U.S. Bridges Built by Chinese With Our Tax Dollars

In an ABC News investigative report on the rebuilding of American infrastructure, it was learned that three major bridge projects in the U.S. were awarded to Chinese government owned construction firms, rather than U.S. companies. ABC reported that each project — the Alexander Hamilton Bridge in New York, a new bridge connecting San Francisco to Oakland and a bridge in Alaska — were all awarded to Chinese government construction companies using Chinese workers to build the projects.

The clip shows President Barack Hussein Obama addressing a crowd of his supporters with the Alexander Hamilton Bridge in the background. “Help us rebuild this bridge,” the president urges the crowd in his speech to trusting workers. “Help us rebuild America!” he shouts to his supporters. “Help us put American construction workers back to work,” the president tells those now cheering him on, however, the $400 million project was given to a Chinese government owned construction company.

That was just a drop in the bucket. The Chinese were awarded a $7.2 billion bridge project to connect San Francisco and Oakland and the $190 million bridge project in Alaska that could have put thousands of American construction workers back on the job.

View the ABC News  video here:

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Don’t the chinese manufacture steel in backyard furnaces from melted down pots and woks?

“Our bondholders, we have to appease: we owe our souls to the Red Chinese…” -Jom Gosset

Know this is not current…but…this should come up during the election… heck with the Birth Certificate……a phony can ( was ) be made…..thought that even in the 60’s when someone is Born or Dies that the local municipalities-towns-villages kept a large Ledger Record Book for each….I have seen them myself in a local L.I. Village….everthing Inked-In…….if Hawaii had such a book in the 60’s why has no one even questioned that or requested to see the Ledger Book for the time period of the Traitor’s birth……how does one erase a line in such a book????…the Donald should continue his quest.

That will make Mr Obama happy since he has declared war on the American entrepreneur.

He likes to live off government $, then impeach him for treason & fraud ++ without a USA Pension + Benefits.

I would guess these bridges are to be paid for with money borrowed from China. What a sad state of things in this once great country. I hope I live long enough to see it come back.

Go though your homes and tag everything that is made in China I honestly wonder if we tried one month to avoid all items made in China whether or not we would survive. I just got a couple sweat bands for my hardhat and they were made in China. Thesimplestthingswe have that could be made anywhere are from China. We need a movement to ban purchses for 30 days nationwide.

Incredible if true. Unfortunately this doesn’t appear to be the entire story. The state of California turned down the federal dollars to avoid the Buy American laws and chose the Chinese companies to repair the bridge from San Fran to Oakland. This supposedly saved taxpayer money. Of course if people aren’t working there will be no money to save. AMAC you may want to at least investigate first. I am disappointed that AMAC would put this story out as gospel. We are fighting to get rid of Obama but you are setting us up for libs to do a “gotcha”. Maybe you can investigate the other two projects. As for American citizens, we need to go after all levels of government who do not heed supporting Amercan companies.

Ya better POST the comment I posted earlier today, or you could lose a member, it wasn’t any more malicious than any other comment, I posted around 6 or 7 pm, you have posts that were sent today, now get the lead out of your pants and post my comment, it starts, “the other day I asked a friend who he was voting for in this election…”!

It is up to the voters of the United States in November to be sure OBama does not become a two term President.
Unfortunately the Unions plus a lot of Americans will try to keep Obama in office. Where is the outrage???????
If the polls are correct we are in real trouble. I surely hope they are wrong saying Obama will win.

the problem is that most people do not see this news. Get it to Fox and they will get it out.


Someone needs to post this on CPA web site. We are in BIG trouble here folks.

We The People Patriot

While some of you make some very astute observations and suggestions instead of “preaching to the choir” in these kinds of forums; Get busy and start spreading the word about the havoc the traitor has and continues to reap on America and We The People to everyone you know!!!! surprisingly many less then aware people believe O.bozo’s and network media’s on going lies!!!
Kudos to Dianne Sawyer and ABC for there courage in reporting these atrocities!! I don’t remember hearing/seeing this on any other network!!

Obama has no problem living with himself. He is a manchurian candidate, a man on a mission, a Don Quixote.
Obama is on a mission and you all have identified it very well. to bring down America. Don’t waste your time trying to use your values and logic to rationalize his actions. Obama does not value what we value. It is much like trying to teach pigs to sing. It frustrates the pigs and it frustrates the teacher. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You kno what to do. Take the country back, Senate, and Executive Branch. Got it or are you alteady a comrade? Not hardly big fella. . .

I’m tired of people saying that obama is making mistakes.He knows exactly what he is doing.It is time for us to tell it like it is.Obama is trying to destroy our country and if he is reeleectd,he will accomlplish it. One of the first thing he will do will declre himself perminite ruler. Of course he will say that this for the good of the country.Does this sound like his buddy CHAVEZ ??

Sorry for the typos

Noone will impeach him.He’s worked hard his first term to make Congress irellevant.Look how often he goes around them with no consequence.The place to restore order is CONGRESS.If Congress does not vote his way,he just uses executive order-look at Fast and Furious.This makes Watergate look tame in comparison.Get rid of the following.Harry Reid,Nancy Pelosi,Valerie Jarret.Tax cheat running our treasury,a liar running our justice dept,47 czars who do NOT answer to Congress or anyone else.What copuld possibly go wrong? This great country’s future will be decided Nov. 6.If somone needs a ride to the polls-TAKE THEM!!! We lose this and this country is history.

Jeffery Immelt, Obama’s jobs “czar” is spending billions to move GE’s x-ray division to China. Guess jobs is jobs to Obama.

I know the chief engineer on the Bay Bridge in CA and he says 30% of China steel is rejected for not meeting specs.