trump 30

Trump Celebrates 75th Birthday

border 24

These Are Bad Times on the Southern Border and the Biden-Harris Solutions Are Making It Worse

Biden 43

Joe Biden’s Disastrous G7: In Just a Few Days, He Undermines Western Security by Jeopardizing U.S. “Special Relationship” with Great Britain

veterans military 52

‘Woke’ Culture Threatens to Demoralize US Military

race 79

Critical Race Theory – Seven Hard Truths

Kamala 148

Joe and Kamala – Bumble and Fumble

President 241

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

UFO 47

UFO Update: “Something Far More Profound”

china 23

Senate Passes Bipartisan China Bill, but Debate Underscores Democrat Weakness on Beijing Government

China 27

China Seeks Nothing Less than World Domination by ‘Squeezing’ Us into Submission