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impeachment 75

Impeachment is Utterly Inappropriate – Ask James Madison

Travel tips seniors happy live longer 1

“Pack Up Your Troubles and Just Get Happy;” It Can Help You Live Longer, says AMAC


America’s Hope – Resides in Daily Caring, Not Washington

health care 1

President Trump – Helping Seniors with Health Care Innovation

flu shot doctor gene therapy seniors suffer osteoarthritis 2

Get Your Flu Shot Early This Year, Particularly if You Are 65 or Over, says AMAC

Nancy Pelosi Drug costs 26

Nancy Pelosi’s Plan to Lower Drug Costs is a Return to Failed Policies

chocolate milk 1

No Chocolate Milk for You!

assisted living senior costs price increases 35

Assisted Living and Similar Facilities Need to Restrict Yearly Price Increases, says AMAC

veterans 6

Veterans Need to be “Force Multipliers” Against Leftist Bullies