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End Caravan Madness – Tell the Untold Truth


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The best way to end the current caravan mess – and an endless parade of poor, largely uneducated and misdirected Central American migrants to our southern border –is to start with untold truths.

Here is a primer – one that you will not see anywhere else.

First, the President is right – deterrence does work.  Empirically, as most Americans quietly know, rules are worthless without credible enforcement.  By contrast, consistent enforcement deters behaviors that would contravene well-understood rules.  Accordingly, in whatever way required to assure credibility, the US border must be protected, laws enforced, border reinforced.

That is only step one.  Step two is diplomatic.  The US must send seasoned diplomats to Mexico to help incoming Mexico leaders address some nagging truths.  For example, left unchecked at Mexico’s southern border, Central American – soon Venezuelan – hoards will disrupt Mexican rule of law.  The best way to help Mexico – and the US, in the process – is to secure Mexico’s southern border.

More diplomacy:  The US should share relevant intelligence with Mexican officials about who the so-called “caravans” really are – and how they undermine security throughout Mexico, and will at the Mexican-US border.  They are heavily penetrated by drug trafficking groups, identifiable gangs, transnational criminal groups, and represent a venue terrorists are eyeing.

Similarly, working out a sustainable mechanism for special asylum cases – ones that may fit the definition of a well-founded, specific fear of persecution under US law – is worth the effort; if Mexico can segregate such cases, hold claimants until cases can be processed on the US side, a degree of order can attach to these special cases.  Nevertheless, limits attach to number of cases annually accepted in the US.

But the biggest issue is one that is NOWHERE in the US press.  It is a big one.  This is the biggest reason that most asylum claimants have NO CHANCE of asylum in the US:  Latin American countries and United States law define justified asylum completely differently.

This is a huge, unexplained and yet critical issue.  It is not being explained to average Americans – or to the average caravan member from Central America.  So here is the MOST inconvenient truth of all:  Mexico and virtually all of Latin America signed the 1984 Cartagena Declaration on Refugees, a document that fundamentally expanded the meaning of a refugee – for those countries.  The US and much of the world does not abide that definition.  They abide the 1951 definition of refugee.

What is the difference? Well, the 1951 definition required that anyone applying for refugee status have a “well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion…” in their country of origin. 

In effect, this 1951 definition – which the US uses – means that an applicant for refugee status be specifically targeted by the origin country.  If not specifically targeted, or if not within that country when allying, the scales tip hard against getting into the US.  Obviously, that means just coming from a corrupt, poor, lawless, or otherwise unsavory country does not allow an applicant refugee status in the US.

Notably, these Central American refugees are no longer within the country of origin – from which they claim to be escaping – when they are in Mexico.  That also reduces their changes of admission to the US.

But the definition of refugee is completely different in Mexico and Latin America.  The Cartagena Declaration and later documents expand the definition of refugee.  Unlike the 1951 definition used by the US, these countries allow the grant of “refugee” status within their borders if the person has “fled their countries because their lives, safety, or freedom have been threatened by generalized violence, foreign aggression, internal conflicts, massive violation of human rights or other circumstances which have seriously disturbed public order.” 

This difference is enormous – and it is at the heart of why many in the caravans, foreign governments, and American media misunderstand what is happening at the US-Mexican border.  The US does NOT admit anyone who wishes to come in from a distraught, poor or violent country – but Mexico and the Central American countries do.

The solution is therefore clear:  Make this point with unflinching clarity to any and all, encourage the caravan members to use that broader definition to justify claims of refugee status or asylum in Mexico, and other Latin American countries – since they abide the broader definition.

But understand that US law does NOT allow anyone entry who comes from a beleaguered country; if we did, the US would simply import the world.  The caravans should begin seeking refugee status in Mexico – and where the Cartagena Declaration holds – not in the US.

Finally, an obvious but painful truth:  It would be wiser, more sustainable, and less painful for all if countries currently exporting people to US, instead resolved to import US liberties, constitutional values and protections, rule of law and foreign investment that follows rule of law.  That is the hard, long road – but unlike the road these caravans are on, it leads somewhere.

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Brian Egan

Great article-every nit wit American liberal should be required to read this, and get their head out of their ass.


Great article, except that, those of us who are against these lawless caravans already agree with the laws we have on the books. The problem is, the left and the open borders crowd are either brainwashed, complicit or simply don’t care what the law is and they are encouraging these invasions as a way to change demographics in this country. The Democrats know they can’t win with their policies, so therefore they must lie, cheat and use migrants to change the demographics. If we don’t stop this now, our country will forever be ruined. We can’t import the 3rd world, without becoming the 3rd world also. Just look to Western Europe.

Laura C

Odd that journalists, who are, self-admittedly, the smartest, coolest and most in the know people in the country don’t know this. Seems like an important point in reporting this invasion.

Rev. R.S. Helms

Great Article… Now if we can only get the socialists (liberal Democrats) out from under their delusionary utopia and government dependency long enough to understand that we are a Sovereign Nation with laws and the Constitution, it will never happen — not even our own border and sovereignty will stay in place when we are governed by lawless socialists, and cowardly Republican globalists. We need to get the enemy from within under control before we try to help other nations.


If the people, that I have seen on the the news, are so poor and down trodden in their home country, why do they not look like Auschwitz survivors? Most look well feed to the point of fat. They are strong enough to travel hundreds of mile and tear down fences and chuck rock at uniformed officers (police &military). Refugees? Not! Go back home.

Terrance Coyne MD

Good points. One other one is bringing diseases into our country, as many of those in the caravan have communicable diseases.

Thomas H

Since these caravans are over 90% male, why would these men leave their women and children behind in a country where they say that they are being threatened by violence?


Great article so many of us are not aware of.

Robert J. White

Speak the Truth long and loud enough someone will hear it and start to question the why,,,,,, BUT tell a lie long and loud long enough it becomes the truth. The left tells many Lies loud and long. Take note and start to stand for what is right with our Country,


Todays Word:




noun: invasion; plural noun: invasions

an instance of invading a country or region with an armed force.
“the Allied invasion of Normandy”

an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.
“stadium guards are preparing for another invasion of fans”

an unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.


There is no other way to stop this tragedy but to enforce border controls at the southern border of Mexico. Any reasonable person should have seen that from the very beginning and the deaths that were caused by NOT doing it. If Mexico really wants to help solve this problem and themselves they will get this done. But, don’t count on Dem support because all they care about is votes, not people.

Larry Ralston

I have just recently (1) joined AMAC and (2) joined in the conversations/opinions regarding the various articles provided by AMAC. As a new member, I have read only a few of Mr. Charles’ articles and have been critical of several comments made by him. However, Mr. Charles, you are “spot-on” with your article “End Caravan Madness–Tell the Untold Truth”.

Mary Blaylock

Recently I read an article about how the cultural character has been changed by so many Middle East immigrants in Sweden. They just don’t assimilate into a culture, they change it. The generosity that Swedish people extended to foreign refugees will be their undoing. We just can’t absorb hords of foreigners intlo our land without seeing some of these effects as well, nor or all of them good. This is a very good article with a lot lof wisdom. I hope people are paying attention. It would be better if we could help these people in their own countries establish democratic rules. We also don’t need bad people to be infiltrating into our borders through these migrant caravans or it will be our undoing. I am glad is Trump is strong on this issue.


GREAT, INFORMATIVE ARTICLE. The bleeding hearts need a cranial rectal buttectomy and come to grips with laws regarding immigration already on the books. We cannot accept all who want to come here. Sorry but that is the reality of the situation.

Paul W

Excellent article. The problem is, leftist care nothing about the law. Though they’ve always been that way, they became increasingly emboldened during the obama administration. He blatantly disregarded the Constitution and federal laws constantly. The rest of the left, already anti rule of law just picked up the pace. Additionally, there are many open-borders lefties that truly are completely ignorant of the Constitution and immigration laws…including the most ignorant group of buffoons out there…the MSM.

James Wesley

Thank you, please keep up the great work.

Don Landis

We ought to abide by our own laws before and embrace whole heatedly our own liberties before trying to impose liberty and freedom on others.
We need to reestablish and reinforce the foundation of our liberties which is Biblical Christianity.
If the foundations are destroyed what shall the righteous do? .


Great article , hopefully the bleeding heart politicals will read this!

Susan Laughlin

Excellently written article.I pray people in charge listen

Clements Berezoski

Hi yes very good they bringing sickness to our children!!