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Noxious gas from both ends… clean air indeed.


Give me your money or Make My Day!!!— Dirty Harry—


Really! I became a multi-millionaire by savings & good investments. (and a whole lot of help from my “friends”)


I thought I had some thing in my hands,but they are empty,just like my head

Philip McKee

Out of touch in an empty room

Ron Kurth

Caption for Harry’s picture:

I can destroy this country all by myself !


What me worry about Obamacare. You dumb taxpayers are paying for my premium healthcare.


I thought I had to fert… it isn’t a fert… thank you Depends!

J Fritz

Trust Me ! I read the bill..


Looks like Harry has been sucking on lemons again !


Republicans, you need to help Obama collapse the dollar more quickly with no spending cuts!

Jerry Hagaman

Cation for the Harry Reid photo

“Come unto me, all ye all who are weary and heavy laden, and i will give you rest

Peggy Price

As GOD is my witness, I do not lie. Whoops, our party doesn’t believe in GOD any more.


What the hell? over… Just pass it; we’ll read it later!

Roger Edwards

Budget? I don’t need NO stinking Budget!

george mooradian

I gave them just 3 minutes.

Sue Racine

Trust only me! The House of Representatives is obsolete!
I am the Chief Democrat Dobot!

Bill Crawford

Give me a break I,am senile and to old for this job that is why the rubber stamp is used for Every thing OBAMA wants

John D Pierce

In honor of our new primary language – “Que pasa”

shirley johnson

I have to admit it, I just lie all the time. I am called the Great Prevaricator.