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shopping 42

COVID Helped Put Shopping Malls Out of Business; They’re Being Turned Into Housing—Including Affordable Housing for Seniors

abuse 10

COVID Crisis Triggers Increase in Elder Abuse and Prejudice Aimed at Seniors

Social Security 60

The Fight Goes on to Eliminate Income Taxes on Social Security and Railroad Retirement Benefits

yeager 7

Brigadier General Chuck Yeager Left ‘A Legacy of Strength, Adventure, and Patriotism’


The Four Chaplains: They Died So That Others Could Live

pompeo 9

Pompeo Declares China Genocide – Big Implications

Republicans 42

A Universal Social Security Program?

social security 61

Need for Legislation to Reinforce Fact that Illegal Aliens are not Eligible for Social Security and that Using Fake Cards and Numbers are Criminal Offenses

military 9

‘Buck Rogers’ Weapons Are Becoming a Reality, says AMAC

holiday 8

The Trials of 2020 are Sure to Make This Holiday Season a Bummer so, Let’s Focus on a Few Good Moments the Season Has to Offer