Cambridge Non-Profit Debt Consolidation

Get out of debt the simple, safe way with Cambridge.

AMAC has partnered with Cambridge Credit Counseling, a non-profit agency, to help our members get out of credit card debt quickly, efficiently, and safely, without taking out another loan and without having to file for bankruptcy.

Debt consolidation with Cambridge may allow you to get out of credit card debt in months, not decades, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in interest charges and monthly payments.

Here are the benefits of a typical Cambridge client:

  • Average credit card interest rates reduced by 64%, down from 22% to just 8%
  • Average monthly credit card payments reduced by 25%, saving clients an average of about $140 per month
  • Average debt repayment plan is completed in just 48 months or less

Get a FREE, comprehensive debt consultation with a nationally certified counselor and find out how much you can save on credit card payments!

Call 855-625-0471 or click GET ME OUT OF DEBT to schedule your FREE, no obligation consultation.

By clicking “Get Me Out of Debt” you are leaving AMAC does not provide credit counseling services.

Get Me Out of Debt!

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Please note that, although Cambridge offers debt consolidation among their many counseling services, they are not a loan company. Cambridge does not lend money. For complete licensing information, including a list of state registrations and license numbers, please click here. All credit counseling services are provided through Cambridge Credit. Amac does not participate in provision of the services and expressly disclaims all liability for any claims, loss, or actions arising out of your use of Cambridge Credit.

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