AMAC Spokesperson: Cartels testing Mexican president’s ‘limits’ with attack on Americans

Former Assistant Secretary of State Robert Charles said on Wednesday that Monday’s massacre in Mexico, in which nine Americans were gunned down by sicarios on Monday, is a challenge to the rule of law and a test to the limits of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador . . .

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Go to Mexican’t for a vacation, come back to America in a box. The cartels and the Mexican’t government are the same entity. Is that to difficult to understand?


I can’t understand why Americans would have their children in Mexico, especially such a dangerous area. If you want a “faith based community” you can do that in the US instead of a third world country that is run like one huge mafia. It is not even safe to visit anywhere near the border on the American side. I know because I am from there and after my last visit we decided it was just plain too dangerous even to stop for gas, at stop signs or the store.