AMAC Call Center Expanding to Leesburg

From Daily Commercial | Austin Fuller

The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) plans to open a call center and relocate its Lady Lake headquarters to Leesburg, adding 70 new jobs.

Dan Weber, AMAC’s president and founder, said the company currently has 19 employees, in addition to himself, at two Lady Lake offices, and the goal will be for them to move to Leesburg, where the company will aim for a total of 90 employees. One of the Lady Lake offices will close, and the current main location will be used by the separate AMAC Foundation that helps provide information and advice on Social Security, Weber said.

In addition to call center representatives, AMAC will look to hire management positions and representatives to help advocate to local and national politicians, Weber said.

AMAC also will look for paid college interns in addition to the 70 other new positions.

Employees at the call center will reach out to sign people up for AMAC. The company will be taking over a former Waste Management call center on Tally Road, where Weber said he will contact some former Waste Management workers for possible jobs.

The Leesburg location will be 10,500 square feet, while the current Lady Lake offices are 2,600 square feet and approximately 1,600 square feet, Weber said.

He expects the Leesburg facility to be up and running by May 1 and would like to hire 30 people right away, reaching the full staff of 90 within a year.

Weber said the employee expansion is fueled by growth.

“People are joining AMAC to be represented for the things they believe in,” Weber said. “For example, AMAC stands for less government, smaller government. We think the Constitution is the best instrument ever devised by man to govern man and today, the people in Washington are not following the Constitution.”

Weber said he founded the company because he was “disappointed in AARP not representing us.”

He added the Affordable Care Act motivated him to work harder on AMAC.

“I formed it before the Affordable Care Act, but that made me devote full time to AMAC,” Weber said.

AMAC employs approximately 60 people nationally, with other offices in New York and New Mexico, representing 1.1 million members. Weber said AMAC members receive “advocacy with benefits” by joining.

“America’s a great country,” Weber said. “Here I am, a retired old guy from New York (who) wanted to do something for my kids and grandkids, and it wound up being a large enterprise.”

Robert Sargent, Public Information Officer for the city of Leesburg, said the building’s previous use as a call center allows for AMAC to move in quickly and easily. He noted the proposed use of the building does not require any extra permitting from the city.

Weber said the company was looking to build expansions on its current headquarters in Lady Lake when the opportunity for the new Leesburg location came up.

“It was a godsend,” Weber said. “It was just a very fortunate occurrence. We were actually looking at expanding the building we’re in in Lady Lake when the realtor made us aware of the building being vacant.”

Sargent said it is good for the city to have a nationally known company come in.

Sandi Moore, the executive director of the Leesburg Area Chamber of Commerce, said hiring 70 people is noteworthy.

“When you have a situation where people had lost jobs for whatever reason … then you can have someone that comes in and can fill the void … that’s obviously a huge win for the city,” Moore said. “It’s really good that this company is willing to pursue that, too.”

Sixty-seven employees were affected by the closing of the Waste Management center, according to a Florida WARN notice.

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Ronnie Roe
4 years ago

I am looking for work. I have 30 years experience in telemarketing. I just relocated to Leesburg and I am one of the best in the US.

St Kirk
8 years ago

Lady Lake being a popular retirment center will bring lots of attention to the needs of the people in needs of welbeing as they begin to mature into the next event of their life.People that have visited or lived in Lady Lake will relate back to the times they enjoyed the lake fronts and lade back and exciting atmospheres that have been engrafted into their memories.Moments in life are but short ,and life is but for a moment so why not seek to make the best of that moment God has given.

8 years ago

Thank you for the update on how AMAC is growing.

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