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Trump Adam Schiff 1

House Republicans Say Even Dems’ Impeachment Witnesses Supported Trump’s View of Corruption in Ukraine


Our Freedoms are Built on the Sacrifices of Our Veterans – Remember and Honor Them Always

Medicare for all progressive presidential election 45

Warren’s Medicare for All Plan Counts Chickens, Kills Geese


The U.S. can slash health-care costs 75% with 2 fundamental changes — and without ‘Medicare for All’

impeachment 111

Material Witnesses Must be Heard – or House Impeachment is a Fraud

illegal immigration

Illegal immigration down 63.5 percent from peak in May after U.S.-Mexico deal, proof that Trump’s tariff threat worked

medicare-for-all 1

The Nonsensical Nature of “Medicare-for-All”

veterans day 32

Veterans Day Recognizes Special People – Who Inspire

medicare-for-all 1

Medicare-for-All: Another way for the left to control your life