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Keeping America Safe

44-afghan-troops-missing captured us sting ISIS

Exclusive: U.S.-backed Syria forces launch offensive for Manbij pocket – U.S. officials


A Look at Life on the Front Lines in the War Against Islamic State

mexico border

Yes, Terrorists Are Setting Their Sights on Our Southern Border

isis-spreading 1

ISIS Spreading in Europe, U.S. Intelligence Chief Warns

border patrol Trump 12

Dozens of Homicides Committed by Criminal Aliens After Being Released by ICE

islamic-state-training-children 2

How Islamic State is Training Child Killers in Doctrine of Hate


U.S. Captures ISIS Operative, Ushering in Tricky Phase

illegal-immigrants-go-free prison jail 3

Almost 90,000 Dangerous Illegal Immigrants Go Free


North Korea’s Missile Launch Shows It Could Target US Homeland