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Iran Needs to Rethink Options, US Restraint Will Not Last Forever

sanctuary cities 119

Sanctuary Cities are no Laughing Matter – Facts Make the Case

homeless senior elder abuse homelessness California 51

Eleven Percent of the Homeless Population Was Over 50 years Old in 1990; Today 50% of the Homeless Population is 50 and Older, says AMAC

mental health 78

Reexamining America’s Mental Health, Not the Second Amendment

medicare for all Trump administration health care reimbursement arrangements 65

If Medicare Is for All, Why Not Chevrolets for All?

prayers thoughts 6

AMAC Prays for Shooting Victims

Democrats Kavanaugh confirmation hearing protests set-up Trump biased judges political scotus cross peace crimes victimes illegal sanctuary 84

Bill Would Allow Victims of Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants in Sanctuary Cities to Sue

Senate confirms hearings courts

The Senate Ups Judicial Confirmations Despite Democrats’ Obstruction

Elijah Cummings 78

Congressional Oversight, America’s Drug Crisis – and the Elijah Cummings I Knew