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senior pressure student debt conservative givers donor 49

Seniors Are Under Pressure to Repay Student Loans, says AMAC

senior travel traveling holiday tips tricks fall 6

Businesses Need to Take a New Look at the Senior Market as America Grows Older, says AMAC

Medicare for all progressive presidential election 60

‘Medicare for All’ is the New Progressive Rallying Cry More Than 18 Months Ahead of the Next Presidential Election: ‘Damn the Cost’

medicare for all 66

Medicare for All – An Adversary’s Dream Come True!

notre-dame 1

Notre-Dame de Paris – Hope Among the Walls and Ashes

new york democrats 63

New York Democrats Ignore Children of Deceased Combat Vets

abuse Elder Senior nursing home 29

Nursing Home Abuse Is On The Rise, says AMAC

media news trust journalism 36

OPINION: Trust In The Media Is At An All-Time Low, Reports The Columbia Journalism Review

medicaid 2

Work Requirements for Medicaid Expansion – and an Obama Judge