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Joe Biden illegals healthcare 138

Generous Joe: More “Free” Healthcare For Illegals Needed

PBM China vitamins medicine drug prices medications pain relief lower prices Trump pills pharma programs millions vitamins supplements drugs trump administration seniors 1

The Trump Administration Says This Proposal Will Help Seniors Afford Their Drugs. AARP Says Not So Fast

god bless america 1

“God Bless America” Under Fire in Schools – Constitution Supports Faith

China 35

Trade with China in Flux, But Sky is Not Falling

train railroad rail china control Chinese Washington metro 74

Chinese Bid for Washington Metro Contracts Is a Major Security Threat

medicare for all 2

3 Big Problems With ‘Medicare for All’

church crosses Christianity cross Christians persecution 23

Global Persecution of Christians Nearing Genocidal Levels, British Report Finds

senior pressure student debt 48

Seniors Are Under Pressure to Repay Student Loans, says AMAC

joe biden 108

Joe Biden, Communist China, and Stunningly Poor Judgement