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BREAKING: Senate Pushing Back on IRS Leaks


Today, A group of Senate Republicans wrote to the Inspector General for Tax Information requesting a “prompt investigation” of taxpayer service data recently leaked to ProPublica. The letter notes that the information leaked on wealthy individuals was done so illegally and clearly with the goal of influencing the current tax debate. This leak comes on the heels of Biden’s proposals to provide more funding to the IRS in order to increase tax collections. The Biden budget hopes to raise hundreds of billions by increasing tax enforcement.

The letter states: “Regrettably, it appears personnel with access to American’s personal and confidential information are again misusing protected information for political reasons. Treasury and the IRS must hold accountable any and all individuals who broke federal law by inappropriately sharing the confidential tax information and tax returns of multiple Americans.”

AMAC Action Bob Carlstrom said: “This recent political leak knee-caps calls for more funding of the IRS, a main pillar of the Biden administration’s “pay-fors” in their recently released economic plans and fy2022 budget. As the administration’s tax proposals have recently run into resistance by moderate Democrats and this recent leak should end the debate about raising taxes and providing more funding to an agency that allows or encourages leaks for political purposes.”

The letter sent by Senators Braun, Lee, Blackburn, Cruz, and Johnson goes on to state: “Regrettably, American citizens have reason to be distrusting, havening witnessed IRS personnel weaponize information in recent years for the purpose of targeting certain tax-exempt organizations for political reasons during the Obama Administration. Regrettably, it appears personnel with access to American’s personal and confidential information are again misusing protected political information for political purposes.”

While headlines focused on the confidential taxpayer information released, mainly that wealthy individuals like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett had paid little in income taxes compared to their overall wealth, the underlying leak is likely to be criminally investigated. AMAC Action will continue to keep you updated on more breaking news relating to Congress and pending legislation.

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Lee McQuillen
3 months ago

Thanks for publishing this. I didn’t see it anywhere else or hear of it. Despicable. More reason to not trust the government. These people doing this need to be gone – bet they didn’t release info on their own taxes, that’s if they actually are paying them (in the past many IRS employees were not paying their taxes and nothing was done about it.)

3 months ago

Again, the IRS along with FBI, are being used and manipulated by the Left/Democrats. The majority of their work will go against the middle class rather then the wealthy/rich.

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