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god 11

OPINION: Radicals in Congress Promoting Passage of the Equality Act Have Picked a Fight with God

Biden 127

Biden’s Kamala Problem: A Weak, Paranoid Vice President Breeds Further Dysfunction in Washington

father 12

“The Streets Were My Father” and the Crisis of Fatherlessness in America

critical race theory school class CRT Legislator 13

A Plan to Get Divisive & Radical Theories Out of Our Schools

old 2

Forgetful? It’s Most Likely the Rigors of Growing Old

foreign policy 15

Foreign Policy Fluff – Dangerous

word 9

OPINION: What’s in a Word

Democrats 22

Democrats in Chaos

farmers 84

The Biden Regime Shows ‘Shameful’ Racial Bias as It Gets Ready to Dole Out Funds for Needy Farmers

Democrat 36

The Democrat Coalition is Shrinking