Calling in the Cavalry to Fight for Change

We are calling on you, our valued members, to help spread the good word about AMAC. If each one of us mentions AMAC to just one friend, family member, or co-worker, and they in turn tell another, we can surely achieve our goal of a Million Members before the all important November Elections.

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4 Comments on "Calling in the Cavalry to Fight for Change"

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God bless AMAC and its founder. Finally, an organization that provides fine, conservative, patriotic senior support . Rock on!

I am so glad that AMAC is gaining support and members. It is my hope that AARP who we found to be working against the majority of the people who support our nations foundations go out of business.

It appears to be necessary to have an organization for senior citizens that actually represents the will and opinion of Senior Citizens! AMAC appears to be that organization and the ONLY organization that does truly represent the Senior Citizen. The political representation alone is worth the low membership fee. The perks and deals that membership provides are icing on the cake. I think a good, well developed email promoting the AMAC sent to members who could forward it to their peers would be very effective. Perhaps, with a space for comment from the forwarder. I know I would be delighted to send something like the opening to this piece on to the 20 or so seniors on an email list I maintain. I think most of them would forward it on also and perhaps join if they do not already belong. Thank you for your efforts in my behalf, RAY… Read more »

Thank you Dan, and thank you AMAC! I have belonged to AARP for 10+ years now, but their questionable practices and open support of the Obama Regime finally soured my stomach. I was going to quit the liars anyway, but then I found you through one of my Conservative Support Sites!
Bless you both with all God’s bounties!