Botched New York Times Hit On Nikki Haley Marks Left’s Fear Of Highly Competent Conservative Women

nikki haley courageThe New York Times published an ugly attack piece in the guise of investigative journalism on Thursday targeting Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

The headline, “Nikki Haley’s View of New York Is Priceless. Her Curtains? $52,701,” was paired with a picture of Haley, giving the impression she had wastefully spent taxpayer dollars at a time when the State Department is trying to cut costs…

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Reprinted with permission from - The Federalist - by Juliana Knot

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Helen E
3 years ago

I don’t care if Haley WEARS the curtains ala Scarlet O’Hara or Maria Von Trapp! She looks brilliant in anything she wears! I’m positively stunned by her convictions, veracity, and sagacity. This coupled with her diplomacy makes her absolutely AMAZING! Thank you, Mr. President for an outstanding selection.

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