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“Medicare for All” is Bad Law, Bad Philosophy, and Bad News

world elder abuse awareness day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day – Focus on Prevention of Senior Abuse

drug 73

How Refreshing! President Trump Again Focuses on Reducing Drug Prices

hearing aid 14

Hearing Aid Innovations and Prices for 2019

medicare hoax graham seniors healthcare American medicine health subsidies single payer town hall medical health care competition 10

CBO Reaffirms Dangers Of Single-Payer Health Care System

PBM China vitamins medicine drug prices medications pain relief lower prices Trump pills pharma programs millions vitamins supplements drugs trump administration seniors 3

The Trump Administration Says This Proposal Will Help Seniors Afford Their Drugs. AARP Says Not So Fast

medicare for all 2

3 Big Problems With ‘Medicare for All’

Alzheimer’s 1

Can Your Eyes Predict Alzheimer’s?

medicare for all 66

Medicare for All – An Adversary’s Dream Come True!