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AMAC On Capitol Hill

Dan Weber republicans recess tax death tax entitlement programs NRA bank citizenship socialism retirement freedom 3

“Physician Pro Bono Care Act” – Bright Example of Common Sense, Can-Do, Win-Win Solution

red letter day washington 28

Red Letter Day in Washington

oversight-government congress support tax deduction senior senate dems green bills capitol 32

Congress Could Help Millions of Patients With a Simple Tax Deduction, Senior Group Says

Capitol Building Obamacare democrats sanctuary health care senator corporate tax rate spending Samaritan congress seniors medicare part d 10

Largest Conservative Seniors’ Organization Calls on Congress to Address Challenges Facing Medicare Part D

Dan Weber President AMAC March for Life

AMAC Marches for Life


Call Your Member of Congress – Protect the Lives of Our Unborn Children!

democrat-house-arrogance-veterans private care growth conservative Scandal budget Democrat Republican capitol House democrats political senators 7

AMAC Joins Coalition in Seeking Pro-growth Executive Order

tax reform government federal 4

Coalition of Conservative Groups Urge Passage of Tax Reform in 2017

social security act stopgap-first-amendment left conservatives violence federal employees fired cause senate republicans 68

AMAC Lobbying for You – Plan 1- Repeal and Replace Obamacare