Carson Hounded by Open Borders Liberals for Putting Americans First

Ben Carson liberals border AmericansWe no longer live in a constitutional republic. We live in an idiocracy.

Only in modern-day America, under the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives, is the basic proposition that federally subsidized public housing should benefit American citizens and legal residents slammed as “despicable” and “damaging.”

Those are the hysterical words used by Democratic Rep. Carolyn Maloney of New York City to condemn the proposal discussed by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on Tuesday to ban government aid to residents of the agency who shelter illegal immigrants.

The rule change would end a Clinton-era regulation that allowed immigrants to obtain aid without having to disclose whether they were here legally. The Trump plan could free up an estimated 32,000 public housing slots, according to the department, as 1.6 million applicants nationwide wait to be considered.

Democratic Rep. Juan Vargas of San Diego County couldn’t believe Carson could be so “mean-spirited” in prioritizing law-abiding people over law-breaking ones.

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of Los Angeles called the illegal alien prohibition “cruel.”

Only in America are American public servants, who are sworn to uphold American laws and the U.S. Constitution, hounded by open borders liberals about putting Americans first.

Instead of being forced to defend their own twisted and treasonous priorities, Democrats got an assist from open borders tools in the media making hay of Carson’s unfamiliarity with some stupid real estate acronym.

The squirrel-chasers at Newsweek sputtered: “Ben Carson doesn’t know what an REO property is, thinks he’s being asked about Oreos.” Politico clucked, “Ben Carson confuses a real-estate term and a cookie.”

Fake news narrative set: He’s dastardly, dumb, and hates immigrants!

Carson had patiently explained at the House Financial Services Committee hearing that families with illegal immigrants would still have up to 18 months to defer eviction and find somewhere else to live or to move back to their home countries.

But that (undeserved) generosity was met with still more unhinged cries of “What about the children?” from the “America Last” Democrats whose first allegiance is to thousands of anchor babies born here to irresponsible border-trespassers, visa overstayers, and deportation fugitives. They put their own children at risk in the first place. Not us.

You want to engage in “What about-ism?” What about the native-born military veterans? What about the elderly? And what about the destitute citizens down on their luck waiting for public housing slots to open up?

In Maloney’s city, it reportedly takes an average of 99 months for a public housing applicant to secure an apartment.

In Waters’ city, the waiting list for low-income Americans seeking Section 8 vouchers is 40,000 people and up to 11 years long.

In Vargas’ county, the region now boasts the fourth-highest homeless population in the nation.

It is “only logical,” Carson pointed out, to put Americans ahead of the 32,000 HUD-housed residents deemed ineligible because of their immigration status. But logic is toxic to the Make America Disappear Lobby.

When I hear the impassioned paeans of Democrats on behalf of illegal immigrants fighting for their federal Section 8 vouchers, I am reminded of the most notorious deportation-evading denizen of government-subsidized housing: Zeituni Onyango, President Barack Obama’s illegal immigrant aunt, who died of cancer in 2014.

Remember? Onyango was a beneficiary of the welfare state run amok, and a perfect symbol of open borders ingratitude and metastatic entitlement. She overstayed a temporary visa for 14 years, never going home to Kenya. Screw our rules.

Onyango had no job skills, no special talent, and no claim of persecution. She didn’t value the American dream. She was a dependency nightmare. She collected $700 a month in welfare benefits and disability payments totaling $51,000. Somehow, Onyango also drummed up money to apply for asylum and finagled her way into federal and state public housing in Boston.

She gamed the system under both Democratic and Republican administrations, dragged out her phony “asylum case” three times, dodged two deportation orders, illegally donated to her nephew’s presidential campaign along the way, and then eventually secured a green card in 2010.

Such are the perks of illegal immigrant privilege.

In a raging interview she gave to a Boston TV station before she died, Onyango savaged and taunted her American hosts. “If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen,” she spouted. “I didn’t ask for it,” she retorted when asked about her public housing benefits. “They gave it to me. Ask your system. I didn’t create the system.”

Well, Obama’s ingrate aunt was right about that: She didn’t create the system. Idiocrats built it. Idiocrats are defending it. And idiocrats would rather mock Carson’s ignorance of a real estate acronym than own up to their own suicidal stupidity.

Here’s the only acronym you need to know if idiocrats prevail: R.I.P., America. R.I.P.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Michelle Malkin

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Frank S.
1 year ago

A word I’m hearing more and more associated with the “progressive” left is “Chaos.” Up is down, down is up; good is bad, bad is good; right is wrong, wrong is right; black is white, white is black; Antifa is good, cops are bad; college “safe zones” (and Teddy Bears) are good, free speech is bad; abortion is fine, taking personal responsibility is unfair; USMCA and infrastructure not too important, taking down Trump is paramount; etc., etc., etc. These people, and I guess I’m now talking about the entire Democratic party just don’t get it. Under the Dems, the illegal… Read more »

1 year ago

All this was fully expected when the Democrats won control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 mid-terms. They are simply being who they always have been. Just no longer pretending to be “moderate” or “reasonable” as they go about doing what they have always done. It was also ALL fully preventable, if our side had put in half an effort between 2017 and 2018 to try and educate some of the reachable 10 to 12 percent of the Millennials out there about the many flaws in their rosy-eyed view of what socialism, that so crave to enact here,… Read more »

Barbara Lynch
1 year ago

We can’t house our Veterans or family who are homeless. Why take care of illegals?

Anna Petrocelli
1 year ago

Michell’s account of President Obama’s aunt reminded me of a story that unfolded in the presence of other women at a luncheon, at my home, several years ago. One of the ladies had brought her mother in law as a guest. This lady with pride explained to us how she comes every year and spends six months with her son who lives in Chicago and owns a restaurant. We all exclaimed of her ability to do that. She went on to tell us that the only reason she comes for the visit is so she can collect her Social Security… Read more »

Georgia Womack
1 year ago

Just disgusting that Americans are treated like criminals and criminals are treated like kings and queens!! All the Dems should be charged with treason against their own country!!?

Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Lefttists are the real Threats, to fight enemies foreign & domestic. Dems HURT America.

1 year ago


Paul W
1 year ago

California is talking free health care for illegals (many already get it). The DNC presidential candidates, including Biden, are saying the same thing. The 2020 election is going to come down to two things. Do you believe in putting American citizens first, or not. Secondly, I see the potential for voter fraud hitting an all-time high.

Brenda Blunt
1 year ago

If those politicians want illegals here, then THEY should open their wallet and pay for EVERYTHING that they need or want! Also, they SHOULD be considered an accomplice on any crimes committed!!!!

Rick J.
1 year ago

This country is on the verge chaos…ruin. The crazies are “controlling” the sane. If those of us who know
better don’t start pushing back all will be lost. There are more than enough of us in AMAC, if we could get organized to effect a credible electronic push back via e mails and tweets ect. Does anyone know how to start and run an E campaign? If you do maybe AMAC can assist? WE must fight back and enlist others to help.

1 year ago

Legal immigrants are required to demonstrate that they will NOT need any type of public assistance in order to obtain their Visa but ILLEGALS qualify for assistance – ABSURD!

Pete from St Pete
1 year ago

I watched this committee meeting on TV. I was struck by the obvious fact that the smartest person in the room (Dr. Carson) was being maligned the dumbest people in the room (progressive democrats). Later on in an interview on Fox Dr. Carson pointed out that the law (written by Congress) states that citizens must be given first chance at government subsidized housing. It’s further proof that the lunatic progressives are very close to taking over the asylum. I don’t care if you are on your death bed in November 2020, you have to find a way to vote for… Read more »

Joyce E Carey
1 year ago

Illegal is illegal. Enter the United States ?? legally and you will be able to stay. You also have to become a United States ?? citizen and Pledge Allegiance to our free country. Speak English. My grandmothers did and raised six children each and never took any public assistance.

1 year ago

Democrats are going to bankrupt this country and everyone but the elite, which will high tail it out of here, are going to get hurt! This is so disgusting I had trouble getting thru this article! Arrogance and evil are these Democrats! I want so hard to believe they are being deceived by the evil one but the more I read, the more I’m convinced these evil Democrats are doing this willfully! Treason for all of them!

1 year ago

Those who ridicule Ben Carson do it thinking it will unravel him and hurt him. They are mean-spirited and act like bullies (something which we are supposed to teach our children NOT to do). However, I believe that Ben Carson will rise above all this, and it will not do the harm the bullies are trying to inflict. From what I know about Ben Carson, he will not retaliate, but will just pray about it and let His Lord take care of it. It wouldn’t surprise me if he even prays for those who abuse him, and consequently he will… Read more »

R.S. Helms
1 year ago

If the grassroots “main street” people do not band together and vote the socialists and RINOs out of office … from the local village to the State, to the Federal Government there is not much we can do to end the destruction of the United States from within, nothing short of a total revolution.

Thomas H.
1 year ago

Unfortunately, the only information that I’m getting from my “news” homepage is that Trump is (select one or more) deranged, lazy, lying, crooked, dangerous, criminal, racist, anti-woman, anti-foreigner, despicable, a tyrant, pompous, self-worshipping, etc…. and that’s on a GOOD day! Btw, this information is always accompanied by the worst possible photo of President Trump they took. I wouldn’t be worried except that the people around me eat this all up, and then vote.

Dan Zuverink
1 year ago

Thanks, Frank S., How can those Dems get away with spinning so many “Non-Truths” If a republican lies, they go to jail, why not those despicable Dems? DZ

Jack Thomas
1 year ago

Who’s upholding American values and American laws? Conservative Republicans. Who’s doing their best to obstruct and ignore our values and laws? Radical Democrats. Who pledged to put Americans first? President Donald J. Trump. Now, his Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson, is being ostracized by these same radical nitwits in the Democratic Party for making American citizens a priority. Very sad, but not surprising given the cesspool of ethical and moral corruption that consumes Washington, D.C. We are living in very perilous times and our republic is in imminent danger of being erased from the history books… Read more »

1 year ago

Trump has it all out in front of him, why oh why isn’t he doing something to stop this blatant hypocrisy ?

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