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Liberals call Trump a racist again for telling the truth about the horrific living conditions in Baltimore. Also, the supreme court hands President Trump a massive win on border wall funding. Finally, the top Democratic contenders for the White House promise more free stuff to Americans at the second Democratic debate, the price tag for all of these programs would easily bankrupt the United States.

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I honestly fear for my grandchildren, with so many of these Socialists so ready to destroy the best system in the world. All one has to do is look at the many socialistic experiments that were tried and failed in this country. Just about every state had groups of people who started “communes” where everyone worked for the good of all. The only problem was that the lazy ones figured out that they really didn’t have to work to get all the benefits. After a while the worker bees finally said, no more, and that was the end of the social experiment. History is full of these failures and it sounds very much like the welfare language of the new “left” democratic party. God save us, but especially my grandchildren.

Rich Gwyn

racism comes in all colors It appears that the worst racists are the people that shout “racist” the most frequently. kind of like being a one trick pony.


I laugh with all the free promises. They are like the commercials that promise free products and then you get hit with charge for product you did not buy. Nothing is free. Everything has a price. Wake up America. Will the senators and congressmen have the same health plan????


Racist, Racism. Two of the most overused and boring words of 2019. If President Trump were a racist, he would not have worked so hard at creating jobs for minorities in our nation. He has people of color in his cabinet, as judges and all through his administration. Come on Lefties, give Racism and Russia a rest and try to find something constructive to do, like working for the common good of our country.

Paul Bonanno

Really love these AMAC news updates. Keep up the good work.


E Warren you and Congress voted these policies and trade agreements. You dismantled the Steel Industry and allowed many Corporations to move their manufacturing overseas. Trump is trying to bring the manufacturing back to the good old USA


How is a tweet bringing attention to the plight of largely black residents of a long mismanaged city racist? Plaguing the residents of Baltimore by either stealing federal funds provided to that city or poorly directing those funds is what I would consider racist behavior. President Trump has done more for the black communities across this country than any president in my lifetime and I just this year became eligible for Medicare. When is someone going to go through the financial records of Representative Cummings? Just how well is the man living on his Congressional salary and please someone explain the scandal surrounding both his wife’s financial records as well as the records regarding Representative Cummings campaign committee? Though Black, Representative Cummings is apparently stealing from his constituents for personal gain and has been for the quarter century that he has been representing the people in his district. Where is… Read more »

Charles Steen

These episodes by Ben F. are terrific! Kudos to Ben and AMAC. Please keep them coming.

Mike B.

If President Trump said he loved Baltimore the democrats would still call him a racist. At least he speaks the truth.


Drive the PA NE turnpike and see all the sound barriers to keep noise away from homes built after the Turnpike was built. That money should have gone to road repair and not for the rich home owners. Same with the Border Wall build it to keep illegals out.

Randy P.

Big corporations are ‘evil’ because they can exert so much control over broad areas & people, yet ‘medicare-for-all’ & other democrat proposed programs are ‘good’ because they exert so much control over broad areas & people? Go figure!

Paul A. Clark

Paul A. Clark
Greatly appreciate the news updates and the AMAC publication. Keep it up.


Trump supporters let it loose ha, ha

Tony B

The racist are the ones pointing a finger at others while three of their own fingers point to the real racist. THANKS FOR THE REAL NEWS.. WOW

Beverlee Koutny

I am currently a member.

Terrie Gunderson

It amazes me that so many liberals think that the majority of Americans support their agenda. Many, if not most, are scared spit less that the Dems might win. If so, big government, lack of choice and empty pockets will be their legacy.


Since the tech companies like facebook the twitter, do everything they can to stop conservative communication, why hasn’t other sites included a REPLY section like AMAC does? If AMAC can do it, it must be possible for others. Maybe AMAC can notify other conservative websites how to do this.