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Can Young Voters Reject Progressive Notions of Governance in Coming Elections?

voters elections young progressiveWASHINGTON, DC – “Any man who is under 25, and is not a liberal, has no heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains.”   The origins of this quotation are uncertain.  Numerous variations of it have been around for nearly 150 years and have been attributed to a variety of authors, most notably Winston Churchill.  The earliest known variation of this axiom is credited to the French jurist Anselme Batbie in 1875.

“But,” asks Dan Weber, president of the senior advocacy organization, AMAC, “is this quotation true or just an old saw?  The intensity of the progressive movement among millennials in recent years certainly suggests the first part of the adage is fact.  But, only time will tell whether the political bent of these youthful citizens will make a right turn as they grow older and wiser.”

AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, was established by Weber to provide conservative senior citizens a forum that reflects their traditional American beliefs.  He says that youthful voters are better educated today than they were in years past.  “And that hopefully gives them the capacity to see through impossible political promises and reject progressive notions of governance.”

According to the Pew Research organization, only 9% of elderly women in their 70s and 80s had a college education when they were 21 to 36 years old; these days 36% of women between 21 and 36 have at least a bachelor’s degree.  Similarly, just 15% of elderly men had college educations when they were 21 to 36 years old and today 29% men between the ages of 21 to 36 have at least a bachelor’s degree.

Weber cites a recent National Review article entitled “How Might Republicans Win Young Voters?” describing how the liberal proclivity of youthful voters can be overcome.  “It will require a concerted effort on the part of conservative candidates, but I am convinced it is do-able,” he says.

The author of the National Review report, Nate Hochman, concluded:  “Progressivism, of course, has its own set of potentially crippling strategic problems. It has adopted a set of priorities that, while popular among young voters, alienates large swathes of the electorate. The recent Democratic presidential-primary debates were a case study in this ludicrosity: Abolition of private health insurance, de facto open borders, and a Green New Deal all received enthusiastic support from top-tier candidates. But rather than scoff at the absurdity of it all, Republicans need to offer a sensible and aspirational alternative.”

Weber believes Hochman’s suggestions “make sense if there are enough rationale voters out there who believe that the prudent choices in coming elections are candidates who offer a realistic approach to our nation’s future.  We’ve seen research indicating that more and more young voters are becoming disillusioned with the progressive movement.  Will they opt for irrational solutions to the challenges America faces or dare cast their ballots for candidates who can continue to energize the country’s future?  At the end of the day, if they don’t, the outcome will be chaos and a bankrupt economy.”

Weber says, the politics of youth is neither liberal or conservative.

“Voters in their late teens and between 20 and 30 years of age make up what is called the counter-culture.  They want to be different.  And, for quite some time now the left has dominated American politics, throughout the Obama years.  And, despite the election of Donald Trump as president in 2016, the left has dominated the media and the attitudes of collegians, enough so that conservatism is now seen as “edgy” and “cool” because it is different, as political commentator Lauren Reiff put it.”

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Unfortunately, the age group in question have been brainwashed through out their school education. The left is and has been infiltrating the school system for more than five decades, much of this is done through the powerful Teachers Union. That is the other name for communist agenda and how it’s working in our education system and government in general.

michael failla

The problem is exacerbated by schools where indoctrination takes precedence over education. The education in fact is faulty as well. New math? Core subjects? No civics, skewed history? Students who can barely read and much less comprehend? We are truning out people who are politically warped and stupid, not educated. Thats where you start. Recall the hippies and yippies of the 60″s? unfortunately, they have become the teachers of your children. There are consequences for what we have seen in the past and now we are seeing the results today.
Ronald reagan said: freedom is only one generation away from extinction.

Robert Messmer

Quote: “He says that youthful voters are better educated today than they were in years past.” Mr. Weber is confusing the number of degrees held with education. Having a degree in Underwater Basket Weaving for example does not connote being ‘better educated’. AOC is a perfect example since she has a BA degree with majors in Economics and International Relations. She thinks we can pay 93 trillion dollars for her Green New Deal simply by closing a few “loopholes” in our tax code. She sprouts nonsense concerning geopolitical concerns and then says ‘but this isn’t really my field’. Really, even though you majored in International Relations you can discuss it rationally?


People, yes, our young people are being “brainwashed” to believe “Democratic Socialism” is what is needed today in America. The best argument to deal with young men especially is to ask them if they believe in Capitalism at all. After they say “No”! … I say, interesting! … then i ask them if they like sports? … and of course in 99% of the time, they say “Yes”! I then ask them what their favorite sport is? Whatever the answer, I then point out that Socialist countries DON’T HAVE PROFESSIONAL SPORTS because the Professional Athletes can’t be paid millions of dollar salaries because fans can’t afford to pay $50 for parking, $100 for a seat, $9 for a hot dog or $12 for a small beer when the Socialist government is taking 60-70% of their income to provide “All those Free Services” they give you. I then say, “Why do… Read more »


Methinks the increased numbers of people between the ages of 18 and 36 having a bachelor’s degree in today’s climate is not necessarily a good thing, given the liberal socialist bent of today’s Universities. Methinks these institutions are nothing more than brain-washing institutions. All one has to do to understand this is to observe the way conservative speakers are treated by college administrators.


Sorry, they’re not ‘better educated’. Our parents who lived thru the depression were far better educated with a high school degree from a public school than these poor kids. Even most of us (im assuming most of us are boomers), were taught actual reality. By the time we went to college that was changing but we had our feet firmly planted, for the most part. When feminist professors insisted that there was no real difference between boys and girls i snickered. My sisters had never conducted stress tests on their dolls to see what amount of force it took to break them, how far a bb would travel or, for that matter, whether an umbrella could function as a parachute. These kids have been systematically programmed to believe they’re the crown of creation but are so ignorant that they dont know what questions to ask. If you doubt, try asking… Read more »


I’m not so sure that today’s 20 y/o is better educated than past generations. Yes, a higher percentage may have some college or obtained degrees, but a degree does not indicate competence in subject or civic knowledge nor skills to perform successfully financially in a career, understand the Constitution and the requirements to be a good and active citizen. Alan Derschowitz recently said that his experience with undergrads indicate they know more than high school grads.

Blake Sutton

What are they teaching in school about communism vs capitalism? What nations are they comparing? Do the students really want that kind of control in their lives ? Do the students really want to live in government housing and enjoy economic and medical shortages communism / socialism offers ? How much of their future earned incomes do they feel they should be allowed to keep ?


Hollywood, media, and college attendance are huge obstacles to get around. I agree: conservatism has to be a consistent, logical alternative to what they hear and see. Prager University is a great battler in the war.


Having a degree is not the same as being educated. It is now quaint to be patriotic and in the younger generations’ minds, we are not accepting of our country’s past mistakes. I do have a degree and continue to educate myself by being well read. Today’s youth are not taught how to think. They are indoctrinated in what to think. It is a sad day for our country and I fear for the future of our children and grandchildren. We must keep in touch with them and realize what they are being taught so that we can at least give them another point of view.


Conservatives have waited too long to fight the slow patient movement of socialism/communism into every corner of traditional American society. When it is suddenly “unsafe” to wear a red hat, much less a red hat that says MAGA on it, you have already lost your right to an opinion.


As part of the baby boomer population the thought of a democratic socialist government scares the life out of me. How would you like to wait weeks or months to see a health specialist for life saving care? It also makes me sick to think what life will be like for my children and grandchildren.


We are in a different political climate with a different set of rules than what this country has been through before, so the outcome here is going to be one of a kind. Through social media, youth and inexperience now has a megaphone and mega-ears. This is a frightening prospect. In the past, youth who wished to be heard and their values to be met, could only gather in large gatherings and march around carrying signs. Today they interact through electronic visuals. Its a form of self-actualization humankind simply could not do before, except perhaps from some horrific broadly publicized event that usually involved taking of one’s life. YouTube and FaceBook are examples of what we have when youth are in charge. Go back an re-read Goldings Lord of the Flies. Broad decisions affecting the lives of others is hard enough to get right when coming from adults with the… Read more »

Jack Thomas

The millennials are both disillusioned and spoiled. They are largely part of the “Gimme Generation” — What have you done for me lately? crowd. In my estimation, they’ll be the first ones to vote for whichever Democrat candidate offers them the most “free goodies.” They’ve been dumbed-down by both the liberal mainstream media and our education system, beginning in elementary school. Our education system could aptly be renamed the “Ministry of Miseducation.” It has produced the same young people who turned out in droves in 2008/2012 to help elect and re-elect Barack Obama. And the frightening thought is, they could do it again in 2020. Heaven help us!


The first thing that should be done is raise the voting age to 25 and demand proof of age at the polls. The cognitive development of the human brain isn”t fully achieved until about age 25. The Founding Fathers understood this phenomenon. That’s why they set the original voting age at 21. Progressives also understood this same phenomenon; that’s why they worked to get the voting age lowered to age 18, and why they are working to get it lowered to age 16. A few more elections at these lower voting age requirements will bring about the ultimate downfall of our representative republic. Hitler and Lenis understood this. That’ why they said capture the minds of the youth and we will reach our goal of taking over the country..

Garry Vail

Are children allowed to vote in any other country? If one-tenth of one percent of the U.S. population under age 30 i.e. about 315,000 are intellectually qualified to vote, I would be surprised. Every privilege requires a test of one sort or another, so where is the test for voters, i.e. the “Voice Of The Electorate”? If a Representative is required to be 25 years of age and a Senator must be 30, then it stands to reason that 25 years should be the minimum age for voting or if a person of 21 through 24 years passes a test or they be an owner of real property or both then they may participate in this exceedingly important process. Understanding what the Government does vs what it’s supposed to do is the crux. My Grandfather, born in 1901, completed grade 9. His knowledge of government and the workings thereof was… Read more »

Fuzzy Thinker

I agree that youth want to be different in a distinct way.
I disagree- ‘…that conservatism is now seen as “edgy” and “cool” because it is different…’
Professors have corrupted those they teach. Peer pressure controls behavior.


I think today’s youth is a very disillusioned group of people. They go to college with their conservative parents blessings, to secure the American Dream. And when they graduate, they are thousands of dollars in debt, are unable to find anything but a low paying menial job. Then the democrats tell them that it’s the republicans capitalisms fault. But if they vote democrat they will get all the stuff they got a degree for, for free and they won’t have to pay back their student loans. It’s bunk of course, but they don’t know that. It’s sounds great to the “educated” disappointed kid who thought his/her degree was a ticket to high income and a great life. But now they’re back home living with the folks unable to have the life they expected. They’re already experiencing socialism and don’t even know it. We need more trade schools that teach kids… Read more »


You young people who think Socialism is the answer for America, think again, America will be gone. You all love social media, pro sports, no Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey etc. and the internet. Well guess what, all that will be gone. You will not get any free stuff and your FREEdom will be taken away. You will pay very high taxes. You will be told what to do and when to do it. Wise up and fix our school systems as you have been deprived of a proper education. You have no knowledge of American History, you know nothing of The Revolutionary and Civil Wars. WW1 & 2. When a college student is asked ” Who did the US fight in the Vietnam War?” ans. France! enough said. We live in the most diversified nation in the world. We are headed in the direction of greatness. Not just the… Read more »