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medicare hoax graham seniors healthcare American medicine health subsidies single payer town hall medical health care competition

Americans Are In No Mood For Another Health Care Upheaval

justice department elder fraud 1

Justice Department Announces Largest-Ever Elder Fraud Crackdown

HR 1 For the People Act Local Federal Election law fraud progressive socialist election law house 103

Led By the Progressive Socialist Wing of the Party, Democrats Passed a Bill in the House That, if it Became Law, Would Upend Election Law, says AMAC

economy-market-confidence-trump stock corporate seniors tax stock market savings retirement 2

New Bill to Tax Stock Market Could Devastate Ordinary Savings and Retirement


Salute to AMAC in Disorienting Times!

illegal border crossings 118

Illegal Border Crossings Hit 10-Year High as Officials Warn of ‘Breaking Point’

bloomberg VA AG scheme 1

VA Legislature Passes Additional Measure Against Bloomberg AG Scheme

free speech 60

Free Speech Matters – President Trump is Right

Clearances 1

Untold Truth about Top-Secret Clearances – and Congress