Q & A with Jedediah: Cain, GOP Debates, 2012 and Moving Forward

By Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

  •  What do you make of the Politico story about the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain? – Rose D.

I’m not a fan of anonymously-sourced columns of that nature. I wasn’t a fan of it when it was done repeatedly to Palin, I’m not a fan of it with respect to Cain, and I wouldn’t be a fan of it with regard to any political figure on the left or right.

What I find most interesting is the fact that a media that we couldn’t rely on to do basic investigative reporting with respect to Barack Obama’s record and associations in 2008 has suddenly gotten in touch with their investigative roots. Too bad their passion for anonymously-sourced allegations far outweighs their commitment to uncovering our President’s crony capitalism and the Fast and Furious monstrosity.

Let this be a reminder to conservatives as we approach 2012. Let the mainstream media’s selective investigative passion remind us of what we are up against. When it comes to exposing the failed policies of this administration and defending the records of those who seek to defeat our Campaigner-in-chief, take research and reporting matters into your own hands.

The mainstream media wants nothing more than for an anonymously-sourced anti-Cain story to hit the front pages of as many outlets as possible. After all, if that wasn’t happening, people might still be focused on Obama’s bundlers and how this President is the antithesis of the hope and change he sold voters in 2008.

  •  I’ve seen you tweeting through the debates and writing up articles on it. As of today, who really stands out for you? – Michelle H.

When it comes to the candidates’ positives, there are a lot of which to speak (and I have certainly done so). I’m not endorsing anyone at this moment, but as of today—and of course this is subject to change—Cain and Gingrich really snatch my attention.

I have interviewed Cain and I really like his down-to-earth delivery, executive experience, record of success in the business community, and the fact that he was one of the first to put forth a plan that—whether you agree with it or not—offers bold solutions. As a Washington outsider, my hope is that Cain would really shake up the system. I would also hope that his experience in the business world would give him the fortitude to take on the business-as-usual political machine.

I’m also more impressed by Newt Gingrich with each debate. He is a brilliant man with a wealth of historical knowledge and a remarkable ability to articulate solutions. He has a very solid grasp of the issues, and our President wouldn’t stand a chance with him in a debate. Newt has managed to stay above the silly fighting during debates and to hold other candidates accountable in a professional manner, while keeping the primary focus on defeating Barack Obama.

  •  Who do you see the youth mostly throwing themselves behind in this GOP race? – Emily B.

Ron Paul snatches a lot of the youth’s attention. When he speaks about limited government and individual liberty, it really resonates with them. I think that Cain could easily tap into that as well, though. He is a regular guy with a very relatable life story and approach. He speaks like a regular person, not a politician. Young people are attracted to that.

  •  Reading the news these days can be downright depressing! What do you say to those who feel like they can’t find any optimism in this mess? – Anthony D.

I happened upon a Gallup poll recently that left me smiling. It reported that “More than one in three Americans (35%) say they are following news about national politics ‘very closely,’ a greater percentage than Gallup has found in non-election years prior to 2008.” In fact, “Conservatives, those 65 and older, Republicans, and postgraduates have all registered double-digit increases compared with September 2007.”

That’s great news when it comes to moving the country forward in the right direction. People are engaged and their eyes are wide open. Unlike in 2008, when many Americans mobilized behind slogans of “hope,” “change,” and “yes we can,” I have a feeling that Americans will mobilize behind practical solutions in 2012. Those solutions will represent the opposite of Obama’s big-government, big-spending, class-warfare ideology.

Americans aren’t blind. They see the growing debt. They see failed stimulus after failed stimulus. They see how many Americans are out of work. That’s not the hope and change they had in mind. And they will carry that sentiment to the voting booths in 2012.

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9 years ago

This is a great iniervtew. Thanks for the valuable information, Renee.I do some tech writing also, and sorting through all the info all can be very time consuming.

9 years ago

TWEET: “GOP New This Time–All Primaries prior to April 1 Must acltlaoe delegates proportionally– #WRITEinCAIN WRITEinCAIN #WRITEinCAIN WRITEinCAIN”

9 years ago

good arcitle, thank you. still praying for Herman Cain and for our nation.btw, I am also a patriotic nurse.

9 years ago

I tstrued his judgment before, and I trust it now! Who ever he endorses I will greatly consider. Fantastic assessment of this whole nasty mess that is called politics and media! Great read.

9 years ago

Its the same old story The left wing media will do anything to shield their candiates, no matter what they do. They try to destroy anyone who might be a threat to their worthless king. If they get rid of cain they cant play the race card and where would they be without it. The Emporer has no clothes but his blind followers refuse to believew it. They have been educated in publice schools and told by their leaders they are victims so long they cant think for themselves. Its too much trouble and they still get a trophy whether they put forth any effort or not. Mediocraty reigns

9 years ago


9 years ago


9 years ago

Let’s see if I have this straight. Cain is accused by the news media of doing bad things to anonymous females. That must really be bad as it causes to pale the revelations of a certain democrat (ex-governor) accused of rape or worse, also a felon (pardoned by a U.S. president so he could run for office) who was such a wonderful person with a high degree of moral upbringing that (adulterer) he was elected president. And what a president! Lied under oath, impeached, desecrated and defiled the office of the most powerful presidency in the world and made a mockery of the strength of the legislative bodies of our government. So loved, they kept him in office. Still loved, he roams the country and the world with his loving smile, knowing he stuck it to the citizens of the U.S.
And Cain is “accused” of what? Wow! Our media watch dogs really on the job protecting us lowly peons from the evils of this world. Dontcha luv it!?!?!?

William Webster
9 years ago

What an outstanding article. Many excellent points, and well delivered. Thank you for articulating what many think.

9 years ago

Great column and mostly good comments. If we are to remain the” land of the free” we must truly be the” home of the brave”. It is very annoying to hear the comments like “they or he is the best candidate but they or he can’t win”. If you want a conservative leader with bold solutions to many of our economic and social problems then you must be a bold voter and supporter of that candidate. The socialist/progressives will tell you who they are most afraid of by how viciously they attack them. Right now Herman Cain is the focus of their hatred. They did the same attacks against Newt when he was Speaker until they were able to run him out of Washington, DC. Ditto for Dick Armey and Tom DeLay. The attacks on Sara Palin and her family were ruthless and personal as they were on Michelle Bachman when she won the Iowa Straw Poll. Have you forgotten Judge Bork or Clarence Thomas?

Please do not let the media dissuade you! They are going to try to smear and take out any conservative who threatens the status-quo in Washington DC and promises to restore America to our Constitutional roots and “One Nation under God”.

Personally, I’m for Herman, Newt, Michelle, Rick or any combination there of.

Lorraine Smith
9 years ago
Reply to  Marshall

I agree with every word you say. I like all the Conservative candidates you mentioned. I don’t know what to do about this whole health care thing. I have AARP with Secure Horizons and Prescription Solutions, and I have always been very pleased with both, but someone wrote that AARP “sold out to Obamacare.” If this is true, I want to change my healthcare. I don’t know who to ask about this. Do you have any suggestions?

9 years ago
Reply to  Lorraine Smith

AARP pushed Obamacare on many unsuspecting, naive Seniors to convince them to support Obama. AARP donated large sums to Obama then they turned around & got an EXEMPTION for their company. We joined Generation America, a conservative alternative with many of the same benefits. They are adding more as they grow.

9 years ago
Reply to  Lorraine Smith

Alternative to AARP is http://www.amac.us/join-amac/

Jo A Compton
9 years ago

I feel this is very unfair as whenever question came nup about Obama they wre never answered. Now we have slander about Mr Cain and he has to defend himself. Why is it Obama has never had to submit his education, his Birth Certificate ( the one submitted was illegal) his records from chool are sealed anfd this is not right. Everyonje else has tp submit all transcribs why not Obama. I feel this man in a fraud and should be removed from office. Of course Biden is no better except we know he is an open book. Things hav got to turn around or we are down the tubes.

9 years ago

We have such a variety of candidates to choose from. I’m trying hard not to let the media pick for me. What I’m looking for is a candidate who will really try to stop Agenda 21, end or get us out of this New World Order business, lead us back to sound money backed by gold, audit the federal reserve, and dramatically change our current tax system. I know that’s a tall order.

Who would be up to these challenges? Who will be in the pocket of the lobbyist’s? Who knows his way around inside the beltway? Who would be trustworthy enough to be our next president? I don’t need or want another secretive, liar in cheif.

Harvey Grund
9 years ago

I’m a big fan of Herman Cain but, if this makes any sense, he seems a bit too sure of himself and,as president, that could be a big problem. He also indicated in the past that he will rely on his advisers input before making any big decisions in unfamiliar areas but (yes another but) if Mark Block is any indication of his ability to select advisers . . . well Block doesn’t impress me.

I think the best choice is Newt! As everyone seems to agree, he’s brilliant and in a debate with Obama he would win hands down. What especially impressed me is, in their Lincoln/Douglas style debate, Newt was able to put some great,and unique proposals on the table; proposals that would go along way to resolving our budget problems.

9 years ago

Ms. Bialek should be commanded to take a lie detector test. Her background is shady; she has declared bankruptcy, can’t hold a job, has gone from job to job and has that sleezy come hither persona–sort of a caricature you’d see in a movie. And why, after she alleges that Mr. Cain touched her genitals, would she stay in the same car with him and ask him to drive her back to her hotel. Any sane woman would get the hell out of that car as fast as you could say “Oh, I think I will remember to accuse Cain of inappropriate behavior 15 years from now.” Ms. Alred loves to smear people…loves, loves, loves it. She has a snide attitude. I literally bumped into her once at a bakery in Pacific Palisades, California. The look on her face could freeze the polar ice caps which really aren’t melting.

9 years ago

I’m amazed at the intensity of attacks on Cain by the media. I have no doubt Obama and even the republican establishment are trying to get rid of him, especially since most media outlets actively work for the good of Obama.
Obama doesn’t want to run against a black candidate; it eliminates the use of the racism calls. Romney just wants him out of the way. I would have the Chicago accuser take a lie detector test administered by an independent. Funny how they never try anything in court when it supposedly happened. But now for fame and fortune they try in in the media. That Allred is a snake oil salesman(er…woman).
Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law…period!

9 years ago

I enjoy your column, Jedediah. Thank you. Like you, I have yet to select a horse for the upcoming race.

Though Newt is engaging and I find him quite likable, and though Newt’s intellect and ability to debate and to strike compromises are sterling, his commitment to conservatism is not sterling, especially when one recalls his endorsement of ‘centrist’, Dede Scozzafava, in the race for New York’s 23rd congressional district, against the more conservative, Doug Hoffman. Not much unlike Obama and his supporters shortly before then, Newt claimed that conservative Tea Party members, who supported Hoffman and other conservative Republicans, were militant.

Newt indisputably is a bright and gifted debater and negotiator. Aside from his considerable personal baggage (with which Liberals would have many field days), Gingrich has not proven himself to be consistently conservative. My concern is if we might happen to elect Newt, we may have empowered yet another lukewarm timidly conservative politician who will deliver the same ol’ DC ruling class status quo that got us into this mess.

Tom from CT
9 years ago

Finally, a batch of well spoken words in the comment section of an online editorial. Typically I find wildly angry folks with comments I can’t understand. Even if they could spell properly.

Terry Tosh-from the heart of the beast, Left Coast
9 years ago

I’m still in a quandary…Newt is obviously the most qualified and stalwart, with so much going for him; but I fear the attacks that are yet to be unleashed on him if he starts surging…majority of people have a tendency to get iffy in their convictions when the skeletons start shaking. I’m pulling back a tad on Herman, really like what I have seen, but not real convinced with the way he responded to the garbage being heaped on him. Romney is Romney, nice guy, just not quite the “gravitas” ( to dredge up a worn expression from the Liberal playbook…) Rick…Rick, Rick. I was ready to go with him, but seems to be kind of psycho-ing out or something. Michelle, I really wish she was the one…would love to see her on the ticket somehow, or at least in administration capacity in future? the others, just annoy me when they get into the fray.
Will keep whittling away at my thoughts and hope for the best.

9 years ago

I am afraid that no matter who gets elected ,our beautiful country is going down,just like Europe.
It’s the morality, stupid .Religion has gone downhill for the past thirty years . I have preached for
many years that this would happen, and that doesn’t mean that I have any prophetic gifts.
Sin is very expensive. Greed, selfishness,dishonesty,unwillingness to make sacrifices,broken
homes, absent fathers,all end up costing money.One cannot take out what one doesn’t put in.
The greatest education problem is lack of dicipline, starting in the home,and nurtured by our
“politically correct” society. I don;t see any solution until people are willing to make the sacrifices
necessary. Lastly,the press is the Church of today. They dictate what is right and wrong,blow out
of proportion simple moral defects and gloss over the real moral defects of our time.We shall
overcome,but first we must undergo

Gordon Hill
9 years ago

My comment is simply this. Choose a man who has experience and backbone. Everyone has some (perceived) garbage in their lives, but unless that baggage would prevent them from moving our country forward toward smaller government and shoehorning out the incumbents who have been so corrupting to our nation, don’t let it color your decision. I like Newt and always have. Remember, he took out, as a freshman Congressman, one of the most corrupt Speakers of the House, namely Jim Wright. Newt came up with the Contract with America, which was a fine, well stated position paper which too many spineless Senators and Congressmen would not support. Choose wisely. This might be the last time we can choose, especially if the current corrupt individuals are reelected. god bless. g

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