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border patrol Trump 12

Dozens of Homicides Committed by Criminal Aliens After Being Released by ICE


Lawmakers: Obama Administration Illegally Diverted Billions Intended for US Treasury to Insurers

fracking Russia energy

University of Cincinnati Study Finds Fracking’s Bad Rap is Not Supported


On Solar City’s Problems, Wall Street Catching up to Watchdog

government regulations 5

Too Many Laws, Too Much Regulation

dismantling-obama-war-coalobama-presidency obama 3

Mr. President, You Owe America An Apology. We Did Drill Our Way to $2 Gas.

government corruption

Puerto Rico’s Untold Tale of Corruption

bureaucrat-selling-obamacare-plans-wont-buy insurance 4

Will HHS Get Away With A $3.5 Billion Heist?

Some Shocked by Estate Claims After Signing up With MNsure