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democrat-house-arrogance-veterans private care growth conservative Scandal budget Democrat Republican capitol House democrats political senators 105

Democrat Arrogance in US House is Self-Defeating

abortions birth day seniors 104

OPINION: ‘Birth Day’ Abortions Don’t Bode Well For Future Seniors


Americans, All Americans, Should Be Grateful for Their Country

flu season shot elderly vaccinated flu 88

CDC Reports Elevated Levels of Influenza; AMAC Urges Those Who Have Not Yet Been Vaccinated Get Flu Shots

republican officials threatened harassed death bill Americans free medical care bipartisan 157

Bill Offering Low-Income Americans Free Medical Care Introduced With Bipartisan Support in House

radical-house-fair-congressional-oversight 54

Radical US House May Kill Fair Congressional Oversight


Are America’s “Four Olds” Being Destroyed?

america-we-love 119

What Has Happened to the America We Love?

family friends lives healthier happier

Living Happier, Healthier and Longer Lives Depends on Friends and Family, says AMAC