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AMAC Action maintains a full-time presence in Washington, DC calling on members of Congress and the Administration to discuss issues and support or oppose legislative actions on behalf of the membership. AMAC Action also participates in DC conservative forums and other coalition activity to further our mission and grow our national influence.

Veterans first 7

AMAC Supports Bill to Protect Veterans Resources


AMAC Joins Coalition to Oppose United Nations Energy Treaty Amendment

congress 14

AMAC Supports Bill to Make Government More Transparent

school classroom students kids education regulation 16

AMAC Supports Bill to Repeal the NEA’s Charter

Telehealth 2

AMAC Supports the Telehealth Expansion Act


AMAC Joins Coalition to Support the Renewing Investment in American Workers and Supply Chains Act

wisconsin 13

AMAC Joins Coalition Requesting Extraordinary Session of the Wisconsin Legislature

Justice 14

AMAC Opposes Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Nomination to US Supreme Court

energy 2

AMAC Supports the American Energy Independence from Russia Act

insulin 10

AMAC Opposes Legislation That Price-Fixes the Cost of Insulin