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How Can Anyone Support ‘Antifa’?

protest violent AntifaAMAC Head Warns Public

WASHINGTON, DC –  Antifa is an acronym for anti-fascist, but lately the organization’s name has managed to rise to the top of the lexicon of hate.  A petition to have the group officially declared a “terrorist organization” this week achieved nearly 300,000 signatures and counting.

AMAC president Dan Weber says that Antifa’s violent tactics have now been condemned “by the right and the moderate left”, adding that the hardcore left remains reluctant to censure the group’s activities. But at this point, even House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a prominent leader on the left, has issued a call for “unequivocal condemnation” of Antifa as a whole. Still, there remain Democratic leaders who refuse to denounce the group and their atrocities—namely Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who failed to call out the group by name after their violent attacks in Berkeley.

Weber, whose Association of Mature American Citizens “is a staunch defender of the right of free speech and all of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution,” says there is also a right to peaceful dissent by opposition groups.  But, he adds that a line must be drawn when it comes to violent dissent, which is the equivalent of anarchy.

“Antifa wants to conduct its own version of the Bolshevik Revolution, menacing connotations, in America.  Its aim is to bring down American democracy and to bring about a Soviet-style government.  And, lest you think comparing antifa to the Bolsheviks is a stretch, the American Historical Society points out that the 1917 insurgency was carried out by a group of professional revolutionaries, a moniker that suits antifa to a tee,” Weber explains.

The New York Daily News, which has evolved into a publication that leans left, said in an editorial recently that “antifa activists make a fateful strategic mistake by stealing initiative and attention from far more admirably behaved fellow travelers.”  Weber points out that the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a “fellow traveler” as “a person who sympathizes with and often furthers the ideals and program of an organized group such as the Communist party.”

Who is behind the antifa movement remains somewhat of a mystery, although some individuals and organizations and even the mainstream newspaper, USA Today, seem to have been pointing accusing fingers at people like George Soros.  Soros denies it.

Columnist Peter Beinart, writing in the current issue of The Atlantic, warns that “antifa’s power is growing.”  Antifa has been around for some time, but it wasn’t until the election of  President Trump that the group managed to gain attention.  Beinart notes that antifa experienced “explosive growth” after Mr. Trump was elected, fueled by the widespread leftist hatred of the billionaire president.

Says Weber: “It was the vitriolic, lunatic-fringe left that sparked antifa’s escalation of hate speech to levels of unconscionable political violence.  Remember the college students who cried on campus in the days after the November elections, even before Mr. Trump took office.  There were many who declared that he was not duly elected, notwithstanding the simple fact that Hilary Clinton was outvoted on election day.  Antifa took advantage of this mindless malaise that was sweeping the country.  And, it gave them an excuse to ‘go rogue’ and begin engaging in extreme violence.  As Beinart put it in his article, we haven’t seen this level of ‘sustained political street warfare’ since the ‘60s.”

Weber warns that if the violence continues unchecked “it will not be just members of the opposition party – no matter which side you are on – who will feel the pain; all of the American people will be at risk.  “Free speech is just that: our right to voice an opinion.  It does not allow for reactionary violence.  Let those on both sides of the argument have their say and express political disagreement when it is warranted.  The leadership on both the right and the left need to actually take the lead in creating an atmosphere of civility that does not include tactics such as those practiced by villains such as members and supporters of antifa.”


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When they cover their face with a mask ARREST them immediately, when arrested publish their names and pictures on social media and find out who is providing them with funding.

Norman Lawrence in York, PA

Why are they so afraid to show their face? Is it because, just maybe, that they are PAID to be there and not just exercising their “FREE SPEECH” rights? Right on Ken

They mask themselves because they are a hardcore group of thugs who travel from one event to another, if you could see their faces the public would begin recognizing the same individuals again and again and they would lose the image of being locals responding to the call. Sort of like watching the old “B” movies and tv shows where the same actors portrayed various characters, especially villains, the audience gets to recognize them and they built careers on that. “I remember that guy, he was also the bad guy last night on ‘Gunsmoke.’ Or, “Hey, that dude smashing the window on the news in NYC, last night, was’nt he at Philly last week throwing a rock at the cops ?”

Richard, I agree with you wholeheartedly and I’d go one step further to say that they are also cowards for covering their faces. Some of them could very well be prominent people at their work place who don’t want to be recognized, or could be plain thugs who do things like this for money ( from whoever is funding their stupid and violent cause), or even young,impressionable kids out looking for some “kicks” but who also don’t want to be recognized. We would think that this world has been through a lot in the last century or so with so many bad things happening, that in today’s world we would have learned a lesson from that and NOT want to repeat it again! To me, when these people dress in black and cover their “mugs” with black masks, it likens them to that of ISIS and if so, they should… Read more »

I don’t understand the support of violent protesters being supported by the First Amendment. The Constitution clearly states that we have the right to “peaceably assemble”, not “violently assemble”. So, why is it any of these groups within the rights? Action should be taken tomshut down those groups that participate in violence or disruptive behavior. The public should be protected. The mayors calling down the local police from doing their jobs, should also be arrested.

Actually they should be declared by the DOJ a terrorist group and be shutdown under that statute. Same with BLM. They are the black version of white supremists . They should be arrested as soon as they arrive on the streets. They are a dispicable group promoting death to our police men and women. Arrest these anarchists all of them. They may be worse than the immigrants. Get rid of the scum

They are the new ‘brown shirts’ of the radical left harken back to the German NAZI regime. And Soros is behind this through his numerous funded proxies.

Antifa groups , like most of the protesters today, a ppear to be larger than are because they are concentrated into one area and get attention from the media.

Katmandu: If they were FROM “one area,” why would someone coordinate buses to transport to support MSM’s “scare tactics?” (If it bleeds, it leads? I smell a rat)

Sure they are being paid lets find out by who and deal with the source of this terrorist group of jerks.

You are right. One way to combat this is by supporting JUDICIAL WATCH who are looking into George Soros funding of these groups. JW is very effective and can expose these culprits legally.

We need to get to the source of their guidance and where the money comes from. Someone is financing this for sure.

finally someone with sense. I think your suggestion is more reasonable than most. thanks

JoYes the latter is most important, find out the funder and punish him or them to the fullest extent of the law.

If Soros is behind this, he is a Nazi and was responsible for the death of thousands of Jewish people. He is rich because he stole money, art, gold, and anything of value from the Jewish people. He should have been and still should be taken to and tried in court for war crimes. Confiscate his fortune and return it if not to the familes, then to Israel.

Absolutely correct! It is time everybody obeys the law, or pays the consequences. And anyone who hides their face needs to be identified and charged with their criminal acts. Only criminals hide their face to do criminal acts because they don’t want anyone to know who they are, or be able to identify them. Just the act of hiding your face in public should automatically be a chargeable offense.
There is a big difference in free speech and peaceful gathering, and hiding your face to do violence.

Here’s an idea, plug your ears sissys, why dont we just take more people, with bigger sticks and beat the living hell out of them? Seriously, I dont know if anyone notices, but I always offer simply non wordy explanations and solutions. I know i receive a lot of dislikes on my comments, but I could really care less. Man boys, all we gotta do is stomp their faces into the ground, and then throw them all in prison, no i didnt say jail, i said prison. Easy.

Simple solution. Efficient and effective! Perfect!

And it needs to be a real prison, not a country club with locks on the doors!

Rangers lead the way, Sarge! Good idea. And I personally wouldn’t mind if we use more than just sticks.

Free Speech, exactly what does that mean to the “radical left”? … I think it means that they, the looney Liberals, HAVE THE RIGHT TO THEIR OUTCRIES but not the Conservative right. They’re like the classic bully we all dealt with back in grade school. And until someone steps up and punches that bully in the nose, the bully will continue to have his way. Isn’t it interesting that these Antifa Bullies just think if they cry and scream enough what, Trump is going to resign? … or that We the People will call for his resignation? … They’re forgetting one thing, We the People ELECTED HIM! … if the government doesn’t crush these terrorists, and terrorists are what they are, We the People will exercise “Our Right to Bear Arms” to defend ourselves AND OUR COUNTRY! … Heck, these people even dress like Islamic extremists, if so, IN OUR… Read more »

I remember this in college back in the late 60s. The old hippies like Soros types are trying to be young again by reliving the storming of the Dean’s Office and occupation of the ROTC building and indulging in immoral vices at Woodstock. So now they are carrying on. The Silent Majority have to do their duty with honor, valor, and hard work to counteract the self styled ‘resistance.’

I guess some people just don’t learn a thing from past mistakes, do they? To repeat them again just isn’t funny anymore especially when it involves loss of life, destruction of property and complete disrespect and disregard for our country and its people. Who has time for violence like what Antifa is showing us when our very lives are being threatened by something big and much scarier like North Korea and its crazy kid/dictator! IF a missile should reach us, Antifa will also be gone too!

Maria….they do not learn from the mistakes of the past because they do not teach history or the true history and the rewritten sanitized version.

I believe antifa (I don’t capitalize here) is much more a concern then nk. Outside enemies are easier to identify and easier to deal with then inside enemies. Insiders can hide and lie and harm innocents, they can disrupt our very existence, they can become a cancer and corrode our very pillars of freedom and strength and our system, our capitalism.
I ask you Maria, can nk do that? (the answer is no) Please know this: antifa is something we need to deal with now.

It’s like half the time the Obama administration was trying to re-ignite racial and economic class hatred to trigger violence and get their left-wing socialist agenda pushed down our throats. Enough! Leave me alone and quick trying to tax me to to death to pay for the whole damned 3rd World!

Help JUDICIAL WATCH who are looking into George Soros illegal activities and funding of these violent groups.

Amen to that.

They are anarchist’s pure and simple. They are funded very well by far left billionaire george soros (aka gyorgy schwartz)o

Why do people think he (Soros) is NOT funding them? Where else would these criminals get funding? I am working. That is the problem. People who are WORKING, don’t have the time to protest stupid things like statues and any other stupid thing that comes along. I think we need to round them all up and send them to Venezuela. There they would have something to protest about! I don’t understand why the police are not arresting them. They are doing damage where ever they go. Not peaceful protest, DAMAGE!! Lately, they have hurt and almost killed a guy! They need to be arrested like Kenneth says!! Then find out who is funding them and arrest him too!! I agree with Sarge, Rik, & Frank too!!

Support JUDICIAL WATCH who are currently investigating George Soros illegal activities and funding of these violent group’s. Talking about it doesn’t do anything. We have to act supporting those who are actually working on this.

Help JUDICIAL WATCH who are currently looking into George Soros illegal activities and funding of these violent disruptive groups

Sooner or later they will run up against a group that has had enough of the BS and it won’t be pretty…not sure when but it’s coming

Join ship them to north korea that would fix themthe discussion

Restart the draft and let them get a tastes of What real life is like outside the protection of mom and dad.

You are absolutely correct. These masked/hooded punks are seriously pushing the envelope and sooner rather than later they WILL come up against those who will bare their collective teeth and charge in like raging bulls and as you stated, it won’t be pretty. However, once the dust settles who will be the ones arrested and charged? I don’t doubt for one minute that Soros and/or his billionaire counterparts are not the ones bankrolling these anti-American groups and if so you can rest assured they already have plenty of lawyers on the payroll to 1) defend these clowns and 2) do everything they can to paint anyone who intereres with these punks “right to protest” as the true aggressors. I do hope I’m wrong but when, not if, the time comes we’ll find out.

Freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly are clearly stated in the Constitution, the law of our land whether you like it or not, and violence is not peaceful. As to hate speech, these idiots are, in general, permitted to say whatever they desire unless it incites people to violence or otherwise causes safety problems. These people are, in my opinion, Communist infiltrators who should be classed as terrorists or enemy combatants and treated accordingly. It would make little difference to them whether it is a problem with President Trump or some other item they choose to violently protest, these mercenaries simply show hatred for the USA and our culture, language and borders because someone is paying them to do so. These mercenaries have no rights nor any other protection under our Constitution; they are at war with the USA! I am not for the militarized police state… Read more »
I think you hit the nail square on its head, with a huge hammer, I hope! Muslims and Christians are like “oil and water” and will never mix as their beliefs are in huge contrast. They don’t try to assimilate into our way of life, but rather, want to change our lives to their ways. America is our country and anyone who wants to come and live on American soil must pledge to respect and abide by our laws and our flag, not the other way around. Our Founding Fathers fought hard for our country and we, in turn, must keep up the fight for our republic and our posterity. I don’t see Americans going to other countries to live and demanding that they change the citizens of that country to “adopt” the American way of life…they’d probably get kicked out so fast, they wouldn’t know what happened to them!… Read more »

Yes and so are those who oppose them have just as much right to have their won opinion. That’s what they hate. A different opinion. Its so in American. That makes them garbage.

Correction. They are not idiots, they are morons and should know better.

Actually, they are both, moronic idiots

Hate begets more hate. Try to be more reasonable before you condemn all people of other countries. I have Muslims
friends and they have been here for years, are citizens, and yes they even vote. We are not exclusive Jesus said to love one another he didn’t say only people that think like you think. You are in my prayers,peace be with you and with your spirit.

You are very naive. ” Death to infidels” (non-Muslims) does not mean “Let’s chat and enjoy tea and cookies together.” A true Muslim will lie as an act of obedience to Allah to get into our country. There is noIslamic tolerance for any other view except that everyone must become a Muslim if they want to survive. Put away your rose-colored glasses and study what the Koran says over and over and over again. Hitler was “nice” to his girlfriend and his pet. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t evil.

Corrine, we can “love” one another like Christ has instructed, but that doesn’t mean that the other person(s) will love us back…there is always a separation there especially when Christians and Muslims have different beliefs. It’s like trying to “mix oil and water” and it won’t come together no matter how hard we stir it. We all try to be reasonable but others don’t think and feel like we do as we are “worlds apart” and we don’t normally hate those we don’t understand, but it’s difficult to bring all people of all faiths as one group and be happy. Our differences are what separates us, but we can be congenial to others. I know, God said to “love your enemies” but in today’s world with so many bad things happening and especially right on our own soil, it’s hard to love our enemies who want to kill us, so… Read more »

You are, don’t get your feelings hurt, exactly whats wrong with this country! You should step back and listen to what your saying. Thank God your permissive, insanely naive solutions are becoming more ignorant by the day. Many of us have fought in many battles throughout the years, we’ve killed our enemies, obviously with Gods support. You have to be really wierd to love your enemies. I find it silly when people invoke God, I mean like, how do you know how God feels about things? Christians have been killing in the name of God since always. Why stop now?

I totally agree. We recently had a discussion in our church group about how we as Christians should be accepting of all others. The question was posed to the class, ” How would you feel if a group of Muslims entered our church service?” I probably did not make a lot of friends in the class with my answer, which was “Fine, as long as I had my 9MM strapped under my arm!”

Antifa is like Obama. What they say and what they stand for are completely the opposite. Obama is a Muslin who claims to be Christian to deceive the American voter. Like the Communist motto “The end justifies the means” , the truth gets in the way.

Antifa are communists. They are agitating thousands of people and are planning an uprising on November 4. If you are going to be in any urban areas or college campuses, be aware. We must stand against these people. Do not let them deny you your First Amendment rights. If they do, then use your Second Amendment rights.

So happy for the Second Amendment. Even in today’s socio/political climate, I’d say Patriot guns overwhelmingly outnumber Bolshevik guns when the State fails to protect the majority.
Ready on the right . . . Ready on the left . . . Ready on the firing line . . . !

Locked, loaded, and ready to Rock ‘n Roll. Bring it on, snowflakes.

Anyone, whether Antifa, Black Lives Matter, White Supremacists, or the Vatican who starts to riot, break windows and loot, start fires, attack anyone, should be shot in the head by the cops. It’s one thing to demonstrate under the law, but when law breaking starts I want their bodies on slabs in the morgue!
By the way, for those who think that Antifa are the good guys and the Neo-Nazis, KKK, and the White Supremacists are all right wing fanatics, read Dinesh D’Sousa’s new book, The Big Lie. It will open your eyes and brain to the fact that these are all creations of the Democrats.

News from a few days ago linked BAMN (By All Means Necessary) to antifa. Of course this group is led by Public School Teachers! Go figure, the NEA morons involved–another reason public employees should not be unionized.

Yes, I heard about that group BAMN and it’s a shame that it involves teachers who are teaching our young children in the schools! They should be banned from teaching as I understand they are starting with very young children to think like they do, and I wonder what the parents think of all of this “propaganda” teaching???? I would be enraged if I had a school-age child! Why do the School Boards of those districts where their teachers are involved with BAMN not do something to curb this behavior or fire them out right and ban them from teaching? Young children are the leaders of the future and it’s a shame that they should only know the bad side of life where hatred and bigotry and violence reign! Where is AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL??????

Maria, get mixed feelings from your answers. Girl, you gotta pick what side your on.

Freedom of speech is one of our most powerful rights granted by the Constitution. It is a right which should be protected, whether I agree with your opinion or not. Civil discourse should be encouraged as it promotes various positions of thought. HOWEVER, when civil discourse degenerates into violent actions or physical altercations, the line has been crossed and it is no longer protected by the Constitution. Assault of another person is criminal, whether for personal, financial or political reasons. Criminals should be punished and the violent ones for long periods of time.

Antifa/blm are funded by the left elite such as Soros, they are infiltrators trained and paid to do violence and spread hate and intolerance, there is little difference between these two groups and the terrorist isis…both use heavy handed tactics to suppress choice and free speech, destroy property and those assembling for the purpose of free speech not in agreement with these isis like gangs of thugs….it is their own actions identifying the brown shirt nazi likes antifa and the lies and hate of the blm that are showing all who they are, what they do and the value of their communist ideology…Un American, anti law and order and out of step with the Us Constitution, that is the essence of antifa/blm, it is why the ban on communism should be enforced, violent overthrow of the US Republic is not legal…this ban has merit and needs to be strongly enforced…..


Most of these people are paid teacher union democrats that’s why their faces are covered.

Recently they arrested a paid union demorat so called teacher ? These are the people tracking our children folks go figure

They are not the good guys as CNN and others are reporting do not be deceived

They are all paid protestors by Soros and the haters of our country normally Democratic communist fools

No true patriotic citizen of our confederation of states (Republic) would ever act as these so-called antifa folks do. They are basically cowardly scum who don’t deserve to have a place in our society. We hope the responsible law officers put them all in their place. We as a nation do not desire their type here in our Nation…

Just a hateful cult, nothing more. I dont remember hearing their leaders talk about anything.

what can l say but you are right Sarge but nothing can be done because of politics gets in the way and it makes me so angry…..

Anger whats got us here.

Tolerance has gotten us where we are today. We have taught an entire generation to not stand up for themselves. Tolerance of dangerous ideology only encourages those unstable followers to advance and act upon their urges. We should stop tolerating tolerance.

Not entirely, Corrine. Deception and too many years of apathy about our civic duty is what got us here. There is a place for righteous anger when legitimate boundaries are wickedly crossed. Jesus did say to love one another, but He was referring to our brothers and sisters in Christ when he said that. He also said to love our enemies. But real love does not befriend enemies at the expense of those who are weak and vulnerable, like our children for example. We are not called to practice love at the expense of truth. Jesus also said He did not come to bring peace, but a sword. The sword is to be used against evil. The right to defend ourselves against evil is not only constitutional, but biblically based.

Excellent Deborah!

Believe it or not, but there are so-called “mainstream” groups who are supporting “AntiFa”. George Soros, a Hungarian refugee who found safety in America and who then made his fortune in the U.S. stock market, now hates America and is one of the primary monetary sponsors of AntiFa. Half of the liberal press who irrationally despise Donald Trump above all else give AntiFa a pass because that distracts from their endless Anti-Trump hate rants. They do all this because their little Socialist Princess Hillary LOST, and they feel their welfare-state, open-borders liberal empire is in danger. If we take away the ability of the liberals to tax us and give out money to their welfare-=dependent voting groups, then what real political program do they advocate? It’s all “Vote for Democrats, and We’ll Give You Stuff!” Like free food, free housing, free schooling, free citizenship, free internet, free cell phones.. But… Read more »

Follow the money. . . You can be sure that George Soros and “his kind” are behind all this. Uncle George is a disciple of Saul Alinsky who preached “create chaos to get your way” and “start so many small fires that no one can keep up with them”. He was an esteemed anarchist. And which politicians do we know who loved good ol’ Saul and his ways of doing business? Hillary and Barack. Uncle George was a frequent visitor of the White House when Barack first took office. You can bet that Obama was being offered payoffs. He and HIllary are laughing all the way to the bank. And to think that the American people believe that those two are no longer running the show!