Border Patrol Agents Battle Drug and Human Traffickers, While Being Vilified by Activists

border patrolSix days ago, Border Patrol agent Art Del Cueto arrested a Mexican national who had illegally crossed the southwest border in the Tucson, Arizona, sector.

Del Cueto said the man told him, “You guys as Americans are weak with your laws, and we love it.”

“I laughed at it,” Del Cueto said. “I’m sitting there going, how ironic is this that I’m explaining to a Mexican national how his country’s laws are tougher than ours and he turns around and just tells me, ‘Well, it’s not my fault you guys are weak. You guys need to toughen up.’”

The porous southwest border is big business for Mexican cartels and human smuggling organizations. Their mission and their bottom line is directly tied to the amount of drugs, humans, and other contraband they can push over the border into the United States.

On June 24, in the Rio Grande Valley, Texas, Customs and Border Protection agents at a vehicle checkpoint discovered an illegal alien underneath the sleeper compartment of a tractor trailer unit. They also found 31 bundles of marijuana weighing over 230 pounds total, along with five pounds of cocaine hidden in the cab.

On the same day, at a different checkpoint, agents stopped a tractor trailer that was hauling several vehicles. They discovered 18 illegal aliens within three of the vehicles.

On June 19, in Del Cueto’s sector, a 6-year-old boy was found in the middle of the desert by Border Patrol agents. He was wandering alone in the 100-degree heat, according to a Customs and Border Protection report.

“All he had in his pocket was a little note, and it had his mom’s name and his mom’s phone number, and he was just pretty much placed over the fence into the United States from his uncle in Mexico,” Del Cueto said. “This is in the middle of nowhere. It’s crazy. What if we wouldn’t have been there to find this child?”

Border Patrol agents are not only dealing with human smuggling and crime on the border, but now they’re being attacked by some of the nation’s politicians and liberal activists.

“They make it a race issue, it’s a race issue to them,” said Del Cueto, who is a 15-year veteran Border Patrol agent and vice president of the National Border Patrol Council.

“No Border Patrol agent wakes up in the morning saying they are going to go arrest Mexicans. We don’t arrest based on race. We arrest people that break the law,” he said. “People like these movie stars that think it’s fun to be on TV and attack immigration laws that they don’t know nothing about …nobody really wants to hear the reality of what’s going on.”

He said he apprehends adults and children every day who claim to be related but are not. The smuggling organizations know there is a high chance that adults with children will be released into the United States after a brief period of detention—usually no longer than 20 days.

“So we have to be very, very inquisitive when we question these people,” Del Cueto said.

He said he has questioned many minors after apprehending them and asked if they were related to the adult accompanying them. He said the minor might, at first, say it is their parent, then after being questioned, they would say it’s their uncle. After more questioning, they might say he’s from the same village.

“And you keep pressing the issue and they would turn around and they’d say, ‘You know what, I just met him on the road,’” Del Cueto said.

“These individuals that are out there protesting and attacking Border Patrol agents specifically, they don’t realize that we conduct investigations and sometimes these investigations take time,” he said. “So when we are separating the adults from these children, a lot of times what’s happening is we’re saving these kids and taking them out of harm’s way.”

In fiscal year 2017, Homeland Security saw 46 cases of children being used fraudulently by adults crossing illegally. In the first five months of fiscal 2018, 191 such cases have been reported.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said most of the minors currently in detention crossed the border illegally as unaccompanied minors.

“The vast, vast majority of children who are in the care of Health and Human Services right now—10,000 of the 12,000—were sent here alone by their parents. That’s when they were separated. So somehow we’ve conflated everything, but there’s two separate issues,” she said on June 18.

“Ten thousand of those currently in custody were sent by their parents, with strangers, to undertake a completely dangerous and deadly travel, alone. We now care for them.”

Since this time last year, the number of unaccompanied minors crossing illegally has increased by 325 percent, while family units have jumped by 425 percent, according to Nielsen.

“Since 2013, the United States has admitted more than half a million illegal immigrant minors and family units from Central America—most of whom today are at large in the United States,” she said.

Del Cueto says he gets asked all the time by the media and activists how he would feel if it was his child being separated from him.

“And the only answer I can truly come up with is, I would not be the type of parent that would expose my child to an environment where she could die through the desert. I would not impose my child into an environment where I’m handing her over to a smuggling criminal organization that could hurt her, that could put her in the trunk of a vehicle, that could molest her,” he said.

Del Cueto said he has seen so many cases of females who take contraceptive pills during their journey north because the potential of their being raped along the way is “huge.”

“It is difficult because you see what these parents expose their children to, without caring at times,” he said.

Of the family that dropped the 6-year-old over the fence and into the desert alone, he said, “I mean, who does that to their child?”

“It’s frustrating for us and it bothers us because these are the kids that people in America are now attacking us for and saying, ‘Hey, give that child back to the mom. You took that child,’” he said.

“No, I didn’t take the child from the mom, the mom chose to put a kid in danger, and if a United States citizen would do the exact same thing, we would be screaming on all the social media about how horrible this mom is.

“Border Patrol is the one that’s assisting these people and helping them and making sure that they’re OK.”

He said activists complain that tighter border security would force people to cross the border illegally in more dangerous and remote areas.

“Well, it’s supposed to be harder for them. Right, that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re not supposed to simplify it.”


From - The Epoch Times - by Charlotte Cuthbertson

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Edward E

Realize that the cost of care for these children and adults is adding to our huge national debt that we will be leaving for our children and grandchildren. So, liberals, show me the money you are willing to take from your family and give to these people. I want my taxes to go for the veterans, our schools…, my own children and grandchildren.


How many countries did these South American “refugees” travel trough to get to America? How many, IF ANY, of those countries took in refugees? NONE! How many did Mexico help? NONE! Once again, big hearted Americans foot the bill and crowd the country with unskilled labor and foot the welfare costs for them. And the Socialist Democrats continue to attack AMERICA!! Democrats are nothing but ignorant fodder for the likes of Soros, socialist media, communist professors, and they are killing what’s left of our once great country.


Why aren’t these liberal demonstrators volunteering to care for these children, join the many church volunteers and conservative volunteers who are helping to alleviate the problem instead of scaring the hell out of them with their blow horns and screeching? We are slowly finding out how this invasion started. Liberal lawyers traveled down to Honduras and Guatemala and spread the word that there was be gold on the streets in America. Free food, free housing and free education. All they had to do was claim asylum. If you honestly think that a quarter of a million people, all in the same day, decided to form a caravan and storm the borders of America you are kidding yourselves. This was as organized as the invasion of the European Union by invaders from the Middle East and Somalia and sponsored by the same people.

Barbara S.

we should not ever have opened the border to them, they should have come in the legal way along with all the others waiting, now we are stuck with a huge debt and it’s tearing our country apart….so much misinformation out there…over exaggeration…yet Schumer said he wont sit down and make a deal on the Dreamers and the border….what does that tell you? this is a game to the democrats….more hate Pres. Trump stuff…..and the media calling the separation of the kids from parents, many in jail for guess what? breaking the law…they are spewing misinformation, this is not Pres. Trumps law, it’s a law on the books from years ago….

Helen E

Immigration does NOT have 2 sides to the same coin. They are DIFFERENT coins all together! One is legal and the other illegal. Our family runs the gamut from precolonial ancestors (after the Mayflower) to our lovely, Peruvian daughter-in-law, who became a U.S. Citizen last August after $2500, 3-yr waiting period, and written & oral tests. She was sworn in with 101 citizens from 40 different countries. We are proud of her and our son’s children who went through the U.S. Embassy in Lima after submission of fees and birth certificates. She and her children were ushered and welcomed into this country with our love and support. None of our grandchildren were EVER in danger, or distraught from severe conditions. Guess what view our family holds of people coming over the border unprepared and undocumented? Laws are NOT established to keep people out but rather to SAFEGUARD those who desire… Read more »

Paul W

“You guys as Americans are weak with your laws, and we love it.”—EXACTLY! Ask Andrew Tahmooressi what it’s like in the opposite direction. No other country tolerates the BS that we do at their borders. This needs to end…YESTERDAY! Criminal acts are criminal acts, no matter how you slice it.


This country is stupid. We have the laws, enforse’m! Or issue AK47’s. Deport all socialists to S. America so they get the real picture of socialism. Bernie is not it!


It’s quite hilarious that most of these Hollywood hypocrites live in extravagant homes protected by all kinds of security. I’d like to know how they would respond if one morning they woke to find a big hole in their fence and 100 strangers(illegas or US citizens) camped out on their property, using their pool to bathe and cooking food on their grill, with the excuse that they don’t have as nice a place as theirs! This border situation is insane!


When are these activists going to face reality? We cannot feed the entire southern hemisphere. But there is a plan in place – Radical Leftists who have been around for over 100 years have always wanted to take down the U.S. – turn it into Venezuela, with it’s failed socialist policies. The wealthy will get even wealthier, while the peons starve.

I weep for my little grandson. He will have to learn to live as an outcast in his own country unless we smarten up and vote in representatives who love this country and do not want to see it radically altered.

Garland Young

I’m afraid that a large part of our younger generation were raised in a society that said you can cross any line that you want and any thing you desire is yours reguardless of our nation SPOILED.


I don’t think many U.S. citizens want harm to come to anyone coming from south of the border. But illegal is illegal. Calling an illegal immigrant an “undocumented alien” is like calling the corner crack dealer and unregistered pharmacist. What about the rights of the U.S. citizen who quietly and lawfully works and raises a family? What about his or her rights? Americans first and lawful immigrants next. That is the American way.

Thomas Haj

Annoy a liberal. Vote this November.


I feel so badly about out ICE and Border Patrol Agents. They are truly caught between a rock and a hard spot–doing their jobs, yet receiving nothing but hatred from the Left and other lemmings. Just so you know–I fully support both agencies! The real monsters in this whole mess are the so-called parents of these children! The second group of monsters are those members of the “Hollywood elite”, coupled with all of those millionaires who BACK the vitriol with their money, (i.e., Soros). What’s so sad is we will most likely NEVER change the minds of those who are determined to make our country a socialist government. You’d think they would change their minds after seeing/hearing about the destruction that socialism is incurring on Venezuela–but, NO–they refuse, for some unknown reason, to accept it. It’s especially disturbing that so many young people are joining in this line of thinking.… Read more »


This is sad to see. This all starts with the education of our youth. From grade school they are indoctrinated to the socialist teachings.
They know very little about American history. By the time they go to college where the communist professors put the finishing touches on
their indoctrination. These brainwashed kids actually think they are entitled to all this free stuff. I have heard them say, when asked, who will pay for all this free stuff, they answer ” nobody, it’s free”! Most of them went to college to get stupid!
We need to change our education system. Get rid of Communist Core, start teaching our kids American History, after all, if you don’t know were you’ve been, how do you know where you’re going! Make America Smart Again!!

Adam Freeman

I did private border security in Texas and I can tell you that the Border Patrol has a very hard job. Back then, the landowners were getting no help from their superiors or the local police or even the Texas Rangers, so they were forced to hire outside help. Once, we caught a Honduran couple and called the Border Patrol, which had a station about half a mile away. They never arrived, so we took the couple to the main road and left them, where they were picked up later by the Border Patrol. When they arrived at the station, the male illegal alien had a bruise on his head that he didn’t have when we left them and the local Texas Ranger claimed that we had abused the couple. The landowner ended up paying a $100,000 fine and one of our group was arrested and lost his ranch to… Read more »


This is exactly why I can’t tolerate the protesting about the children! They should be protesting the illegals who put these kids through the dangerous trek to get here! To me, that’s child abuse! Basically these protests are because they hate Trump! I don’t remember them being concerned all the years before Trump. Build the Wall and enforce the laws!

Phyllis poole

AMEN. For the supreme ct decision!

Ralph Ormsbee

You can make a very Quick cure to the politicians attacking and disrupting the boarder Patrol service. they are disrupting our national security. That makes them public enemies, and a few arrested and charged would take care of this.


I already hear calls by various Democrats to get rid of ICE and the Border Patrol. As soon as Trump leaves office and the Democrats assume power again, their dreams of open borders will become reality.

Phyllis poole