California’s War on Citizenship

California flag liberal state democrat free speech left climate sanctuary crimes war citizenshipCalifornia—a one-party state dominated by progressives—has become the model for where progressivism will go when completely unchecked.

Now, even the basic concept of citizenship is under full-blown assault as the state has moved on from being a “sanctuary state” for illegal immigrants to outright insisting that noncitizens have the same access to the levers of power as citizens.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed legislation that would allow illegal immigrants to serve on government boards and commissions. He also signed another bill that would make it illegal to make immigration-related arrests at courthouses.

The law allowing illegal immigrants to serve on boards and commissions will have all kinds of complications in implementation. If exercised, it could run afoul of federal laws and would certainly attract the attention of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The bottom line, though, is that it’s an absurd piece of legislation coming from an absurd state that is squandering the benefits of its naturally advantageous climate.

Combine this with the fact that the powers that be in the state outright encourage people to break our country’s laws, and it demonstrates how far California is drifting from a nation of “we, the people of the United States.”

Newsom, of course, called this blatant disregard for federal law a sign of “respect” to immigrants.

“Our state doesn’t succeed in spite of our diversity. Our state succeeds because of it,” Newsom said in a statement about the bill. “While [President Donald] Trump attacks and disparages immigrants, California is working to ensure that every resident—regardless of immigration status—is given respect and the opportunity to contribute.”

It’s actually a sign of tremendous disrespect to new immigrants who have dutifully and painstakingly followed the law to earn their citizenship and be welcomed as equal citizens of a free country.

Simply put, the latest effort to grant noncitizens representative power in our country is a war on democracy—a word that many on the left have watered down to stand for little more than “good things I like.”

Pure democracy, in which every issue is at the whim of bare majorities, is the bane of liberty, but a free society still ultimately must be based on the consent of the governed. This was the foundation of our republican system of constitutional government, where institutions were put in place to both empower and check the will of the people.

California’s new immigration laws make a mockery of democracy and citizenship. Our Constitution does not begin with the lines, “We the people of the United States … and everyone else … .”

With citizenship come rights and responsibilities. It’s every bit as ridiculous to suggest that a noncitizen can participate in American government as it is to suggest that citizens of other nations can be forced into jury duty here or to serve in our military.

As middle-class Americans flee the dysfunction of California, it’s worth asking: Is the state actively hostile to the interests of its own legal residents?

California has crushingly high taxes and spends lavishly, but gets little out of it as the infrastructure erodes, and pipe-dream projects, such as the bullet train, act as little more than money pits.

Increasingly, to thrive in the Golden State one must be wealthy and connected or dependent on government largesse to eke out a living.

By reducing the idea of citizenship to the point of meaninglessness, California is signaling that one would be a fool to invest in its future, to be part of a larger community that works to ensure the blessings of liberty not only for themselves, but for posterity.

As Victor Davis Hanson, a Californian and historian, correctly observed, the California government—completely saturated with the progressive worldview—has become both dysfunctional and predatory. Hanson wrote:

Those who administer California’s plagued Department of Motor Vehicles and high-speed rail authority may often be inept and dysfunctional, but the state’s tax collectors are the most obsessive bureaucrats in the nation.

What is Sacramento’s message to those who combine to pay half the state’s income taxes and have not yet left California?

“Be gone, or we will eat you!”

It’s the dawn of a dark age in California, indeed.

Reprinted with permission from - The Daily Signal - by Jarrett Stepman

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American Patriot
9 months ago

PRESIDENT Trump needs to make good on his words to with hold all federal money from Kalifornia as long as it violates federal law. and every other state as well!

9 months ago

After the 2020 elections put the Democrat’s impeachment farce to bed once and for all with a massive Trump victory, he should have the DOJ start suing California to remind them they are still subject to Federal laws like the other states. Leftists only back off when they have severe consequences for their bad actions. California and Oregon need sharp reminders that our Constitution allows them to control a lot, but not our freedoms, including religion and speech and firearms, etc. They are like bullies run amok with power and greed taking what they want and hurting whomever they choose.

9 months ago

The federal government needs to stop California from breaking our constitutional laws! Enough is enough, immigrants wanting to come to our country must do it the correct and legal way. They all need to be deported!

Joseph Seres
9 months ago

We need a wall around California more than we need it around Mexico. Passports should also be required to pass from California to other states.

9 months ago

Sanctuary policies are dangerous and irresponsible. And how is it that a single person, in this case the Governor, is able to overrule the will of the people? That too is a dangerous precedent for the destruction of democracy and personal freedom.

9 months ago

United Socialist Liberal Progressive State of California! Unconstitutional, sick and unnatural, hot bed. Professing to be wise but are fools!

9 months ago

There are good people in California and we are sick and tired of the bull that Jerry Brown Gavin Newsom and Pelosi have and are doing to our state we need help for the rule of law in our state not the sanctuary crap they are pushing on us God Bless America

9 months ago

California needs to be cut of the rest of the states. California can support the illegals. No help from the rest of the states

Kyle Anne
9 months ago

Wait! The governor thinks California is successful? His idea of success is VERY different than mine!

Richard Slate
9 months ago

California has become so corrupt and dysfunctional and you can hardly even recognize it as being a state anymore. I was stationed in San Diego for twenty years when i was in the Navy and at that time California was not such a bad place to live but by the mid 90’s i could see allot of troubling signs of where California was heading and it has come to pas.

9 months ago

Oh, yeah, by the way “diversity” is crap. I’ve been studying it for 30 years, since it came into the nationsl (and business) consciousness, and there has never been any kind of measurable, positive benefit, except to help liberals feel good. Just another liberal lie.

9 months ago

california wii continue to defy the constitution until it is made an example of. illegal aliens, firearms,taxes and homelessness are all allowed by the people of cali. the people are the ones that must re-take the the govt.

Jack Perry
9 months ago

One comment from this lawmaker says he wants legal rights for immigrants that have passed their citizenship requirements, but the article says he wants the same for illegal immigrants. We can’t have it both ways and illegals should have no rights, especially over or equal to American citizens who have paid taxes and “hopefully” contributed to society, not drawn from it. However, the left coast is out of control. As a resident of Arizona, I wish these liberals would stay in the place they messed up and leave our state alone. That said, it is stated that ‘California is a… Read more »

9 months ago

Can we give California back to Mexico?

Tom Taylor
9 months ago

I am so grateful to God that I no longer live in that cesspool of a state.

9 months ago

Remove California from the United States.
They are no longer acting in the best interests of the union.

Susan igou
9 months ago

When will those idiots in congress wise up and do away with political correctness. It has gone way too far

9 months ago

Went back to visit friends a few years ago and realized that visiting California was just plain dangerous and foolish. We will never go into California in the future for any reason. Or Washington, or Oregon, but especially California. Not safe to stop for gas or food.

9 months ago

I was born and raised in Corruptifornia, I was a prisoner there for 44 years before I escaped. For years as a truck driver I was lucky enough to work at jobs I no longer had to go there, it looks like now I may have to start going again. I cringe at the thought.

9 months ago

Children are being kidnapped as tickets of entry into the U.S.
Wake up, America. Watch C-SPAN for the truth.

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