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Cancer Death Rates in U.S. Continue to Drop

from FOX News – Cancer death rates in the U.S. steadily decreased from 2004 to 2008, according to a new report from four major national cancer tracking groups. The declines in death and new cases of cancer reflect progress against the disease in terms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

From 1999 to 2008, cancer death rates declined by an average of 1.7 percent per year for men, 1.3 percent per year for women and 1.5 percent annually for children, according to the report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute and the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries. The report was published online in the journal Cancer.

The declining death rates applied to all types of cancer, including the four most common: lung, colorectal, breast and prostate cancers.

The numbers of new cases of many cancers have also been on the decline. Cancer of all types among men dropped by 0.6 percent each year from 2004 to 2008, the report said. Among women, the rate of new cases declined by 0.5 percent each year from 1998 to 2006, then leveled off until 2008.

The news of declining deaths from cancer is not completely new. The rate of cancer deaths has been on a steady downward trend since the 1990s. Experts say the declines in both deaths and new cases of cancer are the result of a general better scientific understanding of how to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer.

“The declines we’ve been seeing now, this reflects a lot of what we knew and applied and advances in the delivery of care that has been going on for a while,” said Brenda Edwards, a senior advisor for surveillance at the National Cancer Institute.

The arsenal of weapons to fight cancer has grown in recent years, helping doctors detect and treat cancer at earlier stages, and making it easier to beat.

Note from AMAC: Survival rates, for most types of cancer in the US, continue to be much higher than in European countries. The reason is because our health care is not subject to rationing of services which other countries do to reduce their cost of health care.

AMAC, Inc. recommends that you always consult your personal physician before making any health care decisions.

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Rod Fuentes
10 years ago

Richard Hutchinson has it right except cancer would really be on the decline if the FDA were doing its job. How many insecticides trans-fats etc can the human body handle before it breaks down? Just realize the FDA approves of you getting cancer to start with!

Jim Emery
10 years ago

I also believe that we are going to be in the most important battle of our lifetime in the voting booth next November.
We must stop this socialist attempt to take over our way of life. We all have to get involved if we are to be successful.

Richard Hutchinson
10 years ago

Reduction pertaining to Cancer can only be seen as people staying
far away from mainline MD’s and learning what to do for themselves.
It is remarkable that Tanya Harding Pierce’ book (Outsmart Your Cancer)
went on the market in 2009 !!! I have several other books in the same
category that was written and published during those years… So YES,
cancer deaths are coming down and not at all because of anything the
mighty FDA, Pharmaceutical’s etc have done for the people !!!
Go on the Internet and find out for yourself, don’t just believe what I say !!!
Mainstream Medicine’s FDA approved treatments are still killing people
who are ignorant enough to allow them !!!

Cindy Adkins
10 years ago

Thanks Richard. My sentiments exactly. I had breast cancer Feb. 2011. I opted to have one breast removed. They really pushed for me to have chemo in addition to this surgery. I said NO. I refuse to put poison in my body to supposedly kill cancer cells that were not even showing up. They wanted to do chemo as a “just in case” measure.
I am cancer free BUT not because of the medical establishment.

Algin Bradford
10 years ago

As a cancer survivor I know the importance to having access to great health care and well trained doctors. It is also important/necessary to take an active role in prevention through early detection, proper dietary intake and, once diagnosed, follow-on medical procedures and screenings. I have been cancer free for 17 years and owe it all to my and my doctors actions. Knowing what I know about health care in Europe and other countries, I doubt I would be here today if I did not live in the greatest nation on earth that some are trying desperately to destroy and change into a country that mirrors the European style in not only health care but all other forms of government. After 25 years in the defense of this wonderful and most blessed nation, I am appalled at what others are trying to do to bring about a socialist change. We need to be praying fervently and preparing for the battle of our life at the polls this November…..

10 years ago
Reply to  Algin Bradford

Get in to your local doctor and get prpeor test done.Cancer does affect woman at an early age such as 14. It’s not as rare for woman who are under 40 ( called young survivors ) to be DX with breastcancer.AND lumps can be painful mine was very uncomfy and at times painful. Dont let anyone tell your different. The problem is many people think of Breast cancer as one disease. There are many different types of Breast cancer and its rare that one person is very much alike to another.It matters on the disease, size, hormone’s, and many other things Get checked out and remember to continue to check yourself and get routine checks

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