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Campus Visits -How and Why We Should All Go Back to School This Year!

campusWritten By: Travel Sherlock

As College students across the country return to the hallowed halls it makes us nostalgic for our own experiences and to rekindle that love of Campus life!

The fall provides some of the best opportunities to visit college towns and campuses as cooler temperatures, football games and homecomings bring the spirit back to these great communities.

College towns are eager to have visitors as they finally welcome hotel guests and restaurant goers in a fashion not seen since 2019. You can find great values and a lot more activities than a normal road trip and become re-energized with seeing young and energetic scenes for fall!

Most college campuses are circled by affordable hotels, terrific campus food and vibrant art scenes.  There are fantastic lodging deals to be had in September and October and you might just find some great tickets for a football or soccer game.

These communities also offer picturesque campuses where trekking through campus can be as compelling as the best possible hike with gorgeous buildings and landmarks.  These quads and trails offer a glimpse into the past of many of our most revered historical figures and into the future of our next great generations.

College towns are also full of unique offerings which are all designed to be lighter on the pocket book. Food trucks? Bagel shops? Peanut butter hamburgers?  Sure it is weird but man is it FUN!

We suggest visiting university websites to see upcoming schedules for events and exhibits and school newspapers for great food and entertainment options.

Nearly all major hotel chains have a strong presence in these locales and will be discounting rooms as the rush of freshman move-in dates cede to the more mellow occupancy of fall.

Our favorite spots in the Northeast feature leaf peeping and finding orchards along the way.  Try heading to Ithaca, the home of Cornell and Ithaca College and some of the best wineries in the Eastern US.

Live further South? Travel Sherlock is partial to Winston Salem and Tuscaloosa! Winston Salem’s farm to table dining and National Park like campus are a joy while walking the Tuscaloosa River Walk before heading to Bryant Denny Stadium is the definition of the calm before the storm!

Want to keep Austin weird?  The University of Texas’ hometown has everything you could want from food trucks to white glove service, live music and bar scenes to world class art.

Don’t settle for raking the leaves this fall, let’s go scratch that itch of nostalgia and head back to school – after all – you are never too old to learn!

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3 months ago

I just read that “The Ohio State University” is requiring all faculty, workers and students to get the COVID vaccine by 15 Oct for the first shot and the second by 15 Nov or else.

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