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How Can Anyone Support ‘Antifa’?

protest violent AntifaAMAC Head Warns Public

WASHINGTON, DC –  Antifa is an acronym for anti-fascist, but lately the organization’s name has managed to rise to the top of the lexicon of hate.  A petition to have the group officially declared a “terrorist organization” this week achieved nearly 300,000 signatures and counting.

AMAC president Dan Weber says that Antifa’s violent tactics have now been condemned “by the right and the moderate left”, adding that the hardcore left remains reluctant to censure the group’s activities. But at this point, even House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, a prominent leader on the left, has issued a call for “unequivocal condemnation” of Antifa as a whole. Still, there remain Democratic leaders who refuse to denounce the group and their atrocities—namely Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who failed to call out the group by name after their violent attacks in Berkeley.

Weber, whose Association of Mature American Citizens “is a staunch defender of the right of free speech and all of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution,” says there is also a right to peaceful dissent by opposition groups.  But, he adds that a line must be drawn when it comes to violent dissent, which is the equivalent of anarchy.

“Antifa wants to conduct its own version of the Bolshevik Revolution, menacing connotations, in America.  Its aim is to bring down American democracy and to bring about a Soviet-style government.  And, lest you think comparing antifa to the Bolsheviks is a stretch, the American Historical Society points out that the 1917 insurgency was carried out by a group of professional revolutionaries, a moniker that suits antifa to a tee,” Weber explains.

The New York Daily News, which has evolved into a publication that leans left, said in an editorial recently that “antifa activists make a fateful strategic mistake by stealing initiative and attention from far more admirably behaved fellow travelers.”  Weber points out that the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a “fellow traveler” as “a person who sympathizes with and often furthers the ideals and program of an organized group such as the Communist party.”

Who is behind the antifa movement remains somewhat of a mystery, although some individuals and organizations and even the mainstream newspaper, USA Today, seem to have been pointing accusing fingers at people like George Soros.  Soros denies it.

Columnist Peter Beinart, writing in the current issue of The Atlantic, warns that “antifa’s power is growing.”  Antifa has been around for some time, but it wasn’t until the election of  President Trump that the group managed to gain attention.  Beinart notes that antifa experienced “explosive growth” after Mr. Trump was elected, fueled by the widespread leftist hatred of the billionaire president.

Says Weber: “It was the vitriolic, lunatic-fringe left that sparked antifa’s escalation of hate speech to levels of unconscionable political violence.  Remember the college students who cried on campus in the days after the November elections, even before Mr. Trump took office.  There were many who declared that he was not duly elected, notwithstanding the simple fact that Hilary Clinton was outvoted on election day.  Antifa took advantage of this mindless malaise that was sweeping the country.  And, it gave them an excuse to ‘go rogue’ and begin engaging in extreme violence.  As Beinart put it in his article, we haven’t seen this level of ‘sustained political street warfare’ since the ‘60s.”

Weber warns that if the violence continues unchecked “it will not be just members of the opposition party – no matter which side you are on – who will feel the pain; all of the American people will be at risk.  “Free speech is just that: our right to voice an opinion.  It does not allow for reactionary violence.  Let those on both sides of the argument have their say and express political disagreement when it is warranted.  The leadership on both the right and the left need to actually take the lead in creating an atmosphere of civility that does not include tactics such as those practiced by villains such as members and supporters of antifa.”


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Your Mother
2 years ago

Wow, this is one of the most deranged, idiotic articles I have ever read. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

4 years ago

These morons don’t seem to realize that Socialism doesn’t work. And when it does Seem to, the result is even more Fascist then what they are protesting.

4 years ago

I don’t know if any of you are aware, seeing as YouTube has demo etized & in dome cases erased, videos made by conservatives & Libertarians, but a Christian comedian named Crowder hosts his own shows & podcasts. Less than a week ago, CROWDER & HIS STAFF INFILTRAEXPOSED POSSESSION USE OF ILLICIT WEAPONS FOR A “PEACEFUL” PROTEST. The video was turned overy to cops on the site (University of Utah), & arrests were made as a result. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA REFUSED A COPY OF TGE VIDEO. The next day, one did do a piece on the “protest,” mostly painting Antifa as a peaceful group. U. of Utah spokesman said there wasn’t antrying to worry about per the campus police…to whom.he nevet spoke. He never spoke to ANY member of the university, local or federal law enforcement…in essence, he impersonated a cop & made up something to make the university look better.
The media is so duped by Communism that they don’t have the decency to feel ashamed, instead they are proud of their propaganda.

4 years ago

I firmly believe that it’s only a matter of time before they start using the weapons that we know they’re already showing up with. There will be bloodshed before there will be an end to this movement. Our police and military need to be prepared to fight back, not in like fashion, but with superior force and firepower. We must never let these vermin and their idiotic agenda be given a single inch. They might be somebody’s sons and daughters, but they cross a line when they attack me, my family, and my country.

4 years ago

The only reason that “Antifa” and all other Communistic Bolsheviks will fail is because behind every blade of grass the is an armed American Citizen-Patriot that will stop them if they have to !! Just the way the Great Founders of our United States did a century plus ago !!

Al Paparesta
4 years ago

Always accuse your opposition of doing exactly what you are doing. This was a tactic espoused by the Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci .

4 years ago

If you try to destroy it, they will come! :-(

4 years ago

Don’t see them much helping out for the hurricane victims. Not much left for them to tear up.

Archie Higgins
4 years ago

These clowns cover their faces and carry sticks because they are communist cowards! Seems to me I read that these communist began organizing in the late thirties.

And by the late seventies were calling themselves the Communist Workers Party! They got more trouble than they could handle at Greensboro,NC in 1979..I do not know

if theirs enough people with backbone to put them down now? You would think that would have already happen by now!!

R grunlund
4 years ago

Thank God someone is telling the truth. Really should be obvious

4 years ago

Uncover their faces, give out their names, e-mail address and home address!

Len Swederski
4 years ago

Violent protesters are terrorists. They reign their power through intimidation and violence. They need to be treated as such.

4 years ago

These are the bottom of the barrel in our country.
Most of them are spoiled good for nothings that have never had an original thought.
They have been brainwashed by there teachers into beliving that this country owes them something.

4 years ago

The only difference (so far) in the “Antifa” and the brown shirts and the black shirts is the fact that they have not had massive rallies burning books pertaining to or written by Jews. There has not been a equal to the Kristallnacht. Nor has there been an equal to the Night of the Long Knives, but it seems those are being worked up to. It is hard for me to believe these people, many are only of high school age and college age, don’t see the pattern they are following and what it led to in 1930s Germany. Somehow, they need a, perhaps unwanted education into what they are representing.

Chuck Rosenthal
4 years ago

It’s not odd that many blame George Soros, because ol’ George is hateful enough and crazy enough to fund anti-American terrorism via MANY channels that may not be so easy to connect him to, BUT remember, if Soros’s action went against the NWO boys he would either be the recipient of a reality adjustment or just an entirely new reality. So at the bottom of all the chaos, you will find the chaos worshippers of the of the Rockefeller/Rothschild cabal (NWO).

4 years ago

This is basic anarchy 101. If left alone to fester it will be too late for true patriots. We will be fighting internally as the rest of the world infiltrates us and eventually takes control. I pity this “millennium” generation “for they know not what they are doing” AND the one to follow.
Re-read Coward and Plivens….
This is something that needs to be stopped in it’s tracks, NOW.

4 years ago

Antifa is a revolutionary group of jerks that must be squashed to bits.

4 years ago

I’ve been voicing these sam words to my friends for some time. Namely, what is happening here IS like the Bolshevik revolution, WHO are these people hiding behind masks destroying our status, preventing free speech and threatening our democracy?!? Also, why haven’t the democratic leadership condemned these actions. My friends agree with me.
I’m relieved to finally read your same views. What CAN we do?

G. De La Paz
4 years ago

What’s the difference between the KKK covering their faces and Antifa covering their faces? They’re both groups of hate hiding behind their hatred.

4 years ago

Covering their faces is exactly like the KKK. How are they any different? Supporting the Antifa Left, and calling out the KKK as the Right, is political and hypocritatal, but we never hear a word about it.

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