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Keeping America Safe

Russia 88

Russia-Ukraine War May Become Biggest Failure of Biden’s Presidency

border 26

Texas Counties Declare an Official “Invasion” at the Southern Border

Inflation 14

Power to the People — Even if It Comes From Coal

Border 33

Biden Border Crisis Wreaking Havoc Throughout Western Hemisphere

Jill Simonian 8

Homeschooling is on the National Rise- Education Expert Jill Simonian Says It May Be Due to Schools with a Marxist Bent


SCOTUS Decisions Will Change Political Landscape

San Francisco 6

The Criminal Order Beneath the ‘Chaos’ of San Francisco’s Tenderloin

Border 55

Kamala Harris, So-Called ‘Border Czar,’ MIA As Record-Breaking Numbers of Illegals Are Released Into the U.S.

Dobbs 15

Media Reaction to Dobbs Decisions Shows That Liberals, Not Conservatives, Are Real Threat to Constitutional Order

Border 61

Opioid Epidemic Back with a Vengeance Amid Biden Border Disaster