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progressives 53

Progressives Spent Decades Radicalizing College Students. Their New Target: Grade Schoolers

woke 9

Virginia Parents and Activists Hold Massive Rally Against Woke Education

school 7

Stop Critical Race Theory – Run for Your Local School Board and Win!

midterms 5

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Seven Patterns Now Shaping the 2022 Midterms

ideology 3

Woke Ideology Harms Children, Say Parents, Therapists

racist 1

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Racist? America is Anti-Racist

Woke 14

AMAC Magazine Exclusive –A ‘Woke’ Dictionary

critical race theory 19

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Critical Race Theory- Seven Hard Truths

Biden 66

The Radical CRT Guru Endorsed By Biden’s Education Department

Critical race thoery 10

The Useful Idiot Strategy of the Left – Critical Race Theory is but One Component of the Leftist Plans for Changing America –