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immigration 50

How Can Democratic Presidential Candidates Advocate Immigration Lawlessness?

1968 2

Democrats Must Remember 1968 – Seek Cohesion, Not Sow Chaos

Robocall social security phone scams 33

FCC Robocall Ruling Offers Hope; in the Meantime, Just Hang up on Dodgy Callers, says AMAC

cross 3

Preserving the WWI Memorial Cross – Supreme Court’s Reasoning was Impeccable

democratic socialism 17

Democratic Socialism is a Bear Trap – Remember History


Bay Window Ban Push in Philadelphia

generational American flag grand 115

Courts Say Protestors Can Disrespect The Flag, But You Don’t Need a Court Order To Salute The ‘Grand Old Flag,’ says AMAC

graduation flag history America 24

America’s History Deficit is Worrisome, says AMAC

religious-liberty-america-bible intolerance 34

OPINION: Religious Intolerance is Un-American