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Can ‘Adaptogens” Help Relieve the Stresses of the COVID Pandemic?

WASHINGTON, DC, Dec 31 — The world has been in a state of extreme stress for nearly two years now since the breakout of the COVID pandemic. Sadly, there appears to be no end in sight. We may not be able to do anything about the cause, but perhaps, there is a way to deal with the effects by adapting to the stressors, not in a psychological way; rather, by ingesting aptly named herbal medicines called adaptogens. Of course, before you begin self-medicating, whether the drug is a natural medication or a chemical-based medicine, it’s important that you consult your healthcare provider.

Lest you think somebody came up with the “adaptogens” moniker to mask a 21st Century version of snake oil, think again. Or, at least, consider how the experts at the National Institutes of Health came to the conclusion that they might just be what the doctor orders in dealing with stress: “Adaptogens were initially defined as substances that enhance the ‘state of non-specific resistance in stress, a physiological condition that is linked with various disorders of the neuroendocrine-immune system. Studies on animals and isolated neuronal cells have revealed that adaptogens exhibit neuroprotective, anti-fatigue, antidepressive, anxiolytic, nootropic, and CNS stimulating activity. In addition, a number of clinical trials demonstrate that adaptogens exert an anti-fatigue effect that increases mental work capacity against a background of stress and fatigue, particularly intolerance to mental exhaustion and enhanced attention.”

In other words, adaptogens are not some new concoction. In fact, its origins date back thousands of years and “is a traditional herbal medicinal product consisting of a fixed combination of [plant] extracts.” And, according to the Healthline Website, they can increase your resistance to stress, help you deal with exhausting situations, and, as a bonus, they may also help you deal with weight gain.

Leslie Korn, Ph.D., a Harvard Medical School-trained traumatologist, was consulted on the use of adaptogens for the Healthline report, and she says that they can enhance our “ability to come into balance” – a condition that the Mayo Clinic describes this way: “Balance problems can make you feel dizzy as if the room is spinning, unsteady, or lightheaded. You might feel as if the room is spinning, or you’re going to fall down.”

The Healthline report provides an example of how adaptogens work. “When we face a stressor, whether physical or mental, our bodies go through what’s called general adaptation syndrome (GAS). GAS is a three-stage response: alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. Adaptogens help us stay in the resistance phase longer via a stimulating effect that holds off the exhaustion. Instead of crashing in the midst of a stressful moment, task, or event, we attain equilibrium and can soldier on.” The report goes on to suggests that you can take adaptogens as “herbal supplements in capsule form, added to smoothies as powders, or concocted into teas or soups.” But it warns that you should consult with your doctor before taking any medications.

Here are a few of the host of adaptogens that are available and what conditions they may serve:

  • American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius): Boosts working memory, reaction time, calmness, and immune system
  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Eluethero root (Eleutherococcus senticosus): Improves focus and staves off mental fatigue
  • Tulsi/Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum): Reduces physical and mental stress, stress-related anxiety, and depression

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7 months ago

Here’s an easier way to relieve the so-called stress of Covid-19: Stop watching the endless fear mongering the mainstream media and the Democrat politicians are broadcasting each and every single day. Yes Covid-19 is a real virus, but with a survival rate of over 99 percent and the known demographic at risk from this virus, the percentage of people that are truly at risk from dying from this Chinese bio-weapon is quite small and manageable at this point.

Everyone over the age of 65 or any individuals with any of the several co-morbidities has known they are at risk for about 18 months now and have either gotten the one of the now available antibody treatments, taken one of the vaccines (boosters every 6 months forever) or simply taken other steps to stay healthy at this point. So if you suffer from stress over constantly being bombarded with Covid-19 fear mongering, the best option is to stop subjecting yourself to the fear mongering. Covid-19 variants will be with us forever. Just like the annual flu. It is endemic at this point and the United States and the rest of the world are NOT going to hold China responsible or exact any penalties. So you can certainly medicate yourself into a haze or you can simply stop subjecting yourself to the constant fear mongering that is causing you stress. The choice is yours. Most people choose to simply tune out the fear mongering and live their lives.

7 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

My wife and I have never allowed the fear factor to enter into our lives during this COVID fiasco and continue to live normally. With my military background in NBC warfare we knew what the media and Democrats were doing to produce fear in the populace. Funny to observe the number of medical personnel that believed the government back in March 2020 about COVID and now are completely against what the government puts out. Will things ever get back to normal? Only time will tell, and hopefully the populace will wake up.

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