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Democratic 25

Sirens of Democratic Overreach

Memorial Day 3

Tell-Tale Survey Finds Brainwashed College Students Who Would Do Away with Memorial Day

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Weingarten Report Ep 6: 11 Questions We Must Ask About the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory

Black Live Matter 18

Former Black Lives Matter Founder Reveals the ‘Ugly Truth’

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Crypto May be the Future of Currency, but Coin Hoarding is Likely to End Badly

commencement 71

The Best & Worst Commencement Addresses of the Year

biden spending 30

Biden Budget Outlines Radical Vision Fueled by Record Spending

woke military world war 53

A Woke Military Wouldn’t Have Won World War II

memorial day flag America 59

The First Memorial Day–a Story Almost Lost to History

biden 14

AMAC Magazine Exclusive –- The Dangers of Biden’s Go-It-Alone Gun Control Policy