Obviously, We Could Fund a Border Wall – Democrats, Be Honest

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CBP Photo by Glenn Fawcett

Let’s get serious about the US border.  Let’s put present political debate in perspective.  While President Trump has asked for $5 billion dollars to build a protective “wall” along the vulnerable Southwest border – in a federal budget of $4 trillion dollars – US House Democrat leader (soon House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democrat Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), say “no, too much money.”  On the numbers, this is absurd.  This is pure political theater.

In early December, more than 1,100 illegal Central American immigrants are crossing the US southwest border daily, aside from the publicized “caravans” camping in Tijuana, Mexico, south of San Diego.  The problem – as most know – is unprotected portions of the US border from Rio Grande Valley to the Yuma sectors.

The answer?  Reinforcing border security, of course.  This should be a “no brainer,” but has now gotten twisted up in a nonsensical debate over whether “omnibus” legislation with the remaining seven appropriations bills – has room for $5 billion to fund the wall.

Note, the total dollar figure tied up in these last seven bills is nearly one trillion dollars, so $5 billion would be one half of one percent of that bill.  Even if limited to discretionary spending, the total is roughly $322 billion.

So what gives?  Clearly, the idea is to assume most Americans are not paying attention, and to blithely politicize President Trump’s efforts to enhance southwestern border security via a “wall.”  Democrats want to deny the President this success, and believe they have a winner.  After all, $5 billion sounds like a big number.

But let us keep or restore some fiscal perspective.  Roughly $3 trillion dollars are spent annually on so-called “entitlement” programs, a number unsustainable over time.  The Democrats have driven that number north.  Moreover, as a result, current federal debt tops $21 trillion, with interest rising at breakneck pace.

In less than 10 years, annual interest on the national debt will exceed $900 billion.  Cost of interest on the national debt will hit $390 billion next year – 50 percent higher than in 2017, according to the Congressional Budget Office.  So we are on an unsustainable path with these unreformed entitlement programs and national debt.

But for the moment, put those monstrous numbers away.  Debt reduction and reforming entitlement programs are big issues – and will need to be addressed by future congresses and administrations.  Just look at the current “seven bill” omnibus spending package – the one that has roughly $322 billion in discretionary spending in it (read: could be cut, without hitting entitlements).

This is a bill over which the Democrats are howling – saying no room for $5 billion to build the President’s border-protecting wall.  Even assuming insufficient bipartisan support for adding $5 billion to the $322 billion bill, what else is in that bill – what else might be cut to offset the wall, and which Democrats will not agree to cut?  A lot.

Here are a few examples:  Without gutting or markedly reducing other programs, that necessary $5 billion could easily be found – if congressional Democrats stopped playing politics and started thinking about enabling national security, law enforcement, Southern state populations, and broader public safety in the United States.  After all, with illegal entrants come drugs, drug and human traffickers, organized criminal gangs, transnational crime syndicates and – as law enforcement affirms – suspected terrorists.

So, why not reinforce security along the southern border with the start of a bona fides protective wall.  The money could come from any combination of the following: The present bill contains nearly $2 billion for international food programs that offer no identified strategic alignment or Return on Investment.  The so-called “SNAP” program is funded at $73.2 billion, with $3 billion that is not targeted, just held in reserve.  Could some of that not go to protect Americans we are feeding?

Or how about the $43.6 billion given to Housing and Urban Development, which is $11.9 billion above the president’s request – how about making it just $6.9 billion over the president’s budget request – and building the wall?  Or slimming down the $30.8 billion given out at “housing choice vouchers,” which is half a billion over the president’s budget?

Or maybe Congress could – without adding anything new – trim the broad $7.6 billion for “Community Planning and Development,” or the other housing programs that now tally $12.6 billion, more than $100 million above last year’s level, and $655 million above request?

Here is the bottom line:  All the largess that floods these appropriations bills at end of year, faster in the hurly-burly of urgent “omnibus bill” passage, leaves plenty of room for discretionary cuts – even when entitlement programs are left untouched.

The fact – that no one wants to speak open is this:  The $5 billion President Trump  is asking for is less than one half of one percent of the total in this giant spending bill, less than two percent of total discretionary spending in these bills.  Of course it could be done – and easily.  That public safety money could be added, or cut from the existing fat.  Instead we get politics.  That is what no one will say, but there you have it – boldly said.  Be honest:  We could fund a border wall.  Only politics is stopping us.

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MaryLou Stewart
2 years ago

As I was tending to Mom’s mail after she passed away, I came across the information for Amac. I am interested in finding out more about “The Conservative Alternative to AARP”. I like what I’ve seen so far!!

3 years ago

One of the best articles showing the hypocrisy of the Dems, they don’t have a care for America nor the Republic. They only care about what empowers them.

Ruth Phillips
3 years ago

Build the Wall

Beverly Kingzett
3 years ago

I am so discuses with the Democrates it isn’t funny our President is a great one over what we had over the last president we had but. He was Black and people of his color backed him, even though he was a JERK,we have a Great man as PRESIDENT now, who loves our country and has tried to mend all the damage done over the years,and he receives nothing but bad mouth. Our country gets what ever as long as we follow the Democratic thinking I hope Godforgives us.

3 years ago

It’s time to bring some of our troops from other countries home they can also watch the borders and check for drug tunnels . no politician should ever hamstring our soldiers make sure they have the tools ,and authorization to take out the drug smugglers , and also to turn away any invaders who try to evade our immigration rules we should stop the freebies . maybe some of the invaders won’t come .

Paul Shaibu
3 years ago

Let the building begin!

Joseph Michael
3 years ago

Where were those hypocrites when Obama gave $150 billion to Iran? The democrat party never was any good just look at their history.
I have never voted for a democrat and never will and that includes the local level elections.
Expose the truth about the democratic party. They are OK with supporting Iranians rather than support American citizens.

3 years ago

I watched Pelosi and Schumer they were awful. I wish President Trump goes thru what he said and shuts down the gov’t and goes on fox and tell the nation that the demos are the one who shut the gov’t down. They did not want to fund it.
They can’t stand Trump, they don’t want the wall to be one of Trump’s accomplishments.

3 years ago

With the thousands of honerably discharged, well trained military veterans in the u.s., why not enlist those who are still physically and socially able, to guard the border!? Provide them with the same things as active military currently get as well as firearms if they are legally able to have them and this would be a fantastic start to doing what they did when they were serving.. Protecting the United States, the u.s. Constitution, and everyone LEGALLY living here against all enemies foreign and domestic… I would!!! I’m a vet!!!

R. Schneider
3 years ago

Of course the U.S. could afford the wall. We spend enough money on welfare for illegals to pay for the wall in 2 months. We spend enough on fraud, waste and abuse in the Medicare system to pay for it in less than a month. Our military annual budget is $750 billion, the wall is estimated $25 billion to do the whole thing, or $5 billion for what Trump is asking. We would save enough on border security by having the wall to pay for a new wall every 5 years.
The ONLY reason the Democrats don’t want the wall is that the illegals vote over 90% Democrat (yes, I know it is illegal for them to vote in federal elections. It was illegal for them to walk across the border too.) Many of the Republicans, like Paul Ryan, want the flow of illegals to continue because the cheap labor is very beneficial to some big businesses (like meat packing plants and many others).
The annual U.S. budget is over $4,000,000,000,000 (four trillion dollars), that is over 800 times as much as Trump is asking. You don’t suppose we could afford one penny out of every eight dollars to make our country more secure?
And the diseases that are walking across the border are costing us untold amounts of money because nobody tracks the cost. Diseases that we had eliminated in our country many years ago are coming back, tuberculosis, polio and many others. New diseases that were never a problem here are becoming a problem.
The worst part of our problem is that our school system is indoctrinating kids from kindergarten to post-grad school to be good, politically correct socialists. And they eventually vote. The use of Google and social media which edits, shadow bans, and otherwise tilts the views of people to the left is a thousand times more influence on our elections than the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and others who are trying to destroy the U.S.A. And our taxpayers support these companies by the order of the IRS (they get benefits from being considered ‘special’, by being considered equivalent to a utility who simply provides the platform. They should not be allowed to adjust the results of searches to favor the left, or to shadow ban the right because they define conservatism as ‘hate speech’).
The citizens of this country need to wake up or we will become ‘subjects’ of our government, serfs, worker-bees producing wealth for the royalty like Schumer & Pelosi.

Clark Kent
3 years ago

Dumbocrats being honest? Does not compute.

3 years ago

What a total disgrace our government has done to this country. God help us.

3 years ago

63% of welfare recipients are non citizens, many of them illegal aliens, according to the census. My tax payer dollars should not be used to help and encourage illegal immigration. Build the wall and search all vehicles at ports of entry. Do not use my dollars to help law breakers. Go after organizations that support illegal immigrants.

3 years ago

thank you for common sense logical free and factual content! God Bless You!

this is
3 years ago

I’m just going to say this as I am sick and tired of listening to Pelosi and Schumer and any Dem who can’t shut up and make good sense. I blame the voters who keep on reelecting these schmucks over and over again back to Washington even though they know what they are all about!!! These schmucks are not there to help our country get healed, but rather to continue to bring it down by being dissidents and obstructionists all because they cannot accept the fact that President Trump is actually doing what THEY failed to do after sitting in Washington for too many years, spewing off their mouths with rubbish!!!! That’s the truth!! The American voters are to blame for sending the same schmucks back every time they are up for re-election, and I say shame on them!!!! They are part of the problem that our country faces, but they will deny it to the hilt. This is what is called LAZINESS in the voters as they don’t make an effort to find out more about the candidates in their states, and at one time, I too was the same way as I actually thought that the representatives we send to Washington know what they are doing, and when I finally woke up and started paying attention, I realized a lot of them don’t know what they are doing but act like they do with their speeches…all talk and no action. I was guilty of being lazy at one time but no more!!! Most people vote for “familiarity” for the names of candidates they remember but don’t really know about them, some are too lazy to even take the time to vote and then complain when they don’t like the outcome of the election………..these are a big problem when it comes to voting, almost the same as voter fraud and election fraud, and unless it changes, the same schmucks will be right back in office again!!!!!!! The stupidity just continues in circles both with the voters and with the schmucks who get elected again, and to be honest, it is very irritating. And now they have a new crazy kid from NY who does not know what she is talking about most of the time and I notice she talks herself in circles, confusing both the person she is talking with and herself, as she cannot answer the questions asked of her because she was talking in circles trying to get herself out of the hole she had dug. Is that the “best of the best” we can dig up from our states, I ask you? If that is, then we are doomed!!!! And to boot, she is a socialist already trying to up-end seasoned colleagues as though they are the stupid ones. Again, I blame the voters for not being more vigilant in the candidate they voted for. What is this…”stupid is as stupid does?” We can do better than that as there are many good people who can fill in the position and get the job done like they’re supposed to do. If they are supposed to work for we, the people, then we had better pick the right ones to represent us, and not because they are good looking, good talkers but have empty heads with pea-sized brains…we truly must look for the “cream of the crop” to serve us in the highest seat in government, not schmucks. I had to get this off my chest!

3 years ago

I have no problem with immegrants coming into our country., as long as they do it legally! What is wrong with wanting to become a citizen and doing it the right way. These people are not entitled to anything our forefathers didn’t get, and can show support of America by applying for citizenship the right way. Then they wouldn’t have to have families pulled apart. Get your heads out of your asses people!

3 years ago

Considering that in 2009, these same politicians were arguing for border security, (can’t hide your past anymore with the internet), they have become so greedy to stay in power and play the anti-Trump block card because it keeps them “popular”. I can’t even write emails to Schumer because of his staff blocking anyone who has a different view than the current one he is spouting and I live in New York. All the PC ultra-rich liberals are all for the sanctuary state as long as they don’t have to live with and deal with any illegals in their special neighborhoods.

3 years ago

Pres. Eisenhower used to say, “Is it good for America?” Simple enough!

William Vines
3 years ago

They will not work with President Trump regardless what aganda it is. Conservatives have to vote to make sure these people are out of office.

3 years ago

They have NO CLUE what Honesty is. All the Democrats in Congress know how to do it LIE!

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