Calling All Patriots! The AMAC Delegate Program Has Launched!

by Andrew Mangione –

The election is long over and you’re wondering “Now what?”  You did your part.  You voted against the policies of the Obama Administration.  You may have volunteered knocking on doors and distributing campaign literature.  You may have made a financial contribution or made telephone calls on behalf of your candidate.  All of your time, talent and perhaps some treasure wasted, you might be thinking.  But was it really?   Is this fight over?  Do you just give up?

Barack Obama will continue to deliberately spend this country into unfathomable debt over the next four years.  Think for a moment of the United States’ current debt, which is $16 trillion.  This debt’s current share for every man, woman and child in America is $51,000 each and growing!  What kind of future awaits our children and grandchildren when they are already saddled with this kind of debt?  The President will also continue to single out people of faith and attack their institutions and churches, all in the name of “health care for all”.  Sure, he’ll endorse “freedom of worship”; just don’t dare try to live your faith outside of the four walls of your church!

President Obama will continue to divide the great people of this wonderful land.  And he has willing allies.  Whether it be the distortions or lack of coverage of major events like the attacks in Benghazi coming from his partners in the mainstream media, or his accomplices in academia trashing conservative values and stifling conservative speech across the college campuses in America, colleges and universities that your children and grandchildren are attending right now, this President appears to have immense influence.

But does he really?  Yes, the President won the election, but it was extremely close.  Does he truly possess the mandate he thinks he won?  In fact, he received 8 million LESS votes than he did in the 2008 election.  Also, Republicans now govern 30 states, and they’re beginning to push back against the Administration by refusing to implement portions of Obamacare.

All is NOT lost.  Americans who are age 50 + made up a commanding 44% of the electorate in 2012 and 54% voted AGAINST President Obama.   No other age group came close to this share of voice in the 2012 election.  You see, your voice is loud and growing louder every day.  You can still make a difference and AMAC wants to help.

We are calling on all patriots to consider becoming an AMAC Delegate.  AMAC Delegates will visit the local Congressional district office in your community to make contact with the staff and leave information on issues significant to your fellow AMAC members.  Making one personal visit to a local Congressional office is just like the office receiving numerous pieces of mail from individual constituents.  The visit is that impactful.

If you would like to learn more about becoming an AMAC Delegate:

Please call 888-262-2006 xt 1032 or Visit The AMAC Delegates Page

Get Involved. Take Back America!

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9 years ago

We need a rally song. Here’s a parody of “I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy and Ray Burton. Use it or improve it.

We are seniors, hear us roar
In numbers too big to ignore
And we know too much to go back and pretend
‘Cause we’ve heard it all before
And we’ve been down there on the floor
No one’s ever gonna keep us down again

Oh yes we are wise
But it’s wisdom born of pain
Yes, we’ve paid the price
But look how much we’ve gained
If we have to, We can do anything
We are strong
We are invincible
We are seniors

You can bend but never break us
‘Cause it only serves to make us
More determined to achieve our final goals
And we come back even stronger
Not a novice any longer
‘Cause you’ve deepened the conviction in our souls

Oh yes we are wise
But it’s wisdom born of pain
Yes, we’ve paid the price
But look how much we’ve gained
When we have to, we can do anything
We are strong
We are invincible
We are seniors

We are seniors watch us grow
See us standing toe to toe
As we spread our lovin’ arms across the land
But we still are embryos
With a long long way to go
Until we make the others understand

Oh yes we are wise
But its wisdom born of pain
Yes, we’ve paid the price
But look how much we’ve gained
If we have to we can face anything
We are strong
We are invincible
We are seniors

Tom Gage
9 years ago

Its long overdue for the elitious and special groups that lead this country be given a strong kick in the arse. In order to have any effect on them will take a great number of volunteers providing the kick.The kick cannot be restricted just for the elected politicians; it must be applied with equal force to the news media and election polls that violate the voters with one sided favortism. Criminal wrong doing must be punished for those who violate the laws and regulations which guide their positions without exception. If this is the actions to be met by the volunteers, than allow me to join the volunteers. However, if the actions of the volunteers do not pursue each of the forementioned wrongs against our country, then withdraw my request to be a volunteer.

Failing to pursue just one of these wrongs will allow the continued downward spiral enacted by our elected officials. We will continue to be frustrated and unable to place the future of this great nation on a path to prosperity and a healthy future for all.

9 years ago
Reply to  Tom Gage

Here! Here!

9 years ago

Keep an eye on a rising star, Dr. BENJAMIN CARSON, an Independent. He has a ready intelligent answer for all our present day woes. He is not a politician, he loves this country and wants what is best for it. He is not seeking election, but says he will run if “God grabs him by the collar and tells him to run”. He has my vote!

9 years ago
Reply to  Isabella

And if he chooses not to run, encourage him to continue to be a voice, as his is powerful and effective.

James (Jim ) Monson
9 years ago

I believe there are three major things we can change to bring back our country’s economy. 1. Open up drilling on Federal lands where Uncle gets part of the action payinng towards our huge debt. 2. Seal the borders and deal with the illegals now here by putting them behind the line. Giving those willing to work secure green cards. Making a workable employer data base. Send back those who live off our system. 3. Pass the Fair tax Law both at federal and state levels. For more information on Fair Tax and it’s great advantages go to Some of the advantages: No more tax filing; No more IRS; Everyone pays something when they buy new goods and services; Business and Corporations will not have to pay income tax lowering the cost of their products and services making them competitive here and in the world market; Pay checks increase with no deductions taken out; Investor will brings back billions/trillions to invest here rather than off shore; no more paying record keeping and worrying about meeting every one of the 71,000 pages of current tax code. It will be replaced with about 20 pages of Fair Tax rules.
Other changes: Stop Obamacare. Move many decisions for regulations back to states vs federal controls. Over turn Rowe vs Wade. Make school vouchers available with states or even counties overseeing these programs. etc.

9 years ago

Lots of good ideas here! I’m a 65 year old and I just left California where I lived all my life. My family settled there before the turn of the last century. California is corrupt from top to bottom! How do I know this? I have spent the last eight years fighting massive voter fraud in that state and discovered that there is, among other things, a network of people operating on our college and university campuses stretching from Hawaii to New Hampshire to steal elections, particularly presidential elections. Please watch the short video at to see how it’s done. Who is fighting me? None other than Obama’s personal attorney who is keeping his Occidental College records sealed!

We need photo voter ID in this country to stop this theft of our republic! If we do not insist on a national law, we will never win another election. The next one is two short years away! Are you willing to stand up and insist on free and fair elections? Check out the video listed above and get to work demanding voter photo ID so we can stop all those multiple and dead people from voting!

9 years ago

The taxpayer makers do need to organize to challenge the takers who have become the majority voters. The word PATRIOT may not be the best for this occassion as the liberals, progressives, religious and those who do not claim a religion all believe themselves to be PATRIOTS. We need to be WARRIORS for values, honesty, decency, practicing qualities of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, goodness, genteness, meekness and kindness. This WAR needs to begin by training in our schools. Families with children should be required to attend classes to learn how to be parents supporting good values. Teachers should have to meet good values as well. In my day, teachers had values where the students learned by observing the teacher’s practicing them. We also need to make WAR on the conept of the term POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Americans come from a variety of backgrounds. Saying that somene is Irish-American, German-American, African-American is only applicable if the person IS NOT A CITIZEN of the United States. We now have Black Caucuses, Hispanic Chambers of Commerce etc. What if a Anglo-Saxon Caucus and a Caucasian Chamber of Commerce is established? Who would be the first ones to be angered? We are either one nation under God or we are a dilvided nation under the flag of many minority groups.

9 years ago
Reply to  Almay

I agree more than 100% with your comments. I’ve said this for years – since Clinton disgraced this country with his sexual escapes and dismissed them as no big deal. So how do we start this ball rolling? All I every hear is a lot of talk with what “should” be done by the talk show hosts. With their reach, they should be organizing Town Hall meetings and Rallies. This needs to be done face-to-face with EVERYONE – not just the politicians. You can’t press the “delete” button and forget the message if it’s a group of bodies gathered to send the message. Look at the gathering in Huntsville, AL this past weekend – over 1000 people gathered to support their Second Amendment Rights – the first gathering of this type (that I’ve heard about). Unfortunately, it was not well advertised until after the fact. No telling how many more may have been there, including myself, husband and our friends. But my point; this made the evening news and will hopefully be the catalyst for more like it. I remember when the blacks wanted more rights – they continually gathered in larger and larger groups. The ERA (women’s rights), MADD (mother’s agains drunk drivers) gathered in larger and larger groups. And that continued until they were heard. WE NEED TO BE HEARD – not just read in an email, or more accurately – “deleted without being read”. So again, where do we go from here? Why doesn’t AMAC begin Town Hall meetings, etc. to get the messages out? So many of our seniors do not use computers efficiently enough to read this stuff and send it on. Even our Republican party should be fact-to-face in Town Hall meetings and Rallies.

9 years ago
Reply to  LYNDA

Linda, great stuff………. Your local Tea Party is all ready doing what you want. Your voice will be heard. Your Local Tea Party is not what you see and hear on the news media, both national and local. The Tea Party is made up of people just like you and I and the folks posting on this page. For things to change we must change them, starting at the local level. All politics start at the local level with people just like us. The Tea Party is a place where you can do something, and all are welcome.
Google your local Tea Party and get involved. You will know about the next gathering.. We are alive and well In Richmond Va.

9 years ago

I believe it is going to take a huge effort on the part of every conservative
American to educate the people around us on what is happening to this country. We cannot rely on NRA and AMAC alone to do all the work for us. We the People of the United States are going to each have to do our part to get involved anyway we can. Letters and phone calls are not enough. We need to support our local groups, we need to visit our state capital and speak up on important issues, we need to vote with our dollars by supporting the conservatives. We need to let HBO know we will not tolerate Bill Mahr and will cancel service if he continues to spew ignorance. We need to educate every human we come into contact with by planting a small seed of knowledge. We know this works. We have been planting our seeds for 4 years, and we have helped a lot of friends understand what is really happening to our country. Now they are planting seeds. We need to help our youth understand what is coming in the future if they don’t understand the progressive agenda and help to stop it. Our lives are busy and we are all trying to make a living. But if we don’t take time to fight for our country, we aren’t going to have a country left.

Edward Durfee
9 years ago

It sounds like the status quo here with all the comments. Are we to say that those who are commenting are actually getting out from behind the computer and into the street? I believe the purpose of this article is to get delegates for the task of face to face communication with our so-called representatives. I am in and am sending for more information. Here in the Socialist State of NJ, we have reps who couldn’t care less about how we feel. The e-mails and faxes are scoffed at and so far the only effective change has been face to face. In order to beat the machine we need to insert ourselves into it in order to affect change.


In Liberty,


Bob Sonnelitter
9 years ago

Educate the populace with short statements published in all types of media – TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Billboards, etc. Try to wake people up with short truthful statements like:

Regulations stifle job creation
Socialism rewards the lazy
Big government robs you of your civil rights

Phil Beal
9 years ago

Little has been posted about term limits. We can all accomplish term limits by voting for the non-incumbent at every
primary. If you are not willing to do this you will have the same 90% plus hacks returning to Washington. Your
representatives and senators as well as the President and Vice President are supposed to be working for us and
are supposed to be honest and truthfull. Why is it that people feel they have to be faithful to their employees when
an employee is unfaithfull and dishonest. There is nothing in the constitution that says you have to re-elect an incumbent and thats why the framers didn’t include it in the constitution. Come on people. Support your FREE

Bill Hoyt
9 years ago

We, the true Conservatives, must take to the streets, the airways, the schools -anywhere there are voters and voice the truth! We must have the facts, be sincere and take no prisoners. We have talked, analyzed, cried, bellyached and beat the proverbial dead horse to death now we must act with our feet and reach out to the multitudes who do not understand what is happening to our once great country. GET INVOLVED!!!!

No faith in government
9 years ago
Reply to  Bill Hoyt

Bill ~ you are 100% correct. Conservatives who listen to talk shows like Rush, Mark, Sean,Laura, Roger Hedgecock, etc. get good news and facts, BUT, THE PROBLEM IS, AFTER TO LISTENING TO THEM, many do not get actively involved, and that is what it takes. Conservatives listen to the guys/gals and get this cathartic effect…but then they stay inert, all talk and no action.

Our emails and phone calls to the politicians and party headquarters like the RNC and NRCC…..and these go unheeded and unanswered….SO WHAT ARE WE TO DO?

I am in the process of organizing a PEACEFUL CIVIL PROTEST, nationwide, simultaneously according to the time zones that will get the media’s attention and make the politicians take note.


On a given weekday, not weekend, after this has been orchestrated through trucker websites, hunting and fishing websites, etc. and their chat rooms, etc. we will set a time for all the truckers and citizens driving their vehicles, wherever they are….freeways, streets, etc. with their lights on and horns blaring…to slow their vehicles VERY GRADUALLY SO AS NOT TO CAUSE REAR END ACCIDENTS, ETC….AND END UP STOPPING THEIR VEHICLES FOR A PERIOD OF 5 TO 10 MINUTES WITH HORNS BLARING.



This type of protest is what is needed…not talk…not emails….not phone calls….they need to physically see and hear us…and the media will not be able to bury the story and twist the stories.

I hope to get this off the ground in the next 10 days, or less. I am 73 years old and a retired restaurant owner/operator. I have a wife who is the best pharmacist…anywhere….and we have a wonderful 17 year old son who I believe is being robbed of his future by OBAMA.

I would love to get some assistance from someone who really knows how to optimize the use of Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media sites to get the ball rolling on a huge scale. I believe a lot of people are just now waking up to the disaster unfolding in front of them and the sentiment is slowly turning against this president who is a one man wrecking crew.

All the best to all of you who share my belief that our country is in grave danger under obama.

Don Allen
9 years ago

Chris Christie is a definite NO. Marco Rubio has been a disappointment lately. It is time to ignore the Republican establishment and elect true conservatives and we certainly need a true conservative to run for president in 2016. We have already seen, especially in the last two elections, that “play like” conservatives can’t get the job done. The congress is made up of mostly babies that are afraid to stand up to Obama. Not many in the house are worth keeping except for Marsha Blackburn and Michelle Bachman. Maybe Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor. It is time we ran the government based on The Constitution and principals. Rand Paul is leading the way right now. He seems to be a good man to get behind. So was Rubio, I thought at one time, but he is caving. We don’t need a lite democrat or moderate republican we need a REAL CONSERVATIVE. Let Christie go run as a democrat if he wants. We need someone to win and then start fixing the damage if that will be possible.

9 years ago

Our problem is we conservatives want to legislate morality. We need to get off that. We scare people that share our other beliefs like a smaller government, less intrusions into our God given freedoms, the belief that our constitution is the foundation of our country.

We need to focus on the the economy and how to fix it that’s what people really want. That’s how we can take back our country. We can’t do anything until we unite behind a major common theme like how to better the economy and therefore better everyone’s life can get people in office. The problem is so glaring that Obama keeps using all those other issues like gays, immigration, “fair share” to distract us and we fall for it. He doesn’t want to talk about fixing the economy. He has bought and enslaved people with his entitlement programs. He has made them economic entitlement Junkies. They are addicted to your free money.

Do those illegal immigrants scare you so much that your willing to let the democrats take more and more power and money from you. The immigrants that I have met are hard working and want to become part of our nation. Sure we need to secure the border but to try and throw 11 million people out of the country is insane and it’s just another reason we can’t get people elected. Logical people that would vote for economic conservatives get scared off by that kind of thing.

The Right wing of this country majors on the minors. If you hate human beings that are gays and lesbian That’s sad but at least keep it to yourself. You scare regular folk with that rhetoric.

If nothing else take a page out of Obama’s play book because it’s obviously working a lot better than ours. Tell the folks what they want to hear so you can get elected then do what ever you want that’s generally how Washington works anyway.

Bottom line find some smart fiscal conservatives to run for offices and put the social issues on the back burner.
If the country is in economic chaos because of Obama’s policies does it really matter if someone is gay or an undocumented alien. Having them all disappear will that make the economic situation better. I don’t think so.

Now you can respond and hate on me that’s okay.

Just find electable people.

9 years ago
Reply to  Bob

sorry but I will not hide my beliefs so someone will like me or anything else

IMO if it is wrong it is wrong and me keeping my mouth shut does not make it better

have a nice day

God Bless America

9 years ago
Reply to  Bob

Most people don’t want their social lives (Personal Freedoms) legislated by conservatives or liberals. Most people are Fiscal Conservative / Social Liberal. We need candidates that understand that.

Stephen Mosier
9 years ago
Reply to  Kevin

No Kevin. Most voters are not Fiscal Conservative / Social Liberal. American voters clearly do not like candidates with split personalities. In 2012 less than one percent voted for the Libertarian candidate who campaigned as a fiscal conservative and social liberal. Fifty percent voted for the Democrat who campaigned as a fiscal and social liberal and 47% voted for the Republican who campaigned as a fiscal and social conservative. The Republican lost because Republican voters doubted his being a fiscal conservative—not because of his being a social conservative.

Stephen Mosier
9 years ago
Reply to  Bob

BOB, I think I have I’ve found your man. Gary Johnson, former Republican governor of New Mexico who ran for president in 2012. He does not attend church, is pro-choice, anti-big government, pro-immigration, opposes regulations and excessive taxation, is an outspoken critic of the war on drugs and favors legalizing marijuana. But..oh wait..he got less than one percent of the vote. Well.. have to keep looking.

9 years ago

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it” (I think Hitler said that). For the Dems, the means justify the ends, so they have no problem smearing the opposition. We are at a disadvantage from the get-go, because I think we are more moral. I heard someone say before the last election that candidates should not campaign to win votes; they should concentrate more on educating the public; then it will be more likely that people will vote the right way. Much of the public is uninterested, uninformed, and misinformed.

Katherine Harms
9 years ago

I regret that I cannot visit my Congressional Representative in her office any time soon. However, I took her survey and told her that my priorities are to cut taxes, cut spending, close the southern border to illegals and protect the right of citizens to bear arms. I further told her that the best first step in cutting spending would be to defund the Affordable Care Act and all the offices, agencies, committees, bureaus and task forces associated with it. After that, impeach the president for unconstitutional overreach in his executive order after Congress rejected the Dream Act. If she can accomplish all those things by March 1, I have another list waiting.

9 years ago

I think the 50+ crowd still reads newspapers that are historically liberal in their perspectives, people tend to believe what is in print. Many have never been into politics because the country ran very well until the last couple decades and are just now turning on the political “antennas” to learn more about it. Many also believe the rhetoric out of the r.i.n.o. politicians that lie to get elected, then turn on us siding with the liberals after election, not standing up to the left wing political pressure. The liberal bias news media, almost all of them, except for FOX, is also brain washing them, as they have trusted the NBC, ABC trade names for many decades, that is what they watch. Even FOX is a bit moderate for my taste.Many of the 50+ crowd are not computer savvy, they don’t know where to do online research and get the correct information. Many are also worried, from too many liberals spewing out garbage, that if they didn’t vote for a Democrat, they may lose health care benefits, so they vote scared not understanding the truth.Many of the financially challenged people, including those on welfare, cannot afford cable news like FOX, or the internet, so they get the free left wing media pumped into them 24/7. If we can overcome some of this we may have a chance at educating people? I think Rand Paul is our best ally and the best next President, Cristy, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush are all R.I.N.O. or established GOP, nothing would change.

9 years ago
Reply to  Chuck

I think you about covered it. I’m originally from N.J.; Chris Christie is no Conservative; he believes in manmade climate change, etc. After Rubio’s last remarks about the illegals, I’m having my doubts about him, too. Every time Rand Paul speaks, I am impressed, although some feel he is becoming more moderate, with his eye on 2016. I also like Ted Cruz. He does not seem to have been co-opted by the Establishment Republicans.

Dave Elli
9 years ago

Sure, we’re on board at our home. We’ve been all the above the past 4 1/2 years and we’re not quitting now.
America IS going to wake up and realize they’ve been duped by the fork tongued progressive lunacy.

Ed Scott
9 years ago

One who cannot unite us is Marco Rubio, He is way too interested in securing citizenship for his fellow 11,000,000 Hispanics.

Don’t even suggest Chris Chritie. He has proven himself nothing but a R.I.N.O I voted for two of those , one in 2008, and one in 2012.

I will not vote for another Democrat lite.

9 years ago

Dr. Ben Carson may be our man…he is NOT a politician…and speaks for the people.
He at least feels led to rise up to encourage people to think for themselves and not let the government take care of all their needs. He is almost a solo voice challenging our autocratic president and non-functioning Congress.
May God protect him and use him to challenge the people of this country to wake up before it is too late!

9 years ago

Rising stars such as Marco Rubio, Paul Rand and Ted Cruz are the future hope for saving our beloved country – we as a nation also need to turn back to God and realize that it is He who has blessed this nation more than anyother in the history of the world and it is ultimately only His people through prayer and repentence that can truly bring about a change of hearts to our people and restoration of our country to its prior place as the beacon to the world of how beautiful a country can be – the Progressives/Socialists, public school system, media, etc on the other hand would turn all younger people to atheists and applaud the demise of our country to some poor dependent state. I just can’t understand how anyone can believe their lies and deceit anymore!

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