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AMAC In The Media

PBM China vitamins medicine drug prices medications pain relief lower prices Trump pills pharma programs millions vitamins supplements drugs trump administration seniors 3

The Trump Administration Says This Proposal Will Help Seniors Afford Their Drugs. AARP Says Not So Fast

program bankruptcy 7

A Program Hurtling Toward Bankruptcy

health care reform healthcare single payer HRA

Star Tribune (Minneapolis): Health Care Finance Reforms: Give Doctors Tax Credits for Free Care

healthcare health care

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A Way to Widen Health Care Access While Managing Costs

flu shot doctors health care 6

Doctors: ‘Middle Men’ Rigging Health Care System


Video: AMAC Town Hall Meeting Addresses the American Health Care System

AMAC White House Trump Plan RX prices lower 37

AMAC in Attendance at White House as President Trump Unveils Plan to Lower RX Prices

medicare hoax graham seniors healthcare American medicine health subsidies single payer town hall medical health care competition

Pharma and Healthcare “Middlemen” Focus of Health Care Town Hall Hosted By AMAC

retirement social security retire AMAC AARP 30