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Cancel Culture, Shutdown, History

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First, the cancel culture has overtaken our country; we are seeing the rebranding of businesses, our countries historical statues being removed, and even Jesus is being questioned. Next, liberals are attempting to shut down our economy and Trump Rallies. Finally, AMAC Action President Bob Carlstrom is here to update AMAC members on the latest fight from AMAC to protect and defend America’s history.

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Meem Kaplan
1 month ago

If this country is so horrible, why are so many people risking their lives to come here? We legally accept a million people to our country every year. If this country is so horrible, why are there many times that number waiting to legally become citizens? I truly wish those who are “protesting” just go find another country where the laws and way of (destructive) life are more to their liking? We need another round of bumper stickers that read “America – Love it or leave it”!!!!

Art A
1 month ago

Now I believe I know what part of the problem happens to be. You all are afraid to call a spade a spade. Let’s stop dancing around the issue. These terrorists have to be dealt with in a way not many would deem kind. Stop bending your knees to false gods,both in Congress and in the street. They are terrorists,muggers,and thieves. My best guess has become something no one will speak about. THE “TERRORIST PROTESTORS NEED TO BE NEUTRALIZED.” Their behavior and any politician that condones this crap is a useless overpaid piece of crap or plans to profit in… Read more »

Russell Badolato
1 month ago

I just want to comment on the current happenings. If you went back to the 1800’s and tried to explain what is going on today, they would either laugh in your face or place you in an institution.

1 month ago

I find all news media and politicians that are ignoring what they really know is a Communist movement by the Left. The removal is statues is actually a Communist step to remove a country’s history. I don’t buy into it that our pols and news people are ignorant of Communist actions to take over a country.   For those that are still ignorant of Communism I suggest the following:   They are Communists or at least their leadership is. It is Communism in action by infiltration into the US government through the DNC. I refer to it as the Communist… Read more »

John A. Fallon
1 month ago

There are plenty of laws on the books to cover EVERYTHING, What good are they if socialist/dem judges and lawyers IGNORE the laws and do as they please? AMERICA is being destroyed from within by lawyers, judges, politicians that are only interested in what increases thier own wealth and power, WE THE PEOPLE are being stripped of our rights, freedoms and priveledges and the morons helping the left accomplish are in for a rude awakening if AMERICA falls, especially the rich, the elitist hollywierdos and rich pro athletes, they will lose everything FIRST and be forced to take menial labor… Read more »

Larry Peterson
1 month ago

Greatest Nation on earth . . .AMEN! And so much more.

1 month ago

I agree since day one, people have fled here. all religions, all nationalities. At times, each group has found difficulties blending in. Now we have this group demanding things change. certain things chokeholds, etc yes. and some cops get power trips after they become a cop. Judges even side with them in domestic abuse cases. that all has to stop. Now consider if they really want to change things for better and they CARED about people; if every person in the BLM marches brought one non perishable items to support that cities food bank; think about it. The long lines… Read more »

1 month ago


1 month ago

One thing that has lead us where we are today is when people immigrated here back at the turn of the century up until say the late 40’s, these people were PROUD to become an AMERICAN…they learned the language, they learned the history, they worked hard. Not so today. People come here illegally because they CAN and not because they love American but for what they can TAKE from it. Instead of the AMERICAN FLAG, these people fly the one from where they came. They have NO LOYALTY to the USA! These people came in BREAKING LAWS, so why are… Read more »

Phil M
1 month ago

Jesus in Heaven is NOT Middle-eastern. Stick with me on this, folks. Nor is He Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or ANY OTHER arbitrary cultural construct born out of minor differences in our human genome we choose to focus on. He is the PERSONAL savior of each and every human who chooses to accept Him as such, regardless of our genetic make up. In that regard, it makes perfect sense that He can appear to be like all different peoples at all different times in all different places. If these Godless fanatics don’t like how Jesus appears to others, they can… Read more »

Don Pierce
1 month ago


1 month ago

No doubt we are in trying times and the liberals are bullying their way around. Trying to take advantage of the sensitivity of everyone, especially the government.

Pat R
1 month ago

AMAC needs to investigate and acknowledge that these young people saying we should be ashamed of America are being inculcated with anti-American exceptionalism via public education. The Communist Manifesto (pre 1960) laid out their plan to destroy the US from within. Their infiltration as professors and teachers in colleges eventually made its way into every level of education, the results of which is clearly seen in today’s high schools but mostly in college youth. The battle in Texas over history textbooks between conservatives (and Christians) and liberal leftists began six years ago. Ben Ferguson was right about those young people’s… Read more »

Emilia D
1 month ago

In your commentary regarding Jesus you are showing a picture of Black Madonna in Jasna Gora in Częstochowa, Poland. It is not Ethiopian. The painting , story says was paint by St Luke and was damaged by Turks invading Poland in the Middle Ages

Nancy Lipkins
1 month ago

What Dorks are these two idiots who does old man king think he is

John A. Fallon
1 month ago

It seems that even FAUXNEWS is blocking posts that disagree with leftist hate, AMAC is the only source for AMERICANS to speak out against the MSM LIES, leftovers from obummer/obiden years selective hold back info they can “USE” to attack OUR PRESIDENT, WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO BE HEARD and DEMAND the SWAMP BE DRAINED OF ALL ANTI-AMERICAN TRAITORS.

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