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guatemala 34

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Guatemala Edition

Inflation 5

Inflation – The Thief that Must be Stopped

filibuster 4

OPINION: Let’s Talk About the Filibuster

Freedom 3

Beyond June 6, 1944 – Hell for Freedom

Courage 19

D-Day 77 Years: On The Miracle of Courage from Normandy to the Sunshine State

d-day 1

The Man Who Saved D-Day

voting 38

The Trojan Horse in H.R. 1: Youth Voting Rights

D-Day 16

Trump’s Unforgettable Tribute to D-Day Heroes That Even the Media Praised


Taking A Nap Has Health Benefits For Seniors

Blinken 8

Progressive Secretary of State Blinken Lets Embassies or Consulates Fly Gay Pride, and Black Lives Matter Flags Along with Old Glory