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Breaking: Critics Roast Washington Post for Claiming Jackson Treated “Worse” Than Kavanaugh


Washington, DC – The Washington Post’s latest attempt to gaslight the country came in the form of a boldly false op-ed: “Republicans boast they have not pulled a Kavanaugh. In fact, they’ve treated Ketanji Brown Jackson worse” the Post Editorial Board unironically writes.  

According to the liberal Washington Post’s editorial board: “A woman credibly accused Mr. Kavanaugh of sexual assault. Democrats rightly asked the committee to investigate… In the end, it was Mr. Kavanaugh who behaved intemperately, personally attacking Democratic senators and revealing partisan instincts that raised questions about his commitment to impartiality. 

By contrast, Republicans have smeared Judge Jackson based on obvious distortions of her record and the law. Mr. Graham and others painted her as a friend of child pornographers, despite the fact that her sentences in their cases reflect the judicial mainstream.”  

With friends like that in the media, the Democratic party certainly does not have to work very hard to distort the truth.  

AMAC Action President Bob Carlstrom said: “Welcome to the Democrats’ alternate reality in which the opposite of the truth is their truth. The attempts to disparage Justice Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings reached a new low, even for the leftists in Congress. Comparing their treatment at all, let alone claiming that Jackson has been treated worse, is gaslighting to the highest degree. The Washington Post should rescind their editorial.”  

Voices on the right and voiced criticism of the Post’s lie.  

According to Stacey Williams a self-described formal liberal in her recent piece “WaPo Enters Gaslighting Hall of Shame With Obscene Comparison of Jackson and Kavanaugh Hearings”: “In an ideal world, Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation ordeal would go down as one of the most shameful moments in the history of SCOTUS confirmation hearings. But we don’t live in an ideal world. More to the point, our media is so far removed from any semblance of ideal, and in fact, could not in good faith even be described as passably honest in their analyses of these matters.” 

“For years, on these and numerous lower court nominations, Democrats have been playing by a different set of rules, and everyone including the Washington Post knows it. The difference is that the Post just doesn’t care” Kaylee McGhee Deputy editor of Restoring America wrote.  

Chris Houck of NewsBusters tweeted about the shameful editorial: “If you’re a journalist and you want to convince people that your profession isn’t the enemy of the people, you’re going to have to address and root out stuff like this from the Washington Post.”  

Democratic leaders hope to confirm Judge Jackson before their expected break for Easter recess on April 8th.  

Senate Republican McConnell said in a statement: “I went into the Senate’s consideration of Judge Jackson’s nomination with an open mind. But after studying the nominee’s record and watching her performance this week, I cannot and will not support Judge Jackson for a lifetime appointment to our highest court.”  

AMAC Action strongly opposes Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court and will continue to help set the record straight as the Democratic media complex continues to mislead.

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Pete from St Pete
10 months ago

Any claim that Ford was treated one tenth as poorly as Kavanaugh would be considered laughable except many people will believe it without looking into the facts. Any and all candidates for Supreme Court justice should undergo thorough and fair questioning. Ford got that, Kavanaugh did not. The Washington Post is shamefully trying to inject a racial bias into the proceedings where there was none.

10 months ago

So the Democrats are allowed to make things up, pay people to lie but the Republicans cannot ask pertinent questions? Questions that are extremely important for all to know the true intentions of this woman. She clearly does not follow nor respect our constitution. She knows nothing about what she claims to know and in fact, she should not be serving anywhere in a courtroom or anywhere else for that matter. I am sick to death of the double standard we have all been seeing in recent years. How can any of these people who get put in positions of authority become so corrupt and so anti-American? Good people have fought and died for this country. Was it all for nothing? These people, especially Biden have got blood on their hands.

Bruce A Jacobs
10 months ago

Of course, the WaPo lied. It would be more surprising had they told the truth. I wish that I could have been Senator Blackburn for five minutes after she asked if KJB to define a woman. The following questions should have been asked: 1) Are you a woman? 2) How do you know that? 3) Joe Biden chose you specifically because you are a woman. Did he make a mistake? 4) If not, the can you please define what qualifies you to be the woman that Joe Biden says you are? After a bunch of evasions, the final point should have been this: “Judge Jackson, we both know that you are a woman. The issue here is that you are so lost in leftwing ideology that you cannot acknowledge the biological reality of your own sex. This failure to perceive reality disqualifies you to sit on the Supreme Court and I will not support your nomination. ”

If only…..

anna hubert
10 months ago

Jackson can’t avoid the facts Kavanaugh was assaulted with fabrications the two do not compare

Philip Hammersley
10 months ago

Washington COMpost is good for lining bird cages or toilet training puppies. Did they ask this Marxist how many beers she drank while in college? Did they bring in any totally false witnesses to accuse her of sexual improprieties? Did they say her “faith (OR LACK OF) weighed heavily” on her?
To the WP, directly quoting someone is “attacking them.”

Staci Hensley
10 months ago

I wouldn’t use it for bird cage liners or toilet training — it may give your animals ass cancer!

10 months ago

Hmmm. The Washington Post put out the article. They are one of several major news outlets that are commonly and near exclusively grooved in a Democrat propaganda rot mode of “news” items.

10 months ago

Jackson being treated by SCOTUS worse than Kavanaugh???? That is such an overwhelming misjudgment and lies that it reeks of pure partisan lying typical of the Democrap Commie partisans (comrades in Russian terms). The only people that really believe that alleged comparison are true dimwits or just don’t give a hoot about honesty and truth …… or both (also known as Democrats). And the news media jumps on that type of news item like a cat on a June bug. Kavanaugh was savaged with lies from outsiders that were scraping the bottom of the “hateful liar bowl” to bring unverifiable lies of alleged (and phony) personal conduct … and which was discounted later from multiple reliable honest knowledgeable sources. The Commie liberal leaning Democrats (are there any other type) always create lying scenarios to pound political opposition.

Patrick LaCross
10 months ago

This is not just the Democrats. Have you noticed the courts, the state legislators, the county and city and officials elected or not, democrat or republican, conservative or liberal, they are all the same “GLOBALIST”. People need to watch documentaries, read, and do as much research as they can. Have discussions with other people. Find out where they get their information from and then read it themselves. Personally, I have been watching politics since I was 13 years old during the Vietnam War. I would read the Orange County Register from front to back every day. I heard people say that “it never made any difference what party was in charge, nothing ever changes”, I was naive, and thought that the republicans just never had been elected for a long enough time. I kept hoping the one day things would change. Then one day I saw on Fox News, Glenn Beck. He was a teacher. I would tune him in every day to learn from him. He used his chalkboards, and everyday did some review and then added more. I along with many americans were learning from him. Then one day He got the boot from Fox News. he was replaced by Judge Andrew Napolitano. He too was a great teacher. He would take current events, and discus the constitutionality of what was being proposed in congress, or the Supreme Court. It was another learning time. Then one day Fox News gave him the boot. The old saying “you can’t see the forest for the trees” is so true. The world is full of “TREES” Everyone has a couple of trees that the watch very closely. It may be the tree of Abortion Rights, or the tree of Civil Rights, or the tree of Social Justice. Which ever tree you are watching, you are watching it to closely, and you can’t see the rest of the forest. and that is the forest that is on fire, and destroying everything in its way to get to a NEW WORLD ORDER. The Ideas of HItler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stain, and many other world leaders in history, did not die with them. They are dead but their Ideas of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT has never died.
So yes all of those individual trees are important, but don’t let it distract you from the forest fire that is going on behind it.

10 months ago

Have to say, I miss Glenn Beck’s five o’clock show on Fox. Always loved American History but when he’d bring out those boards and pics. It was our history and I’d forgotten quite a bit. It was like a mini refresher course only with the concern of someone who loved the Founding Fathers and this country. And you are definitely right about that forest fire.

10 months ago

Not really news of any sort. Jeff Bezos is a huge supporter of the Democrat agenda and he bought the Washington Port explicitly to push the Democrat narrative as “news”. He said as much when he originally purchased the newspaper. Basically anything you read is in the Washington Post has to reflect that political bias or the story does not make it to print. Complaining about inaccurate “news” stories in the Washington Post is like complaining about inaccurate stories that run in the New York Times for the exact same reason. The family that has owned the NYT for decades has always promoted the agenda of the Democrat Party. Even if that means they have to fabricate stories to accomplish that goal. Again, people who buy either newspaper do so because they want the kind of political propaganda both newspapers print.

Bill T
10 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

They all drink the communist cool aid progressive propaganda, Lies, lies , and then lie even more.

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