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Two Million

Thank You AMAC Members – We Are Two Million Strong!

Congress 26

Nancy Pelosi’s Plan to Lower Drug Costs is a Return to Failed Policies

Seniors 37

Assisted Living and Similar Facilities Need to Restrict Yearly Price Increases, says AMAC

Republicans 34

Can Young Voters Reject Progressive Notions of Governance in Coming Elections?

medicare 20

Medicare Anti-Kickback Safe Harbor Statute is “An Excellent Example of Good Intentions Gone Awry”, says AMAC spokesman

PC movement 60

Polls Expose the PC Movement as an Effort to ‘Stifle’ Free Speech, says AMAC

hit 19

Forgetting is Normal for Most People as They Age, but Take Precautions if Memory Loss Persists and Interferes With Daily Life, says AMAC

socialist revolution capitol hill republicans-can-block-subsidies manning washington tax dollars salaries federal 24

Dems give new meaning to the term ‘free for all’

Homeless 52

Eleven Percent of the Homeless Population Was Over 50 years Old in 1990; Today 50% of the Homeless Population is 50 and Older, says AMAC

travel 12

AMAC Offers Vacation Time Tips For Seniors