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7 years ago

Noxious gas from both ends… clean air indeed.

8 years ago

Give me your money or Make My Day!!!— Dirty Harry—

8 years ago

Really! I became a multi-millionaire by savings & good investments. (and a whole lot of help from my “friends”)

8 years ago

I thought I had some thing in my hands,but they are empty,just like my head

Philip McKee
8 years ago

Out of touch in an empty room

Ron Kurth
8 years ago

Caption for Harry’s picture:

I can destroy this country all by myself !

8 years ago

What me worry about Obamacare. You dumb taxpayers are paying for my premium healthcare.

8 years ago

I thought I had to fert… it isn’t a fert… thank you Depends!

J Fritz
8 years ago

Trust Me ! I read the bill..

8 years ago

Looks like Harry has been sucking on lemons again !

8 years ago

Republicans, you need to help Obama collapse the dollar more quickly with no spending cuts!

Jerry Hagaman
8 years ago

Cation for the Harry Reid photo

“Come unto me, all ye all who are weary and heavy laden, and i will give you rest

Peggy Price
8 years ago

As GOD is my witness, I do not lie. Whoops, our party doesn’t believe in GOD any more.

8 years ago

What the hell? over… Just pass it; we’ll read it later!

Roger Edwards
8 years ago

Budget? I don’t need NO stinking Budget!

george mooradian
8 years ago

I gave them just 3 minutes.

Sue Racine
8 years ago

Trust only me! The House of Representatives is obsolete!
I am the Chief Democrat Dobot!

Bill Crawford
8 years ago

Give me a break I,am senile and to old for this job that is why the rubber stamp is used for Every thing OBAMA wants

John D Pierce
8 years ago

In honor of our new primary language – “Que pasa”

shirley johnson
8 years ago

I have to admit it, I just lie all the time. I am called the Great Prevaricator.

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