Breaking Down America’s Biggest Issues

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In today’s busy world, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. In order to shine a light on some of America’s biggest issues, The Heritage Foundation recently released a series of 10 short videos that explain some of the top challenges facing our country. The series covers issues like immigration reform, marriage, and health care. It breaks down what religious freedom is and what’s at stake if we lose it, why college costs are out of control, and much more.

Watch the full series of videos or listen to the podcast episodes

Reprinted with permission from - The Heritage Foundation

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The Heritage Foundation is an awesome organization. Smart, dedicated, informed and effective. Very much worthy of our support. I have been supporting them for many years and I am glad that I have done so.

America needs organizations like this to have any chance against those who want to destroy everything that our forefathers worked so hard to hand down to us.

Rick J.

The biggest issue facing all of us, are democrats, who want to fundamentally change our nation.
Democrats are hell bent on changing the political, economic and religious underpinnings that
have enabled this nation to become great. DEFEAT the DEMOCRATIC AGENDA. TRUMP 2020

Frank S.

Love these videos. Make sure you review PragerU’s videos too. And then there’s Hillsdale College free videos/courses on a range of political issues. Great stuff…now if we can only get enough open-minded progressives (if they even exist) and misinformed leftists to watch them. My real fear is that they have been so indoctrinated for so long they may never be able to see the light, but we owe it to them and the country to keep trying.


God bless Hillsdale College

General Patton

Yes we need more Free Speech and truthful media in this country. As Josef Stalin said,—“control the media and you can control a country and all of its population.

These Socialist Demorats Biden-Sanders-Warren ——–these morons would turn our country into Venezuela.


I believe our biggest problem is uninformed Democratic supporters who haven’ t a clue what their heroes are up too, or the consequences.


AMAC – Here’s some info regarding the dems fake Kavanaugh garbage they made up. Christine Blasey Ford Grandfather worked for the the CIA Brother worked for firm that created Fusion GPS She (Ford) heads up the CIA undergraduate internship In March of 2017 Christine Blasey Ford posted on Facebook that someone needed to come forward and accuse Neil Gorsuch of rape to detrail his SCOTUS comination. She further said such accusations should continue until Trump nominates Merrick Garland. Ford has had a close personal relationship with Soros since she was in college. There are various pictures of her and him together starting in her college years. Jill Strzoks is Peter Strzoks’ Sister-in-Law. Jill Strzoks works with Thomas Blasey. Thomas Blasey is Christine Ford’s brother. Feinstein’s husband has served Palo Alto University since 2002. How Ironic, Christine Blasey Ford is a professor at Palo Alto. Ford marched in Anti-Trump Protests with… Read more »


The biggest problem is one that covers it all and that’s the liberals trying to remake America in their own image of total government control and dictatorship

John d rojas

The democrap party are the most dangerous enemy America has ever encountered. They are inside our gates acting as the inside Judas for the Soros less one world government. These domestic quislings and their voter support 5th columnists are taking down America by ANY means necessary, the are the party of death and taxes, their party symbol should be that of death slinging it’s scythe. Seeing this political rifraf standing along side by side like the usual suspects guilty in their criminal contempt for America while posing as the all inclusive party of compassion, concern for all. They are the devil’s advocates, trying to fool the unwitting that their chosen master doesn’t exist. Trump is good for the economy, but America needs a champion to rally against this dark democrap party, vile and vicious traitors holding the dagger of betrayal to back stab true America in the back while we… Read more »

Ed LaPinskas

Is there ANY gold left in Ft. Knox or West Point NY depositories ? ? ? You NEVER hear about THAT.


America needs a group like this and a group that patrols government like the Judicial Watch non partisan group of attorneys and judges. We need to be conservative but not to make our standards of living decline. they are taking off regulations for clean air, clean water, clean food and allowing for the destruction of our national parks, forests, shore lines. The patrols must do something before its too late. Endangered species act also has to stay in place, the only reason to take it off is to give BIG PROFITS to big business who are not trust worthy to protect these animals. Oil companies want to dig everywhere but they don’t sell that oil here. they sell it elsewhere and we suffer. Most of oil from Alaska goes to Japan. Does that help us or our economy? NO. not a penny. The oil spill in the Gulf; they did… Read more »