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ageism senior man woman America 14

The Invisible Man [and Woman], a Tale of Ageism in America

exercise seniors fitness program protection lifestyle lifespan easy 6

AMAC: Expand Your Lifestyle And Your Lifespan; It’s Easy Say The Researchers

democrat-house-arrogance-veterans private care growth conservative Scandal budget Democrat Republican capitol House democrats political senators 105

Democrat Arrogance in US House is Self-Defeating

abortions birth day seniors 103

OPINION: ‘Birth Day’ Abortions Don’t Bode Well For Future Seniors

flu season shot elderly vaccinated flu 88

CDC Reports Elevated Levels of Influenza; AMAC Urges Those Who Have Not Yet Been Vaccinated Get Flu Shots

border-wall-standoff-Trump Nafta deal Mexico Canada 93

How to End the Southwest Border Wall Standoff

republican officials threatened harassed death bill Americans free medical care bipartisan 156

Bill Offering Low-Income Americans Free Medical Care Introduced With Bipartisan Support in House

radical-house-fair-congressional-oversight 54

Radical US House May Kill Fair Congressional Oversight


Are America’s “Four Olds” Being Destroyed?