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California Hits Peak Liberalism

California peak liberalismJust when we thought it was impossible for the California Democratic Party to shift even further left, they went and proved us wrong.

The state’s extreme leftward shift—a process that has been decades in the making— has been especially conspicuous in the wake of the 2016 election. One key moment came this past February when the California Democratic Party’s yearly convention declined to endorse longtime Senator Dianne Feinstein for reelection to a fifth term this November. Feinstein, who has held her Senate seat since 1992, was trumped by Democratic Senator Kevin de Leon, a Latino activist known for authoring the bill that turned California into a sanctuary state.

Although Feinstein later won the state’s June 5 primary with 44.4 percent of the vote, the vote at the convention served as a sharp reminder: California is not afraid to dispose of its senior Democrats in favor of more radical candidates with platforms even further to the left.

However, these days, the state’s infamous “progressive” politics are looking more and more like outright authoritarianism.

Along with holding the governorship, Democrats control all statewide elective offices in California, as well as both houses of the state legislature. To make matters worse, Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election win triggered a wave of “resistance” among Democrats, with left-wing demonstrators now constantly harassing Republican congressmen at public appearances, at their offices, and even at their homes.

This summer, California also cracked down on plastics, banning plastic shopping bags, straws, and plastic stirrers and cutlery in restaurants. This isn’t uncommon in California– the state is full of politicians who aim to regulate and micromanage every aspect of the lives of its nearly 40 million residents. Looking at the big picture, plastic straws are just the tip of the regulatory iceberg: California also has the most restrictive gun laws in the country, the highest restraints on commerce, and some of the most exorbitant taxes in the country. The plastic ban, however, did grace us with a moment that put California Democrats’ authoritarianism on full display.

When the ban was first announced by Santa Barbara councilmember Jason Dominguez, a Democrat, Dominguez explained the rationale behind the City Council’s 6-1 vote, saying “We have to regulate every aspect of people’s lives.”

This statement—this is the California Democratic Party’s end game. Between the escalating harassment of Republican officials, the state’s drastic and ongoing leftward shift, and the party’s blatant propensity for intruding on and managing the lives of citizens, it is clear that the state of California has gone beyond peak liberalism and into full-on authoritarian territory.

While left-wing pundits have long upheld California as a model for the country’s political future, Americans should be wary. The “Californization” of the United States would be nothing but a death sentence for our republic and our vital liberties.

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Bob Nielsen

What is wrong? Boy, what a loaded question! This nation was founded and still honored by a “Constitution” that guarantees the rights and liberties to we legal citizens of the United States of America to individually achieve the best we can be, the Declaration of Independance telling Great Britain that we are now a soverign nation free of the supressive rule of England. That we as a “Republic” are ruled by it’s citizens, not the buracracy of gov’ts., especially those who feel they “know best ” Obviously you wish to be ruled by that very concept we as a freedom loving society detest! Peoples of other nations swarm to our country for that very reason of liberty to pursue their dreams. It doesn’t require very close scrutiny of where the Democrat Party of today would steer this nation down the path of which is completely contrary to any freedom loving… Read more »

Bob McFarlane

There is no hope for the People’s Republic of Kalifornia. Any conservative still living there needs to FLEE. Run like your life depends on it. Liberalism is a serious mental disorder and the longer you stay there the more likely you are to be infected with the liberal pathogen.

Terry Bolo

I would rather someone control my plastic use than my womb use.


How far left can California go? Well, the Pacific is a wide ocean, and the Big One is coming.

james martinez

and what wrong?