immigration 34

‘President Has Taken Them To School’: Former ICE Chief Says Why Immigration Wasn’t A Subject In Democratic Debate

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Congress’ Animosity for Trump Is a National Security Hazard


Jimmy Connors, One Mother’s Love, and the American Spirit

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Ilhan Omar Says ‘We Must Stop Detaining’ Illegal Immigrants

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NAFTA no more as President Trump wins USMCA passage in Senate, keeps signature campaign promise to put America first on trade

Trump impeachment projection 46

Trump-bashing by political enemies aside, the country is ‘well-pleased’ with his impact on the economy, says AMAC

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Warren to Cancel Student Loan Debt – Are Mortgages Next?

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Dark Money Group Linked To Ocasio-Cortez To Spend $500,000 Attacking Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg

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WaPo, NYT Aiding China’s Global Propaganda Efforts, Watchdog Warns