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America Will Likely Close Out 2014 as the World’s Reigning Oil Champion


Adding Insult to Injury: CMS Proposes Additional Cuts to Medicare Home Healthcare


Their Water Kept Disappearing So They Set Up Cameras… And They Were Pleasantly Surprised

HHS Releases 1,296 Pages of Regulations Ahead of Holiday Weekend

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Economic Fact of The Day: Texas Has Added One Million Jobs Since 2007 vs. Only 24,900 Jobs in California


V.A. Employee: They Had Us Stop Work on V.A. Applications So We Could Work on Obamacare


Border Patrol Agent: Federal Government “Aiding, Abetting And Facilitating” Illegal Aliens


Nina Easton: Disability Has Become A Form Of Permanent Welfare

Search Engines, Social Media Giants Offer Tools to Protect Your Privacy