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federal-shutdown-congress 120

Real Facts About Shutdown – Reassurance for Most Americans

homeless streets help elderly rise 50

Homelessness Is On The Rise Among The Elderly, says AMAC

lawmakers social security benefits medicare government 91

Biggest Social Security Lie: Government Stole the Money

small business owner 1

Average Small Business Owner is Over 50, says AMAC

amac membership Americans refuge core values country great equality act 7

AMAC Membership Surpasses 1.5 million; Americans Seek Refuge in the Core Values That Make Our Country Great

kids gifts holiday digital screens 8

Give the Kids on Your Holiday Gift Lists Real Toys, Not Hypnotic Digital ‘Screens,’ says AMAC


George Herbert Walker Bush Gave America One Last Gift

doctor gene therapy seniors suffer osteoarthritis 24

New Gene Therapy Offers Hope to Seniors Who Suffer From Osteoarthritis, say AMAC

bush-reagan-remembering-41 17

Remembering George Herbert Walker Bush – with Deep Appreciation