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Trump Terminated Baghdadi – Fight is Not Over

shopping materialism religion 16

‘Materialism Has Become Both a New Religion and a New Political Cause’

St. Crispin's Day

Meaning of St. Crispin’s Day – October 25, 2019

Hillary Clinton 15

America, Where No One Is Above The Law—-Really??

G-7 120

Critics Overreacted to Trump’s G-7 Offer – Truth Again a Victim

Reaching Out 3

Dare to Keep Reaching Out – It Still Matters

senior citizens homes older 5

Most Senior Citizens Would Rather Not Give Up Their Homes as They Grow Older, says AMAC

Kurds 4

Understanding Syrian Kurds and US Obligations – Trump Should Broker Peace

Biden CIA Trump Ukraine 99

Joe Biden’s Son Resigns – Creating Massive Ripples