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Justice 74

The Empire Strikes Back: DOJ Death Star Aims at Parents


ATR Leads Coalition Letter Opposing IRS Financial Reporting Requirement

Andy Mangione on Mike Gallagher (October 6th, 2021)

Medal 10

AMAC Supports the Congressional Gold Medal Bill


McConnell’s Letter to President Biden Pleading for Democrats to Raise Debt Ceiling

critical race theory 28

Big Majority of Americans Reject Critical Race Theory And Favor Parents’ Rights


Common Financial Scams Against Seniors and What to Do If It Happens to You

amac 32

Bad Ideas: A Comprehensive List of All Tax Hikes Proposed by Democrats and the Administration So Far

Democrats 82

Debt Ceiling: Democrats Made This Mess, It’s Time For Them To Clean It Up

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The Five Worst Democrat Proposals Currently on the Table