei

freedom 1

Freedom Isn’t Free

Nike Boycott Kaepernick patriotism 583

Arizona Pulls State Incentives for Nike Factory After Company Drops ‘Offensive’ Fourth of July Sneaker

G20 3

Trump’s Path-breaking G20 Was a Major Success – Here is Why