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Border Crisis Not Receding, President’s Mexican Tariffs Timely


Trying to halt a growing national security crisis presented by undeterred illegal migration across the US southern border, President Trump has threatened to impose a five percent tariff on Mexican imports after June 10, bumping that tax up by five percent monthly until Mexico slows illegal migration from Central America into the U.S. or faces 25 percent tariffs.  That strategy is risky but is timely – and may work. 

What the President is, in effect, saying amounts to this:  We have tried the carrot, now must move to the trade stick.  President Trump tried to enforce existing federal laws but faced Democrat-run “sanctuary cities” which block cooperation with federal law enforcement. 

He tried to ramp up border enforcement, increasing civilian personnel, expanding detention facilities, and making recourse to the National Guard.  In Congress and the courts, Democratic leadership opposed him again, calling that effort a “manufactured crisis,” effectively looking the other way.

The President tried to deter illegal entry by accelerating deportation of those not entitled to asylum.  Notably, a majority of those claiming asylum are not entitled, as they have not been singling out by their country of origin for persecution, and do not have the necessary “well-founded fear” of persecution.  Most are economic migrants, just seeking a better life.  For that, there is a legal route, which takes time.

The President next worked to complete a trade deal with Mexico that would reset basic understandings to enhance opportunities in the United States, but also create greater predictability and opportunity for workers in Mexico and Canada.  The Democratically controlled US House refused to move the deal.

The President then requested inclusion in final fiscal 2019 appropriations legislation for a small part of his promised border wall, to deter rising illegal immigration. He was rebuffed by Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate. 

He tried to compel reconsideration by Congress with a partial shutdown, which again did not produce the necessary funding for a comprehensive wall.  He then sought, by way of executive reprogramming of defense funds to the border, to initiate a more robust and protective wall.  He was confronted with congressional and judicial opposition.  

In March and April 2019, the number of illegal border crossers topped 100,000, numbers that verify a genuine national security crisis.  Media and political contestants debate whether this gush of illegal entrants into the United States should be called an “invasion” or “crisis,” is more a “humanitarian” than “security” disaster, but all this is beside the point. 

As Ronald Reagan was fond of saying, “facts are stubborn things” – and we have facts here, which compel action.  That is why the President has decided to use tariffs – relying on inherent national security and delegated trade authority – to raise the matter to a national government level, and link solving the problem to the Mexican economy.

In short, he has tried to resolve this issue internally, but recognizes several facts that make the Mexican Government arguably better positioned – or more fully incentivized – to solve the problem.

Those facts are these:  Most illegal aliens entering the US come from impoverished Central American counties.  Mexico should redouble efforts to stop them at Mexico’s own southern border.  As they transit Mexico to get to the US, Mexico should allow repatriation to Mexico, not distant origin countries.  Third, Mexico should agree to hold more of these illegal entrants seeking asylum on the Mexican side of the border, not permit their flow-through to the US. 

One last fact argues for tariffs to incentivize Mexico to stop the gush north, which of course includes drugs, gang members and threats to health and safety. While Mexico is America’s third largest trading partner, the proposed tariffs would have a far greater effect in Mexico – which just suffered a slow first quarter – than on US consumers. 

Americans can manufacture and grow much of what is subject to tariffs, even if costing slightly more.  Americans can shift supply chains and seek imports from other countries. 

Most interestingly, the cost advantage to American and Mexican companies of producing goods in Mexico leaves considerable room for profit, even in the face of tariffs; for example, the cost of labor in Mexico, as well as collateral expenses, tends to be about a third of US minimum labor costs.

In the end, some will declare President Trump’s use of tariffs and other trade tools to protect national security as inapt, ineffective, impractical, inordinately damaging to the US economy, or just poor diplomacy.  The opposite is likely to prove true. 

Having sought to use every US law enforcement, political, diplomatic and domestic security tool at an executive’ disposal – and been roundly rebuffed by Democratic leaders – he is now turning to trade.  And it may work.  The hope should be, by one and all, it does. 

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Thomas Hays

We need to start charging with a crime any and states and local governments that pass or break federal laws with immigration.
Stop all federal funds to all that do not comply with federal law now.

Todd Taylor

If one can ignore immigrations laws may we ignore other laws that get in the way of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? We either live as a nation by the rule of law or we do not. The “salad bar” approach to picking and choosing the laws we will and will not enforce does not work. No more double talk from the progressive democrats about how immigration laws work; they have flip flopped on the issue of immigration way to much. On the ground of the rule of law we must stand or we will implode as a nation; this will make our country ripe for a socialistic take over.


This is politics and politics only by the worthless power hungry communist on the left side of congress. They would rather see America go through the gates of hell before giving this great president one win, they are the height of despicable human feces.

Todd Taylor

How can their be diplomacy between Mexico and the United States when the Mexican government will not enforce their own border laws stopping the flow of illegal immigrants into this nation. There must be tariffs; something punitive must happen to slow down and stop this assault on our sovereign borders. This problem of illegal immigration has been happening far too long; it must be stopped.

Todd Taylor

We need to enforce the laws with regards to those company that are employing illegal aliens.

john s nunan

mexico needs us more than we need them period…………..

Wayne D Peterkin

First, I agree with President Trump 100% on this entire issue. I would add that those who oppose securing our border are supporting the illegal immigration invasion and that includes the sanctuary cities. But it’s far worse than that alone. By inference, those supporting the open border, and that includes our courts, are also supporting the drug and human trafficking because those crimes cannot be effectively fought with an open border. That makes border security opponents accessories to major felonies and they should be prosecuted as such. Thousands of Americans including many kids die every year from the drug trade alone, and an open border will never help restrict the scourge coming across that border. I would like to see charges filed against those who oppose border security for those felonies (including judges) . That needs to be emphasized in this debate. The illegal immigration is a crisis that needs… Read more »

Patty Louise Moran

Stop any and all funding to sanctuary cities, arrest mayors, governors, and any other leaders of those States and cities.

William Keen

Let us get one thing straight – It IS NOT immigration! It is a wholesale INVASION! Immigration requires that the paperwork and all vetting be accomplished BEFORE anyone arrives at the US Border. EVERYONE who is not lawfully on the land of the United States of America should be DEPORTED! That includes the so-called ‘anchor babies’. Since when do we allow criminals to make the rules? Does flying over the US while delivering a baby count as being born HERE? This is asinine and STUPID. Again, the attorneys have perverted the Constitution to create a situation whereby they can make more money and create more confusion. Is the baby to blame? Of course not! But, as in all things, the results should be that the new baby is sent packing along with the criminals that brought it. As the professed goal of Islam is public knowledge, ALL muslims must be… Read more »

Jack Thomas

Our government has been too timid politically for too long on the illegal immigration problem. This mess could be cleaned up in short order with a more aggressive, hard approach that will send a loud and clear message. 1) Send U.S. Marshalls with arrest warrants for every “sanctuary city” mayor whose arrogant defiance of ICE is well-documented and charge them with obstructing federal justice by impeding ICE from doing its job. Arrest Gov.Newsom of California as well; he has openly defied our immigration laws by allowing California to shield criminal illegals as a “sanctuary state.” We’ll see how long these belligerent liberals will want to continue shielding those who violate our southern border with Mexico. 2) Destroy the Mexican drug cartels with military force — their smuggling routes, drug processing labs — every asset they own or control. Mexico won’t do it because too many of their officials are corrupt,… Read more »


If Obrador wants to solve the problem he could. To avoid the tariffs from taking place he could request that Trump send 100,000 US troops to help the Mexican army seal and secure the 150 mile Mexico/Guatamala border. They could seal it off for good and prevent central Americans from penetrating and coming to our 2000 mile border. This could avoid the tariffs that hurt both countries. If Obrador has the guts he would do it. They obviously can’t do it alone. This is far more cost effective than
doing our own border which should also be done but will take longer. We don’t need all these troops in the middle east protecting other countries borders.
We need them to protect ours and do whatever it takes to do so.

Todd Taylor

I support the tariff. How about raising it to 25% so the monies gained can be reinvested into building the wall as well as support those who protect and defend it. Are our boarders sovereign or not? Are we prepared to enforce the immigration laws or not?


America needs to start being America again or it will cease to exist (which seems to be the goal of every democrat that is elected). Donald Trump is not a politician. He is an American first and he is the first president since Reagan that puts America and Americans first, every day.

Praise the Lord we have Trump instead of Hillary. We should get up every day and thank God for His mercy in giving us a real president for a change. I know it is a radical change from the hand wringing, bowing and groveling we had for 8 years. But get used to it. We’re going to get another 4 years of reprieve from our downward slide in 2020.


tough love

Glenn Lego

In the end, some will declare President Trump’s use of tariffs and other trade tools to protect national security as inapt, ineffective, impractical, inordinately damaging to the US economy, or just poor diplomacy. In my town it’s already happening. A company called Bergstrom that makes AC systems for off road vehicles is already telling its employees how horrible the tariffs are since some of their products come from China.


This should have been done 2 years ago. Isn’t ever going to dawn on American’s that Mexican’t is not our friend? We get their cast off refusegees , their narco terrorists, and “asylum seekers” from craphole countries that the Mexican’t government lets thru their southern border without an inquiry about them asking them if they want asylum in Mexican’t.


Good for the President. Enough and long overdue. The whining by the naysayers in the Country are selfish, ill-conceived, and they need to shut the hell up for all their BS, they do nothing, absolutely nothing and most of the public is sick to death of them of all parties and corruption.

Force the Mexican politicians to get off their ass and stop this. Visions of owning America sure seems that way. But, the battle to achieve that should never be underestimated.

Brenda Blunt

Democrats do not care anoutnthosenwho epectednthem and in essence pay their salary! Then, Democrats can pay out of their salary what it takes to care for the illegals and be considered an accomplice in any crimes cimmitted!!

Thomas H.

Just as they did at every step of the way, the media will spin this as damaging to Americans – and people will believe it. This is getting old!

Walt Robinson

President Trump has been pushed to the max on many subjects & concerns. The major domestic problem for America is illegal immigrants coming into USA by illegal methods. Mexico must act at once to enforce their entrance border gates & stop the illegal Mexico crossings. The future of a great USA & MEXICO depends on working together & immediate closure of all entry points until illegal crossings are resolved.