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Cartels Brazenly Post ‘Help Wanted’ Ads to Recruit Human Traffickers


WASHINGTON, DC, Sep12 — A one-way airline ticket from Mexico City to Dallas, TX costs as little as $129.  But the cartels charge as much as $15,000 to smuggle an illegal immigrant into the U.S. For the Mexican cartels, it’s “a billion dollar industry that rivals the profitability of trafficking illegal drugs,” according to the Border Report.

The cartels have President Biden to thank for this largess; his “come one, come all” campaign message to illegal migrants resonated so well that it gave them yet another mega-source of income. 

The year before Mr. Biden’s election, the border patrol caught 487 illegal migrants at the border. In his first year as president, more than 3,200 migrants were apprehended and their numbers have skyrocketed ever since. So far in the current fiscal year — with two months to go — a staggering 2.75 million migrants, including any number of so-called “gotaways,” have been clocked seeking to cross the Mexican border.  The cartels use a growing number of them to smuggle narcotics. They are also using the surge of migrants to smuggle individuals seeking covert entry for whatever reason if they have enough cash.

Business has been so good that they are posting “help wanted” ads on social media looking for Americans “in desperate circumstances” to provide transportation once they cross the border.

Michael Salinas, a former Border Patrol agent, says the cartels use YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok to enlist people who want to make a dishonest buck, according to a report by The Daily Signal. “All the social media platforms are being used to recruit these folks. And it’s not always just the young kids, it’s just folks that want to make a quick buck.” But, he said, “They tend to recruit a lot of the younger crowd, because they know that the young kids are going to avoid prosecution [when caught], regardless of whether they have aliens or if they have narcotics as juveniles.” 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton says that “videos encouraging” young volunteers “to participate in human smuggling across the southern border are highly concerning. With the issuance of Civil Investigative Demands, my office is currently combing through TikTok company policies and getting to the bottom of what is happening in these social media posts,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Sheriff Brad Coe in Kinney County, TX told the Examiner that the cartel recruitment technique is simple but compelling. One ad just said, “Anyone looking to make easy money, contact us. [All you have to do is] Go to south Texas to pick up some people. We’ll give you $1,000 a head … We’ve had kids from broken homes with mom working two jobs and dads in jail. The lure of easy money is what does it. They get anywhere from $500 to $2,000 a head. The cartels will give them an address and say, ‘Pull up here and honk your horn twice’.”

According to the Department of Homeland Security, “Individuals seeking covert entry into the United States know they need to pay an organization for transport. Smuggling organizations, often associated with other transnational criminal organizations and able to take advantage of people in desperate circumstances, provide that transportation at a significant cost.”

The anonymous owner of a private investigation company in Arizona that deals with border security issues summed it up for The Epoch Times recently: “To anyone who’s anti-border and anti-wall, why is it only we are the bad guys?  What other nation has open borders as we do? If I cross the border into Mexico, I will get arrested and go to a Mexican prison. And they’re going to keep me there. And the [U.S.] State Department will have to argue to get me back and free me.”

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election fraud
4 months ago

Do you think Obama/Biden want to stop illegals/terrorists from entering America? This is exactly what Obama is!!! Destroy America by whatever means possible before Trump or Disantis can pull us out of the Demonrats destruction of everything good and decent!!!

4 months ago

Take long hard look at Mexico. This is our future in the USA. You can thank our politicians for this future. Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California will become Mexico north and the business people won’t care.

Robert Zuccaro
4 months ago

Cartels are the only ones prospering under a Democrat run America. What’s “science” say about social distancing to avoid fentanyl overdosing….

4 months ago

The criminals are running the country for sure. As they say “money talks” that’s why the Dems are the biggest supporters of having the border open. Dems do not care about the safety of Americans; they only care about how much cash they can get about their criminal deals.

4 months ago

Why does your article refer to these people as migrants? They are illegal aliens who have broken our laws upon entry to our country. Why is AMAC falling into the liberal trap of whitewashing the truth?

4 months ago
Reply to  Diane

Good catch sister

Michael Lewis
4 months ago

For these crimes that the Biden Administration facilitates at the border, I pray God take his vengeance on the corrupt, lawless Biden Administration. Can I have an AMEN?

Mary Robertson
4 months ago
Reply to  Michael Lewis


Richard Minetti
4 months ago

It’s because we have an illegally elected posterior orifice in the White House!

Corbin L Douthitt
4 months ago

But Kammy and KJP say the border is under control?

Ken Carter
4 months ago

Are the cartels funding the DNC as well as many individual politicians? Could be the reason this crime wave is being supported by this administration>

4 months ago

Thank you, Biden keep on murdering Americans, you sick pathetic skinbag pos

4 months ago

The cartels are running so much Chinese fentanyl across the border that they need help for their “side venture” of trafficking

Robert Zuccaro
4 months ago
Reply to  David

I hope the Big Guy is getting his 10% or he’ll be pissed…

4 months ago

Joke Biden has ruined EVERYTHING he’s been involved in. The scary thing is that the dems are touting victories in special elections as a sign that there won’t be a red wave in November. Well, the way the gullible American public actually believes that the recent lowering of drastically higher gas prices is a good thing done by the current administration, along with believing media reports that inflation will be easing, it’s scary to think that some people have already forgotten how bad things really are. A lot of the TV ads I am watching are much better prepared and produced by the left. Sure, they’ve been doing to for years but you would think that conservative candidates would have campaign people that know how to fight the same way as the dems.?.? It sure doesn’t look that way. Also, why did anyone think that Sarah Palin would make a good candidate for anything? She shouldn’t be a dog catcher, yet she was sent to run for the Alaska special election and she LOST. Republicans keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Have you seen Kari Lakes election posters, stickers, signs, etc.? The are brown, and in the desert they just blend in with he background….. seriously. Katie Hobbs’ items are bright blue with red and white and jump out at you, meanwhile she won’t even agree to a debate with Kari Lake. Their ads are painting Kari Lake as a right wing nut and the ads against Hobbs do little compared to the dems ads. Republicans need to wake up or they will be utterly destroyed. Who the heck picks brown signs in the desert????

4 months ago

Is Biden acting like a US Citizen who loves his country and all that it offers? NO! He is actually destroying this country piece by piece. He is bargaining on these millions of illegals not ever being deported. I want to know how we will get them put. Parents, single adults and children. I am fed up and do not care what it takes!

4 months ago
Reply to  liz

Illegal immigration and large-scale legal immigration from the Third World is an important part of the plan to destroy the United States, Western Civilization, and the White race.

4 months ago

And yet they disallow conservatives to use social media.

4 months ago
Reply to  susan

That’s because Susan, some “threats” just cannot be allowed to continue.

4 months ago

This is festering big-time. We have a war going just south of our border and all these “get-aways” are imbedding themselves into the fabric of USA. Not only do we have the poor & uneducated coming in, we have drugs & people who have -0- value for humankind. These are the real threat. Pretty soon they’ll mobilize like the cartel south of here and we will have this cartel problem in – probably not my life, but – my children’s & grandchildren’s life. We will LOSE our democracy.

4 months ago
Reply to  Slainte

Criminals and chaos is exactly what the progressives Democrats and people like George Soros want to help them impose their socialist agenda on freedom loving Americans.

4 months ago

Pretty sad when criminals can “throw it in your face” and get away with it. But then, that has been going on here in the U.S. for decades thanks to money buying its’ way with the “criminal justice system”.

4 months ago

“”””””””””””””” LET’S GO BRANDON “””””””””””””””””
FJB #empty shelves joe brandon
watch the internet movie on BREITBART: ” my son hunter ” worth the $20 You can keep it and see it over and over again and SHOW YOUR FAMILY & FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS
democratic socialist communist Marxists = SATAN’s EVIL MESSENGERS

Philip Seth Hammersley
4 months ago

Senile Joe is simultaneously enriching criminal cartels while impoverishing American citizens! It’s not “love” to allow human and drug trafficking! The lying press secretary is as looney as an asylum resident, saying the economy is great!
Please vote for ALL Republicans and get your family to do likewise. We can’t yet stop the insanity but we may be able to slow it down until help (hopefully Trump) arrives in 2024!

James Thompson
4 months ago

The dumbass Dems would just TAX us and pay them to not sell humans.

4 months ago
Reply to  James Thompson

Unfortunately, rinos have been allowing them to get away with this for 50+ years. We have to carefully vet which “republicans” we vote for; good thing we got rid of PAUL RYAN, let’s get rid of marble mouth mitch, rino mitt, etc. !!!!!!!
I am a CONSERVATIVE, by the way.

4 months ago

Undercover special forces personnel should answer the ads.

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